It Hurts

It Hurts

Tiffany's POV

On the ride to my grandma's house, my dad was abnormally quiet.  Usually, he would just talk and talk and talk. But rigt now, it looks like he has alot on his mind. His forehead is creased, and he's gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles are turning white.

"Dad?" I called.

He released his grip on the wheel, letting his knuckles turn to it's normal colors. "Yes?" he asked, turning his head slightly towards me, but keeping his eyes on the road.

"What's wrong?"

He widened his eyes for a second before he went back to normal. What the hell?

"What do you mean?"

I glared at him, "Don't act like you don't know. Tell me, now."

He gulped, seeing his applebottom move up and down his neck. "Alright." he choked out.

I raised an eyebrow, was it that serious?

"Your grandma's dying."

I was left in shock as we pulled into my grandparent's house.


She was dying?

Even though I don't like my grandparents much, I still feel sad. She used to take care of me when my parents couldn't. But, now she's dying?

My dad opened the car door for me and I climbed out, still stunned. He patted my back, "That's why Doctor Kim left you when you were getting better. I asked him to take care of her personally."

I nodded as we walked up to the front door, ringing the door bell.

"Coming!" I heard a faint, groggy voice yell.

After a minute, the door opened, revealing my hunch-backed grandfather. "Ah! Miyoung!" he called out.

I half-smiled half-winced, smelling his morning breath. I waved slightly, not really wanting to get any closer.

"Come in, come in. Grandma is upstairs with Doctor Kim and his daughter." my grandpa said, gesturing us to get inside.

His daughter? Taeyeon? 

After what happened at the college, I rather not want to see her again. Honestly, I don't even know why I was so sad. Was it because she was my best friend?

Yea, that's it. She was my best friend, that's why I was sad.

I took a big breath and walked upstairs. My dad was chatting with grandpa as I walked up the stairs, into the hallway. I bumped into someone and nearly fell if they didn't catch me.

"Tiffany?" the voice called, making my heart beat.

I stood up and glared at her, "I don't know you."

And with that, I walked into my grandma's room, greeted by her cheery voice. Even if she was dying, she didn't show it.

Taeyeon's POV

I deserve that, don't I?

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