Juli, will you...

My Very Own Romeo
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I woke up with a sharp pain in my back and neck. I rubbed it as I looked around the room. I found Kyuhyun sleeping on my lap, all curled up and on his thumb. Aigo my boyfriend..I tried to get up but he tightened his grip on me. I ruffled his hair and his nose scrunched up. He started to wave his hand around trying to swat me for ruffling his hair. This was my chance to escape. I got up and he just curled back up and kept on sleeping. I went to the bathroom and searched for a spare toothbrush. I finished up in the bathroom  and went into the kitchen to look for what he had for breakfast. Nothing. >.> Aigo. 


I went back out to the living room to find him still sleeping. Did he not sleep or something? I tapped on his shoulder.


"Babe, I'm going home real quick to change arreso? I'll be back in 20 min" 


His eyes opened quickly. "BWO? WHYYY!!!" He pouted and crossed his arms.


"If you haven't noticed, I'm still in my dinner clothes from last night" I stuck out my tongue at him. 'When I come back, I'll treat you to breakfast okay?"


"Jinja?! YAAAH THANK YOU PRINCESSS!!" He gave me kiss on the lips and skipped around the room.


"Get ready and I'll be right back okay?"


I quickly left and drove home to change. I threw on a pair of distressed high waisted shorts, a white fitted tshirt and a red flannel as a cardigan. I also put my hair in a messy bun and drove back. I opened the door with his keys to find him just coming out of the shower...in just...a..towel...


"KYAAAAA!!! OPPA!!!! COVER YOURSELF?!" I quickly hid my face. I could feel my cheeks burn with embarrassment.


I suddenly felt water dripping onto my face. He's near me isnt he?...His sweet scent filled my nose as he grabbed me and pulled me towards him. He was getting me really wet. (CAUSE HE'S SOAKING WET FROM TAKING A SHOWER YOU BYUNTAES kekeke) 


"O...o...o...oppa..." I was a stuttering mess trying to tell him to go change.


He suddenly burst out laughing. "AIGO JULI, YOURE SO CUTE WHEN YOUR EMBARRASSED!!" He pinched my nose and before I could punch him he skipped to his room and slammed the door shut.


He came out 10 min later, hair done, wearing a matching outfit. A red flannel and a pair of skinny jeans. He wrapped his arm around my waist. 


"Youre not mad right??" He kissed my cheek over and over again.


I crossed my arms at him. "Youre only asking cause you still want me to treat you to breakfast, right?" 


"...Yah you got me!!" He put his hands up


"YAAAH!!!" I punched his stomache but his abs protected him from my fist.


"Mianhe princess. I love you!" He put his hands into a heart and smiled at me..


I couldn't stay mad when he was acting like this. I just gave him a kiss on the cheek and grabbed his hand. We took my car to our favorite bakery for breakfast. On our way we blasted our favorite kpop songs.


"HEY! IM MR.SIMPLE!! BECAUSE I NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!!!!!" We both were jamming out with all the windows rolled down. We looked insane but I could care less!


We got to our favorite shop, "Little Paris Bake Shop." We went inside and sat down in the corner. A waitress came over and gave us our menus...or should I say gave Kyu his menu. She basically threw mine at me. Okay? She was taking our orders but even when I was speaking she was staring at Kyu. Eyes locked...I don't even think she heard me?!


"HELLO?!" I screamed in her ear.


She snapped back into focus and glared at me. "Mianheyo, what did you want?"


"Poppy seed bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a large caramel cappucino with extra drizzle" 


She rolled her eyes and wrote down on her notepad and left us. Finally. I was playing with the napkins, ripping each sheet into shreds


"Something wrong....?" Kyu eyed my paper shreds.


"Nothing." I grumbled.


The waitress came back and handed us our food and stuck around to talk to Kyuhyun.


"Oppa, is there anything else I can get for you and your ahjumma?" Excuse me...SHE DID NOT JUST...


"YAAH, I AM NOT AN AHJUMMA, IM PROBABLY YOUNGER THAN YOU SO PLEASE!!!" I raised my fist and was bout to stand when Kyu pulled me down and held me back. He kissed me on my lips and turned back to the waitress who had fire burning in her eyes. 


"Sorry, you must be mistakening, me and my YEOJACHINGU are fine thank you." He shooed her off with his hands.


I clutched him tightly. "Love you" ^-^


We ate out breakfast and when we finished, I payed. We were driving around Seoul when we reached our favorite park. He chased me around the park. I got so tired he eventually caught up with me and swung me around.


"YAAAAAAAAH!!" I clutched into his arms tightly as he swung me around and around and around and THUD.


We both landed in a patch of flowers and petals exploded everywhere! Petals covered our hair and faces. It was almost like a fairytale scene you see in dramas and movies! I soon felt hands clutch my cheeks pulling me into a deep passionate kiss. After we parted lips,


"You know that the waitress could never compare to you right?" 


I just rolled my eyes and leaned my head into him.


We continued to have a nice stroll around the park. I needed to get home soon so I took him home. We were in the parking lot, arms wrapped around each other tightly. He leaned in so our noses touched and he gave small, sweet pecks on my lips.


"I love you. Text me when you get home okay?" He said after he pulled back.


"Neh oppa!" He was tapping his foot, like he's waiting for something. "...I love you too." And with that he pulled me in for one last kiss.


I was making my way towards my car again when he called my name. When I turned around, he was on one knee, looking up at me with his big, precious eyes.


"Juli, will you...?" He said as he pulled out a small box.





Ahhh sorry guys for no update yesterday! Some stupid garbage truck ripped my house's telephone line so I didn't have internet all day T__T it was torture...So i hope you enjoy this update ^^ please comment and subscribe for updates <3 love you guys. I was so happy to come home after school to find 300 views <3 Kyaaaaa 사랑해

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Story is getting translated to Dutch, this is crazy /.\

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