Girly?It's Not That Bad...

It was almost two weeks since they started ‘dating’. All was surprisingly well except for the hickey accident –which still confused Changmin – during the time. Kyuhyun was still his annoyingly handsome self and Changmin was still easily riled up by Kyuhyun every chance he got. How did Changmin put up with the cunning jerk till now and didn’t go mental yet? Well, it was the power of love, of course – cue Changmin rolling his eyes –.

There was this only thing that was unsettling for Changmin which was the looks that almost half of the male population of the school gave him. It was unpleasant and he felt unknown fear gripping at his nerves every time he received one.

What was their problem anyway? He was already ‘dating’ Kyuhyun so no need to get all work up about him stealing their girlfriends away anymore, right? Not that he ever stole one.

“Yah, let’s go.”

Changmin scowled at the demanding tone and whirled around to glare at Kyuhyun.

“I’m eating with them today,” he nodded towards Junsu and Jaejoong who stood at the corner, sweat dropped.

“I told you yesterday you’re eating with me today.”

“You didn’t!”

“I did.”


“Yes, I did.”

Changmin stomped childishly in frustration. He’ll be damned if he let himself be lead around by Kyuhyun.

“I don’t care. I’m going with them!”

He turned around and walked up to Junsu and Jaejoong. They seemed to pale greatly with each step he took towards them.

“Let’s go, guys.”

Before he can take a step out of the classroom, he felt himself be pushed by two pairs of hand and staggered back towards a solid body. A pair of arms circled themselves around him in a tight grip and thus, the scene ended with Changmin got dragged, once again by Kyuhyun.

“BETRAYEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRR!!!!” Changmin’s cry of outrage resonated in the hallway until it faded into despair.

The so-called best friends of his cringed in apology.

“Why are we here again?”

“It’s obvious, isn’t it? To have lunch of course. Can you get any more stupid than this?”

Changmin glowered.

“What I mean is, why are we here where students aren’t allowed to be?”

“It’s high.”

“What kind of reason is that?!”

Kyuhyun grumbled in annoyance before pulling Changmin to sit between his legs. That instantly shut Changmin up and made his face flushed. Kyuhyun smirked in victory but it didn’t last long when he started to eat Changmin’s lunch and that made Changmin snapped out from his embarrassing stupor.

“That’s mi-oommph!”

Kyuhyun shoved the food in Changmin’s mouth to silence him. Naturally,   Changmin started to chew and the process continued with Kyuhyun feeding him again and again. Changmin slowly forgot their intimate position and relaxed against Kyuhyun’s chest. What was he about to say just now?

Nah, who cares.

It was strangely calming and safe sitting so close to Kyuhyun. The wind blew gently over the rooftop and the both of them sat eating in comfortable silence.

“I’m going to take a nap.”

Changmin was startled by the sudden declaration and let out a little squeak when he was abruptly pushed onto the ground.


He watched in wonder as Kyuhyun laid beside him on his side. Kyuhyun then put his arms around him, pulling him closer. He gulped audibly when Kyuhyun nestled his head against his neck.

“W-what are you d-doing?”

Kyuhyun’s reply was incoherent and muffled.


“You. Soft and squishy. Sleepy.”

That was all Kyuhyun said before Changmin felt soft breath against his neck. He looked down to see him already asleep. Changmin was left alone to feel awkward.

After a while, Changmin felt bored but he didn’t feel like napping even though they still had 15 minutes before lunch was over. Changmin’s gaze then fell onto Kyuhyun’s hair. He hesitated a little before deciding to just go for it. He slowly raised a hand to touch Kyuhyun’s hair and gasped softly at how soft it felt. Kyuhyun stirred and he held his breath but smiled fondly after that when Kyuhyun snuggled closer.

‘So cute.’

Lost in the moment, Changmin failed to realize there was a lone figure watching them from behind the door to the rooftop, shaking with repressed anger before stomping away.

In the end, Changmin fell asleep too and they almost got a detention from the infamous lioness of SM High School, Mrs. Jung because they were 20 minutes late for the class but thanks to Kyuhyun’s charming smirk, they managed to avoid detention safe and sound.

Changmin sighed heavily as he plopped onto his seat. He looked up to see Jaejoong wiggling his eyebrows and grinning slyly. He frowned before realization on what Jaejoong was implying dawned on him and Changmin flushed.

Jaejoong giggled before turning back to the front giving no chance for Changmin to explain himself. Changmin huffed before following suit. His gaze automatically searched for Kyuhyun. Changmin sighed dreamily when his gaze landed on his object of affection. Kyuhyun was perfect even after he woke up from sleep. His hair...

‘So soft.’

Changmin shook himself mentally before he went into his world that consisted of Kyuhyun only. And him. And flowers. And pink. And...okay, he better stop now.

After that, the day progress very well in Changmin’s opinion but he felt something was about to happen. Something that he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Shrugging, he shoved the matter at the back of his mind to focus on his lessons (and Kyuhyun).

‘I know it.’

How did Changmin end up in this compromising mess in the first place? Here he was, at the back of the school building which was deserted from any students or teachers except for them, trapped between a group of boys and the wall.

It went like this: Changmin was walking with Jaejoong and Junsu, on the way to the entrance of the school building to head home when he suddenly felt arms grabbed him from behind and a hand covered his mouth to keep him from making sound. Junsu and Jaejoong didn’t even realize he was dragged away from them because they were talking animatedly about their crushes.

 ‘What great friends I have. The joy.’

Changmin snorted and he immediately whimpered when he received glares from his captivators.

“What so funny?” one of the boy ask.

“N-nothing. What do you w-want?”

The group of boys smirked  and the boy from before stepped closer. Changmin guessed he was the leader. He pressed himself to the wall when the boy got too close.


The other boys roared into mocking laughter at Changmin’s frightened expression.


Changmin shivered when the leader caressed his face with his calloused hand.

“Yes, you. We have been waiting patiently from the sidelines but then that bastard Cho Kyuhyun came swooping down on you and claimed you as his boyfriend!”

Changmin winced when the other boy grabbed his face roughly.

“I-I don’t understand.” Changmin’s voice wavered.

The boy chuckled, “We want you. What, you think you and that ty Cho Kyuhyun are the only gays in the school? Don’t you think you’re too naive, Changmin?” he whispered Changmin’s name menacingly.

Changmin was dumbstruck by the event and he gaped speechlessly at the boy. So, the reason they were boring hole into him was not because they deemed him as their enemy but because they wanted to...they wanted to...they wanted to ravish him?

What kind of cruel joke was this?

“B-but why?”

“Showing off that y of yours and giving off pheromones, any straight man will turn into gay. Your certain behaviours are girly and that’s another plus.” The boy sneered.




Changmin’s veins throbbed and his eyes glazed over. The boy didn’t seem to notice the air around Changmin had changed drastically whilst his other friends instinctively took a step back.

“Even your skin is smooth like a girl, Chang-,”

The boy was cut off when Changmin grabbed him by the throat.

“Girly?” Changmin muttered.

Changmin’s grip tightened and the boy struggled for air. His friends were slowly backing off from the two of them.

“How dare you call me girly!” Changmin growled.


Jaejoong and Junsu stood at the side, stunned. Kyuhyun was staring in curiosity.

Jaejoong and Junsu immediately went to search for Changmin when they noticed he was missing and bumped into Kyuhyun on the way. They told him what happened and Kyuhyun seemed reluctant at first but he agreed to help even with all the grumbling. They searched and finally found Changmin.

Bodies – or were they corpses? – were lying here and there around Changmin. His fists were covered in blood and his clothes were a bit torn.

“Looks like nothing change.” Jaejoong mumbled.

Changmin’s head snapped up at his voice and glared fiercely at him. Jaejoong rolled his eyes and put on a sweet face, “You’re manly Changmin.”

And just like that, Kyuhyun saw Changmin changed back to his normal self again.

Changmin stood there amongst the bodies, blinking owlishly. He then looked around and immediately his blood was drained from his face. He shakily raised his bloodied hands and stared at them in horror.

“W-what happened?” Changmin managed to ask before he blacked out right there and then.

“Cliché.” Junsu and Jaejoong chorused before sighing.

Kyuhyun raised a delicate eyebrow, amused.

Sarang stared at the people in front of her doorstep. Jaejoong and Junsu waved at her while Kyuhyun stayed aloof and indifference even with Changmin in his arms.

“Come in.”

She gave way for them to enter and proceeded to lead them into the living room. Kyuhyun laid Changmin down on the couch where he was attacked fervently by Changmin once. A blush threatened to make its way to his face when he remembered about it but he managed to fight it.

Kyuhyun noticed that all of Changmin’s sisters were in the living room too unlike the other time he was here. Sarang motioned them to take a seat each. After they were seated, Sarang started to talk.

“Let me guess, it happened again?”

Jaejoong and Junsu nodded.


“Some boys.”

“Have you send them to the hospital?”

Again, the both of them nodded.


Kyuhyun kept quiet whilst the exchange of words happened between the three of them and he glanced at Changmin. Gaeun was cleaning his bloodied fists, Minji and Haeun were fussing over him and the shy Hana stared worriedly at his baby brother.

“-it’s weird though.”

Kyuhyun was pulled back into the conversation.

“What is?” Minji piped up.

“I mean, it’s the same as always this time but the other day, he was different towards Kyuhyun.”

Sarang looked thoughtful for a minute before a secretive smile lighted her face.

“I think the both of you know the reason, right, girls?”

Sarang turned to look at her sisters who looked confused for a minute – except Gaeun – before they understood what their oldest sister meant and nodded.

Jaejoong and Junsu looked at each other before they grinned slyly. Kyuhyun frowned. He couldn’t understand one bit what they were talking about and Gaeun, thankfully started to explain to the young lad.

“Kyuhyun, Changmin as you know, has a double personality. Kind of. The trigger is the word ‘girly’ as I told you before. However, when he becomes his other self, he became violent to the people around him including us so that is why I warned you about this the other day but it seems that it is different when it comes to you. He didn’t become violent towards you, remember? Rather, he was...harassing you in a ual way.”

Kyuhyun coughed and the others shook with repressed laughter.

“Why is that?” Kyuhyun asked, trying to save himself from the embarrassment .

“I don’t think it is for us to tell you why. You will know eventually.”

Kyuhyun nodded even though he felt curious.

“How did he obtain his other self?”

At this question, the other occupants of the room looked downcast even Gaeun.

“Our baby brother was bullied a lot when he was little because of his behaviour is one of a girl. He always came home with bruises on his small body and when our parents died, it took a toll on him. I guess that was the time when he started to change and develop his other self unconsciously.” Haeun smiled weakly.

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s okay.”

“So, I take it that, he doesn’t know about his other self?”

“Yes. He also doesn’t remember things that he did while he becomes his other self. We never told him because we know he will feel guilty about hurting others.”

Kyuhyun nodded in understanding. The tension in the room was diffused when Changmin stirred. All eyes were on him in instant. Changmin groaned as he sat up.

“What happened? My head...hurts.”

All of them became nervous and Kyuhyun was the one that answered.

“You tripped and fainted in the hallway. Jeez, how clumsy can you get?”

Changmin head turned to look at him and he was gaping like a fish again.


“The one and only, baby.”

Junsu, Jaejoong and his sisters giggled – except Gaeun of course – when they saw Changmin’s flushed face. Changmin was feeling giddy when he remembered something and he immediately looked down at his hands. No traces of blood.

“No. T-there...I was...I fainted because of the blood and...and they...”

Changmin’s hands shook and Kyuhyun finally fully understood why Changmin’s sisters were intent on keeping things from him.

“What are you talking about? We were walking together and you tripped on your shoelaces, Minnie.”

Junsu face was one of a confused one but he was cringing inside from having to lie to his best friend.


“Yeah, luckily Kyuhyun was nearby at that time and he drove us to your house.” Jaejoong piped up to convince him.

Changmin looked unsure for a while before he nodded, “Okay, then.”

Changmin’s sisters, Junsu and Jaejoong sagged in relief. Kyuhyun was looking thoughtful.

Hiya! Long time no see! Sorry for the late update. Been busy with school and all. I hope the lttle fluff in the chapter will do for you.

Before you guys bombarded me with question of who's the figure behind the door, I explain now. The jerk that tried to ravish our cute Changmin's little is the figure behind the door. No suspense, huh? Go figure.

Anyway, hugs and kisses to all the readers and subscribers~ Thank you!

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