The Month of May

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A dedication for Im Yoona

who's always put on a brave face for her fans to see

who's been named as an ideal type of many, both celebrities and athletes

who always introduces herself as SNSD's Im Yoona

who's endured hardships we can not imagine

who tries not to cry in front of her fans

who's the face of SNSD

who's a prankster

and who we all know is a choding at heart

A gift to all the dedicated YoonAddicts


Michi's Corner: It's that time of year again,  May...or close to it.  Anyway, I've come to admire Yoona for two years and I think a dedication is in order especially with her birthday coming up. So basically I'll be trying to update every day with a drabble of each of the popular OTPs (LuYoon, ChangYoon, KyuNa, MinYoon...the works, no yuri though, sorry). But please don't kill me if I don't update for one day because it's around final exam time for me and I may not have the time to type out my ideas. This story will start on May 1st and end on May 30th. 

P.S. I'll be putting the rest of my stories on hold as I do this project, however, if you guys leave enough comment I might update twice a day or update another one of my stories so it's all up to you guys.

Obviously we've passed May 30th a long time ago, almost half a year. ^ ^; I do however wish to finish this project, it is a dedication and this dedication would look so much better with 30 chapters. Don't you think so? Plus now you guys get to read more drabbles. 

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2/19/14 yay! we've hit the 500 mark

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geemorgs #1
Chapter 9: I love gyoon omgggg!!
kpop1234kpop #2
i really love joong ki and yoona couple....hope you make more fanfics about them
loving this fic :)
yoonda #4
Chapter 30: ahh i really love this chapter <3<3 almost cry cry when i re-read it again it's a beautifull ff
Chapter 28: Just came from Catch Me If You Can and all the reaction videos, OMG Yoona's eyes!!! I think the boys will faint if Yoona did it in front of them... You think you have an idea with that? I know it sounds simliar to chapter 28 but oh her eyes!!
Chapter 30: Daebak jjanj! Love their friendship so much! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Aurellii #7
Chapter 6: So sweet!!! I love it. Kyuna jjang!!
Chapter 10: luyoon is sweet here. i like it.
Chapter 2: lol...seohyun is in the corner. good for her there sehun was coming.
yoonhae134 #10
Chapter 30: Why are you so awesome? LOL I search forever and ever looking for a writer like you: good grammar and interesting plots. Seriously. Every time a character is hurt, I feel my heart hurt too. Is that weird? LOLOL THANK YOU FOR SUCH AWESOME STORIES. Unfortunately, I have one that I really, really disapprove of. Sorry ;(