Just Another High School Love Story

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[CONTENTID1] A high school senior at Seoul International School, Jennie is known for her amazing good looks, impeccable style, steely aura and intelligence. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is a member of an elite and wealthy family. With the aim to graduate high school with flying colours and enrol in Seoul National University, it seems that nothing will stand in Jennie’s way. That is, until she comes face-to-face with the one and only, Kai.


Kim Jongin, known infamously by his public persona Kai is similar to Jennie in many ways; a devilishly handsome man with jawline for days who seems to look like he stepped out of Vogue. While he may not look like it, Kai has got the brains to go with the broad. With an overpowering personality to match, the only thing that sets him apart from Jennie is that he just does not care.


What happens when these two similar-yet-different individuals come across each other’s path, despite their best efforts to steer clear of each other’s way when they see each other down the school’s hallway? Will they end up killing each other? Will they become friends? Or rather . . . will romance blossom? [/CONTENTID1]



[CONTENTID1] Hi everyone!


It has been a (really long) while since I made my appearance on this platform. And truth be told, I have missed it. I’ve missed writing and despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to do so in recent years.


But now, I am back! *throws confetti* to mark my return, I felt it was fitting that I went back to the story that kick started my journey on AsianFanFics. Along with my renewed resolutions, I have decided to restructure this story – changing the characters and storyline. I do hope you’ll enjoy this version as you did the previous one (if you are one of my early readers, you’d know haha).


I hope to receive your continuous support and welcome as I resume my writing journey with everyone here.


In light of current circumstances, hope everyone will stay safe, stay happy and stay sane.


Much love,



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