The 7th Demon

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My soul was sold to a demon by my parents since I was a baby just for me to continue living. I am the one who’s going to complete the seven demons that will finish the guardian race and rule, But…

That demon fell for me…

A guardian wants to kill me…

This is my destiny, and you can’t ever avoid destiny.


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Spanish by Soomyun: here
Russian by Emergency666: here
Arabic by Rayoung89: here



They describe demons as frightening, dreadful, has thorns, tail, and red skin, but no. These demons are fragile like vase, handsome like statues, chiseled face and perfect skin. Black wings behind their backs and loyal more than anyone else.


They are my demons. I am their human. I am the 7th demon. 






Shim Eun Joo will represent Wrath. Human.


Byun Baekhyun represents Envy. Died 1992 at the age of 21.

Suho represents Pride. Died 1991.

Chanyeol represents Greed. Died 1992.

Do Kyungsoo represents Gluttony. Died 1993.

Kai represents Lust. Died 1994.

Sehun represents Sloth. Died 1994.


*Sorry if the dates and the deaths were mentioned. I didn't really intend to offend anyone or feel bad.*


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soshivlvt #1
Chapter 40: :( this story
byunhuda4 #2
Chapter 40: I just want to tell you that I was reading this fic "the arabic ver." from 2014 till NOW!! and believe me I'll do it forever ?I'm SO in LOVE with this fic especially ??? ..but there are many things that are not clear for me..where did kris gone?and why he didn't kill her? where were the demons go when they suddenly disappear ?! and at special parts there were a part that eunjoo will hear names that she knows very well but can't see those well know people -to her- faces ..I want to know why could she hear the demons and see them in their realife while she can't reach them ? and are they getback to their normal lifes again or they stayed as demons? and how can eunjoo go to baekhyun ?is there a way to make that happening? how was baekhyun killed ..I know he was killed by gun but I need to know why? and is eunjoo going to marry someone else? or she's gonna be alone waiting to meet baekhyun somehow again? in these 4years I was thinking about this fanfic it's the first and ONLY fafic that had took my attention this much and took my brain and heart making them agreeing on one opinion which is "we TRUELY LOVE this baekhyun fic and we will do 4ever" but could you PLEASE make like another end ...happy ending? when eunjoo will live happily ever after with baekhyun as a real person ...please!?? the end I'm SO thankful for you to make thus beautiful,wonderful,amazing,fascinating,GREAT and VERY LOVLY story ..I'm SO bleesed with this fic ..thankyou and fighting ????❤
Chapter 40: I LOVE THIS STORY TO MUCH! Even after re-read it still affect me
I cried so hard at the end, tbh this is the most emotional story i have ever read, it really hurt me and I feel so happy that the story didnt end here because id be sad for my entire life
Thank you for making this story authornim
naomi_chan #5
Chapter 40: My heart is aching so much. I can feel Baekhyun's pain and helplessness as if I was there with them, watching them closely, experiencing the same things. This is a masterpiece Authornim! Seriously beautiful! Thank you so much for writing and sharing such an exquisite story!
213 streak #6
Chapter 9: That was cute.
213 streak #7
Chapter 2: Interesting but I wonder if this story will continue to be good.
Lately, everything has failed me.
Start to read hehe
Chapter 24: That last line though. SMOOTH
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The ending of this chapter remind me of the song, "She's Dreaming" since they have similar settings and storyline(maybe) . She can only "see" Baekhyun in her dreams and the moonlight shining on Baekhyun seems like he is the moon as he watches over the girl. (just like how the moon looks over the girl in the song)