Lover Be Strong


Not everyone has the opportunity to experience such happiness as I have. Despite all the pain I consider myself lucky to have been able to experience this kind of love and the happiness it brings.


This is the side-story of 'Hospital Happiness'. It might be able to fill in some blanks for that story, for those who have read it. So, this is the story of what happened with Taeyeon and Yoseob.

Thanks for reading :)<3



  • She's quiet and shy, but when you get to know her she can give you the laugh of your life.
  • She keeps a bit to herself and doesn't easily share her feelings and inner worries with others.
  • She's very mature for her age and knows what it's like to take responsibility.


  • The slaphappy, childish romeo of our story.
  • He hates seeing people sad, hance he always tries to cheer people up.
  • He is always up to something.
  • He loves surprises, especially giving it to someone else.
  • And he loves ice cream...


  • The calm, kind and caring best friend of Yoseob.
  • He's always there to support but likes to stay in the background.
  • He's takes care of Yoseob when his parents are out of town.


I also want to take this opportunity to thank taemin_luva4eva for the beautiful poster

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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 14: YOSEOOOOB !! T__T
You taste like tongue .. *sob*
I don't even know, it's just so sad. Don't you know I only like happy endings !?!?!?
Why don't you just add angst as a tag to the story, huh ?
Bajzz !
Chapter 14: One of my fav fanfics ! I cried so much when I read this ;( . Truly one of the most emotional fanfics I've ever read
blackroseofdeath97 #3
Chapter 14: Omo, I can't stop crying. T.T its such a good story! Please continue to write more great fan fictions! ^^
Chapter 14: TT_TT pabo i hate you......
you made me cry..ani you made me sob!!!!!!!!! TT_TT
just too good to be a simple fanfic..
lakaransahrawi89 #5
Chapter 14: u make me cry... it's really sad..
please continue writing & make a great story..
T_T this is really sad. I'm crying now.
I loved this line: “I’m not, I’m just travelling a bit ahead of you. I’ll wait for you at the next stop.” That line made me cry D:
You're such a good writer! Can't wait for the next chapter. (:
[deactivated] #7
T_T <-- Det där är jag för ögonblicket .. Dum Yoseob, dum ..
lakaransahrawi89 #8
can't wait for the last chapter... :)
[deactivated] #9
Ehem, Gikwang is stupid and is pissing me off .. Why is he playing hero, fight for your love ! At least now when her father has gotten a new heart ..
And the last sentence .. BAM ! Straight through my heart .. T__T