Dance on the floor. :)

Confession ❤


Kim So Eun looks at Kim Bum and Ryan Lee, she looks at Ryan Lee and she smiles. Kim Bum gasping, she stand up and apologizes "I'm sorry, i will dance with my partner, Kim Bum". Ryan smirking and pats on Kim Bum "she is yours." and he walks away. Kim So Eun wrapping her hand on Kim Bum arms, "let's go". He smiling bashfully and holding her hands.

He takes her hands put around his neck, he puts his hand on her waist, puts her close to him, Kim So Eun gasp and he brushes her nose with his stare fixed on her, she closes her eyes and slowly open it. He takes her other hand and holds. Start dancing. She lean her head on his chest and hearing his heart beating. 'Thump thump.'

"Kim Bum shi~" Char lee calling his name, Kim Bum and Kim So Eun stopped, they turn on their right, Char Lee standing beside of them. Kim So Eun rolls her eyes and grip her chest. 

Kim Bum POV(flashback)

I walking to meet Char Lee,it is has been while, she is at balcony standing while holding her glass, she is lonely, I approaching her and calling her name's, "Char Lee" 

She turns her head, "Oh, Kim Bum~", she runs toward me and hugging me. I push her back. I can see she shock with my action. And i speak out. 

"I am not come for you, i come here for telling you, i am get enough with your play, I being fool by you and i am fool to love you, want to go back! And play someone heart to get you! I am fool man! HAHA! i am enough of hurting her, instead i am falling in love with her"

"Thanks to you, i found someone that i like, i will confess toward her, Our relationship end here!" 

I walk away, i heaves a relief sigh and take deep breath. I walk out from balcony, i seeing the sight of someone running, i just ignore.

End POV 

"Have a talk with me, bring your girl with you." Char Lee said. Kim Bum rolling his eyes, Kim So Eun looks at Kim Bum. *what is going on in here?* . Kim Bum pulling her hand walk with him and follows Char Lee steps.

"So you are the girl that Kim Bum mention to me" Char lee said. Kim Bum wrapping Kim So Eun shoulder on his embrace.

"What do you want? Aren't you enough hurting me?" Kim Bum said. Kim Bum tight the embrace.

"Did she knows you are using her to go back with me?" Char lee said with her evil smirk. Kim So Eun gasping, she try to holds her tears. She looks at Kim Bum, his eyes on fire. 

"Let go of me" Kim So Eun said. Kim Bum resist to let go, "Let go of me!" she shouted, her eyes teary. she walk away. 

"Kim So Eun! listen to me" Kim Bum shouted, he runs after her.

Kim So Eun runs out from the hall, Kim Bum pulls her hand, she let go, he hug her from the back stop her to run away. "Let go of me!" she said with crack voice. she sobbing. 

"Listen to me first"

"Why i should listen, i am not even your girlfriend. i don't know why i am crying. I am just your friend, why i am so overreact." her voices become small.

Kim Bum turns Kim So Eun to face him, "Cause you like me that why you are crying. You are hurt."

She rolls her eyes look away, her tears couldn't stop flowing, she still sobbing. Kim Bum stare at Kim So Eun.  

"why didn't you ask me, why i am running to you?" Kim So Eun looks at him, her eyes wandering stares Kim Bum. "why?"

"Because i like you, I'm falling in love with you since we met our blind date." Her eyes wandering, she crying again.

"Why you do this to me." she hit him on the chest. "aish~" she hissing. Kim Bum smiles,he wipes her tears and hugging her. She continues crying between the hug. 

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