Love in Silence


They thought that she made her parents’ died. They threw all the blame on her. She felt so sorry. But they didn’t want to know. It made her very frustrated and wanted to follow her parents’ to heaven. But when she was going to kill herself, a mute boy saved her life.


Hello~ This is the first story that I post here. This isn't my fanfic. This is my friend's fanfic. I just post and translate it into english because she didn't know where to post her fanfic.

It's just a oneshoot. But I need a lot of time to translate it because I'm not too good in english LOL. So, forgive me if I make some mistakes in this story. And please correct me if I wrong ;) Hope you like it

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Chapter 1: Finally, u sent this...
I love it, please make another story about Daeji couple.
snabilah50 #2
Thanks for really keep your best...
snabilah50 #3
93liner..busan couple...main vocal in each group..being the writer when their pd of variety show ask their group to do mv them so muvj..pls updte soon authornim...gotta love this story..
kyaa~ update plz. just love busan couple stories~