Hae Day

My Very Own Romeo
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Juli leaned her head against the cold frosty window of Donghae's car. Her head was getting cold but she didn't care. Donghae drummed his fingers against the wheel humming the tune playing from his radio. Yes I do...I can't stop loving you~ .

It had to be this song hmm? I am going to smash my head against the window if we don't arrive soon...Back in the shop...when me and Kyu exchanged glances...


Donghae interuppted Juli's thoughts as he parked his car. "We're here." He flashed his warm smile and went outside to open her door. Extending his arm, Juli ignored his gesture and got out herself leaving Donghae stunned. He rubbed the back of his neck and caught up with Juli who was already rushing towards the entrance. Pull yourself together Donghae. She's probably just cold, it has nothing to do with you...


The two payed for their ticket and proceeded to the gift shop. Juli ran her hands through the assorted headbands reaching to one particular one. A sparkly pink eared one.


"Let oppa get this for you arreso? No buts! Oppa is going to get it so it can match your outfit!" Kyuhyun grabbed the ears and placed it on the counter. Before paying he ran to grab one more for himself. After paying he ran to Juli placing the ears up on her head. "You look beautiful princess." He fixed her hair placing it around the ears so that it would frame her face well. He caressed her cheek and kissed it gently.


Juli held the ears in her hand. She had another pair identical at home, hiding in her closet along with other gifts from Kyuhyun. 


"Oh did you want that one?" Donghae popped up from behind. "Let oppa get this for arreso? No buts! Oppa is going to get it so it can match your outfit!" 


"What did you just say...." Juli bit her lip. Everything replaying in the back of her mind.


Donghae tilted his head. "I said...let me get this for you. You like this one right?" He held it out for her. Juli took back the ears and shook her head. "It's okay Oppa. Let's just go inside the park" Juli put down the ears and grabbed Donghae's sleeve and dragged him in.


My heart beat fast. She was holding my hand...or alteast my sleeve. Close enough right?!!? Aigo, Am i blushing? I hope not. Wait..she's staring at me! OH GOD WHAT DO I DO?!


Juli watched the flustered Donghae making weird faces. She let go of his arm and rolled her eyes. "Let's go oppa." 


The two rode rides in silence all day. Not even exchanging glances. By lunch time, Donghae had already given up on even trying to get her to talk to him. Why is she acting like this...? Did I do something wrong...? 


They sat down at a table next to one of the food stands and ate in silence. Juli bit into her sandwich not looking anywhere but her sandwich. Not that it was interesting or anything, two slices of bread, meat, cheese, and veggies. she just didn't want to look at Donghae.


"...Did I do something wrong...I'm sorry for whatever it is I really am!" Donghae interrupted Juli's thoughts. She looked up at him for the first time and couldn't contain herself anymore. She let her tears free fall from her eyes. "It's..*hiccup* not you, it's just *hiccup*" Donghae reached out and wiped her tears with a napkin. She took in a deep breathe. "Sorry, it's nothing really. I should be sorry for how I was acting." She smiled lightly. 


"If there is anything wrong, don't be afraid to tell me Juli. I don't want to see you sad or hurt okay?" He patted her shoulder and gave her more napkins to wipe her face.


For the rest of their "date" they two got along very well. 


"OPPA!! YOU WERE MORE SCARED THAN I WAS!!" Juli clutched her stomach laughing so hard her lemonade almost came out her nose.


Donghae held the photo of them that they took on the Viking ship. Juli's face was happy, hair swaying everywhere but nonetheless happy. Donghae on the other hand had his eyes shut tightly, tears leaking down his face.  It's not my fault I hate scary rides >.<, atleast she's smiling and laughing like how she usually does. 


He clutched the photo tightly in his hand before crumpling it. "OPPA!!! I WANTED TO SAVE THE PICTURE!!!" Juli came running trying to grab the photo but Donghae held it too high for her reach.


"How about we take another picture?" Donghae took out his phone and wrapped his arm around her tightly, ruffling her hair so that it puffed up. As she scrambled to fix her hair Donghae took a snapshot. "Revenge" he smirked and stuck out his tongue as she chased him around the park. He kept turning around and taking funny pictures of her as she chased him. Her face was red with rage, her hair waving around everywhere. She soon gave up and stood still catching her breath. 'FINE OPPA, YOU WIN!!" She got up and out her arms at her waist trying to get her heart rate and breathing rate back to normal.


Donghae skipped over and pinched her cheeks. "So funny ^^. Here delete them if you want!" Juli held the phone in her hands. She scrolled through the pictures of her chasing him. She couldn't help but laugh. She got to the one where he ruffled her hair. She set the picture as the wallpaper and hand it back. "Keep it like that arreso?" She punched his shoulders playfully.


The rest of the day was fun. By the time they got to Donghae's car, Juli was riding on his back asleep. He set her down into her seat and pulled the belt over her waist. She made murmuring noises as he strapped the belt. Aigo Juli. You had too much fun. Now look at you. You've exhausted yourself. 


He tucked the hair behind her ear and got into his seat. He drove Juli to her house. When they got there, she refused to wake up so he was forced to carry her to her front door. He rung the doorbell trying not to drop her. Siwon answered the door and there was an awkward silence. "Don't worry, she's not dead." He chuckled. "She over worked herself and fell asleep." Siwon took Juli from Donghae and smiled. "Thanks Hyung for bringing her home." Siwon hesistated for a second. "Want to come inside for coffee or something?" Donghae shook his head, "No thanks. Just make sure she rests up" he smiled and shoved his hands into his pockets. Donghae waved and headed towards his car.






"Thanks again for being so nice to her." Donghae nodded and made his way to his car. 



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