It Hurts


"Stop!" the girl screamed in pain as the doctors had to hold her down in order to inject the needle.

"It hurts! Stop!" she screamed.

By now, the whole hospital probably heard the girls scream as she cried. Her father sat in the corner, letting the tears fall as he watched his daughter resist the doctors, trying to get away from the needle.

"Tiffany! This will help the pain go away!" one doctor yelled, injecting the needle.

Tiffany bit her lip to contain from screaming out, feeling the fluid run through her veins. Everything hurted, her arms, her legs, her head. Everything. 

Tiffany is sick. But, it is not your typical flu, Tiffany is very ill. Her disease is very odd, one day she will be perfectly fine, but the other, she feels like she is dying. 

Tiffany is only 16, yet she is going through the terrible disease. Doctors still haven't found out what kind of disease it is, or what the cure is. Tiffany will have to struggle in pain until they figure out what is happening to her body.

After Tiffany calmed down and stopped thrashing around, the doctors and nurses let go of her, revealing the red marks on her arms and legs due to them holding her down. Tiffany began to weep softly.

What had she done to deserve this?

Her father pulled a chair over to the side of the bed, holding his daughters hand in his as he sadly watched his daughter break out into sobs. Her shoulders shook violently, Tiffany didn't care that her stomach felt like it was going to burst, or that her limps felt like they were coming off, she just wanted the pain to go away.

She wanted everything to go away.

She wanted to go away.

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