Meeting His 'UNDERLINGS'

Girly?It's Not That Bad...

Changmin glared daggers at the back of Kyuhyun’s head. The latter was walking ahead of him leading him to God-knows-where.

At the moment, Changmin questioned himself. How the hell did he falls for the stuck up jerk that can’t even remember his name even though they were in the same class. The air around him even screamed I’m-a-jerk-so-you-should-bow-down-and--my-shoes but that was what made Changmin attracted to the latter in the first place.

‘ I must be a masochist or something. ‘

Changmin hardened his glares.

“ I know that a lot of people said that I’m attractive but you don’t need to glare at me like that. “ Came Kyuhyun sarcasm.

Changmin made a face behind him.

“ I saw that. “

Changmin gaped at Kyuhyun before deciding that it was just a waste of time to go against Kyuhyun.

They walked silently along the hallway before Kyuhyun stopped in front of a wooden door. Changmin followed suit.

“ Who are we meeting here? “ Changmin tilted his head as he stared quizzically at the wooden door of the unused classroom.

“ My underlings. “

“ We heard that, Cho! “ a voice shouted from the other side of the door.

Kyuhyun smirked before sliding the wooden door open. They stepped inside and saw four boys huddled together in the middle of the classroom.

“ You’re ing late, Cho. “ said the voice from before.

Changmin recognized the owner of the voice as Lee Hyukjae or Eunhyuk, the delinquent sophomore. Had the most discipline record in the history of SM High School. He had blonde hair and had the tendencies to mess with the discipline teacher, Kim Heechul.

“ Language, Hyuk. “ an older boy bonked Eunhyuk’s head.

“ That hurts, hyung! “ Eunhyuk whined to the older boy.

“ Don’t mind him. Have a seat you guys. “ the older smiled gently to Kyuhyun and Changmin.

The older boy was Park Jungsu or Leeteuk, a senior. Well known throughout the school for his kind heart. A gentleman.

‘ What a weird pair. ‘

Changmin stared with amusement at Leeteuk and Eunhyuk who is pouting.

Changmin landed his gaze on the other two unknown faces. One of them was munching on a snack, and the other one just smiled at Changmin. Leeteuk who noticed Changmin’s stares, immediately started the introduction.

“ Ah, I’m Leeteuk, this is Eunhyuk, Shindong and Henry. Henry is the same age as you. “

Shindong smiled, Henry bowed while Eunhyuk just scoffed.

“ What’s your name? Kyuhyun never told us your name. “

Changmin inwardly snorted.

‘ That’s because he doesn’t even know my name. ‘

“ I’m Shim Changmin. “

“ So, Changmin. It must be tough for you to put up with the boyfriend thingy with Kyuhyun right? “

“ Since he’s a bastard “ Eunhyuk interrupted and Kyuhyun kicked him in the shin.

“ Oww! ”

Changmin blinked at Leeteuk. So, they knew?

Again, Leeteuk seemed to know what was the younger thinking and he continued, ignoring Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk that were having a glaring competition beside him.

“ Kyuhyun told us all about it. I’m sorry for having to involve you. “ Leeteuk looked so sincere that Changmin had to smile at the older.

“ It’s okay. I don’t mind. And why are you the one that did the apologizing instead of him? “ Changmin teased.

“ Because this poop head didn’t have the ‘sorry’ word in his dictionary. “ Eunhyuk said getting a poke on his eyes from Kyuhyun.

“ Oww, that hurts man! ! “ Eunhyuk tumbled down from the chair he was sitting onto the floor covering his injured eyes.

Leeteuk quickly covered Henry’s ears and screeched at the rolling monkey on the floor.

“ Stop cussing you . You’re going to ruin Henry’s innocent mind, you ing monkey! “

Leeteuk glared.

“ Um, Leeteuk-sunbae, you’re cussing too. “ Changmin pointed out.

Leeteuk stared at Changmin dumbly before gasping. He then let go Henry’s ears before running to the window in the classroom- wailing dramatically.

“ My angelic self is ruined!!! “ Lee Teuk sobbed.

“ Actually it was ruined a long time ago by Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk. “ Shindong added nonchalantly as he continued munching on his snack.

Just then the door to the classroom slides open revealing Sungmin and a boy with an angelic face. The latter, seeing Eunhyuk rolled on the floor quickly rushed to his side.

“ Hyukkie! What’s wrong? “ There was concern laced in the boy’s voice.

“ HaeHae, Kyuhyun poked my eyes! “ Eunhyuk whined as he hugged his ‘HaeHae’.

Changmin raised a brow hearing Eunhyuk childish tone. Seriously, the top delinquent of the school whining like a baby just because he got poked in the eyes?

Changmin reverted his attention on Sungmin. Sungmin who noticed his presence brightened.

“ Changminnie!! “ Sungmin practically jumped on Changmin.

“ What are you doing here? “ Sungmin asked as he let go of his hold on Changmin.

Changmin glanced at Kyuhyun that was staring at Sungmin. Changmin blinked as he saw something flashed in those eyes. He shrugged it off.

“ Well Kyuhyun dragged me here to meet you guys I guess. “

“ Does that mean... you’re Kyuhyun’s boyfriend?! “

Sungmin turned to stare at Kyuhyun. Changmin could see Sungmin quirking his lips into a smirk.

“ Oh, reaaallly? “ Sungmin drawled playfully.

Kyuhyun glared at Sungmin.

“ Anyway, judging from what I see you already knew these guys’ name except him. “ Sungmin pointed at the angelic looking boy who was tending to Eunhyuk’s eyes. “ That is Donghae-hyung. He’s a sophomore. “

Hearing his name, Donghae looked at Changmin  and smiled. Changmin bowed as a return.

“ What happened to Leeteuk-hyung? “ Sungmin frowned when he saw Leeteuk bawling his eyes out near the classroom window while Henry patted his back trying to calm him down.

“ He’s just being his dramatic self. “ Shindong replied.

Changmin had fun hanging out with them. Sungmin was still the same Sungmin he first knew at the infirmary,  Leeteuk was a caring guy and was just like Jaejoong. Shindong was a pretty funny guy. Henry was a little too quiet but he was kind. Donghae was, well like an angel. Eunhyuk was the most hardest to get along with at first but eventually Changmin opened up a bit after Eunhyuk was tamed by his boyfriend, Donghae. Yup, they were a couple. Changmin was still amused by the fact.

Still, they were all people that Changmin can get along with. Not like a certain someone. Changmin glanced at Kyuhyun that was walking beside him and sighed.

“ You should be grateful that you got to walk beside me, Max. “

Changmin groaned inwardly at the statement.

“ You’re so full of yourself and don’t call me that. “ Changmin rolled his eyes.

“ I have the right and your name is too long.“

Changmin’s eye twitched involuntarily.

“ It’s just two syllables! Same goes with your name! “

“ So? My name is special. “

Changmin gritted his teeth.

“ Don’t your parents teach you the meaning of  ‘modesty’? “

“ At least they didn’t teach me to wear pink since I’m a boy. “ At this, Kyuhyun glanced at the pink watch strapped around Changmin’s wrist.

“ Say whut? Don’t you dare to insult the power of pink! “ Changmin hissed.

“ Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get that a lot from Sungmin. You look girly with pink, you know that? “

Changmin stopped walking and suddenly Kyuhyun felt a chill ran down his spine. He turned back to look at Changmin before he got pinned to the wall.

“ What the- “ Kyuhyun stopped mid-sentence when he saw Changmin’s eyes. They were narrowed dangerously on him. The grip on his wrists tightened as Changmin leaned down and whispered close beside his ears.

“ I’ll show you how ‘ girly ‘ I am. “

Changmin’s husky voice made Kyuhyun shivered involuntarily.

“ Wha- “

Changmin closed Kyuhyun’s mouth with his. Kyuhyun’s eyes widen and he froze.

‘ WHAT THE ?! ‘

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