Me Tarzan, You Jane?

Love Light


Marquita’s POV


I sat back down at the empty table going over in my mind the things that I should have said or done to possibly make them stay, make him stay. I was cursing at myself for being so full of myself to think that I could leave without saying so much as an excuse me. I was rude and I hated myself for it. 

“Hi, are you okay?”

I looked up to a man with a concerned smile on his face. His eyes were hazel and clear, nothing like the deep black holes Kim has. He parted his pink lips and asked again,

“Are you okay? Are you alone?”

I shock my head trying to find the words to explain to him that I was fine. I felt like I was thrown from one world to another. He just looked so attentive, concentrating on me, looking for any form of possible unsatisfaction, as if it was written across my forehead. I don’t know how to explain the feeling, maybe a small tingling feeling somewhere deep in my heart that I’ve learned to ignore. No one has ever, no, no man has ever made me feel like my concerns or problems were as important as their own. I wanted to cry, why? I’ve lived with this for my whole life. Why does this sudden attention makes me feel so vulnerable, so, exposed. I looked down, was I really going to start crying?

On que the man sat down next to me. “My name is Jung Ji-Hoon but please call me Rain.” His voice was so gentle as if they could break me at any moment. I nodded. “I could hear the air escape through his smile. “Me Tarzan, you Jane?” I couldn’t help but to laugh, I love Disney movies and Tarzan was one of my favorites.

“Finally.” He face lit up. “I thought I was going to have to sit here with you forever before I could see a smile.” I looked at him through curious eyes.

“I’m Marquita but you can call me Marquita.”

His chuckled, his voice was not too deep but not too light.

“Are you sure your okay? You know your eyebrows tells all your secrets.”

I could feel my eyebrows push down towards the center of my face. “Huh?”

He chucked again, “You face changes every time you have a new emotion. But it’s nice when you want to know if there is something wrong.”

I looked at my fingers, now resting on my lap. “Why would you want to know if something is wrong?” I wasn’t in the mood for any pick up lines but I didn’t think he would shove one down my throat. He seemed like a really honest person.

“Because, I felt like I should try to make It better.”

I looked up at him searching his face for any sign that his response was a weird joke or a mistake. His eyes and facial muscles were completely straight and calm. There were no signs of holding in a laugh or struggling to make himself seem more believable. What does that mean?

“It means that I would like to get to know you. It means that I just simply feel like that's what I truly want to do.” I could feel my mouth part. Was he reading my mind?

“I’m not reading your mind and I’m not some kind of x man. Your just really easy to understand.”

I tried to give my best straight face and flush out all emotion when I looked at him. “I don’t believe you.”

His laugh was soft, he leaned in towards me, “But It’s true. I’d really like to talk to you sometime or just be near you for a period of time. Which ever is best for you.” I couldn’t believe it. Was I being picked up? Oh my God, Was I being asked out?

When I looked back at him he was reaching into his pocket. “Can I see your phone?” His smile seemed too bright but I didn’t think to hard about taking my phone out. He took it out my hand and handed me his.

“This is so you know I am not trying to steal it.” He laughed, I looked down at his phone, a new blackberry. I could hear my phone touch pad sound go off as he entered his number and called the phone in my hand.  I looked up at him with my eyes wide.

“This is my phone number.” With a huge smile he continued, “Save my name in and text me anytime. I’ll text you too.” He took his phone out my hand and replaced it with mine, smiled, and waved me goodbye. By the time Jamie had come back to the table ready to go I was in a daze. I had felt that I was being dragged along in a conversation I did not quiet understand. Did I just do something wrong? I know it’s not something that I would normally do.

Jamie drove me home while I forced myself to listen to her amazing story about how Alexander and her have so much in common and how much fun they had talking. She felt that she could talk to him for hours and not get bored or feel like she knows everything about him. Apparently his voice was like hot and she thinks she is addicted.

I waved goodbye to Jamie as her car disappeared around the corner and walked inside my house. I was ready to take off my clothes and take a nap in my and bra. I looked at my phone and saw the missed call from Rain, I sighed and programed his name into my phone then opened my laptop. It was still longed into skype and facebook so I logged out of skype then went to log out of facebook when I noticed a new message.

I could feel my voice go “Hmm” as I opened the message. “Kim?” I read through the message with knots in my stomach hoping everything was okay. When I finished reading it a huge smile crept across my face. “Your Oppa? My Oppa?” I giggled.

Suddenly my phone started vibrating. I opened my phone and saw it was a text from Rain.


“Hey, I hope I wasn’t too persistent with you enough to make you feel apprehensive about my intentions. I really want to get to know you as a person and I don’t want to give you the wrong impression of me. I want to see you again; I hope it’s not just me who feels this way. But if it is just me, I hope you give me the opportunity to change that.




My eyes grow the size of apples. I read it twice. Was I attracted to Rain?


Kim Jae Wook’s POV


I was hopeful and scared at the same time. What an odd feeling, they were taking turns making me have no appetite. I paced my room and even played a few black opts games. I would look over my shoulder to see if I had a new message or refresh the page wandering if the icon just didn’t change but I had a message non the less.

I was so nervous. What was I going to do if she didn’t like me and I just got the wrong impression? I gave her my phone number but I don’t know if she will text me or remember me.

I was freaking out about everything. My nerves were on edge and I could only think about the worst. I took a deep breath and looked at myself through my mirror. “I’m not qualified to be a man.” I frowned. “Man up!”

I nodded to myself and my tv to watch something to get my mind off of things.  Nothing helped; I grabbed my camera and ran out my house.

“I just need to be active for a while, get my mind off of things. Take some pictures.” I could relax when I saw the world through my lens. I could capture the space and memories in a single image and preserve it. I walked through the streets of my neighborhood flashing pictures. I decided to try to capture the most unnoticed actions in the world around me. I took pictures of bugs that looked like bark and leaves of a tree and baby birds that lay tucked under their mothers stomach.

I turned the corner and saw a familiar face. A girl with round cheeks and a nice thick curvy waist, chocolate skin, with a sway to her body as she walked. I took a picture while she walked into her home after waving at a car. When I looked at the picture closely I noticed her face. “Marquita?”


I looked at her home, taking in the fact that she lives in the next neighborhood over from me.


I felt like a stalker.

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Meridith #1
Chapter 6: Omg I love this please make another chapter soon I'm dying from anticipation
Zelo_is_bae #2
Chapter 6: The moment I'm reading and realize they are cousins....*facepalm*
Chapter 6: Cousins?! Wow did not expect that
Rain seemed like a good guy at first but now he kind of sounds like a player, she had better watch out
niknac #4
Nice twist...
Zelo_is_bae #5
Oh two really hot men I hate to be in her I would love to be in her shoes
Love this! Rain and kim jaewook I cannot chose how is she gonna? o_O
Update soon!
cupcakebunny #7
To everyone who has been faithfully reading this story. The next chapter will be posted tomorrow. Watch out for it :D
xrainismx #8
I really like this story ~^^~
niknac #9
Very cute story! I'm happy i subscribed.