Key, My Guardian Angel


Kim Kibum. Age: 120 years old. Occupation: Kim Jonghyun's Guardian Angel.


Key was Jonghyun's guardian angel.

Minho was Taemin's guardian angel.

It was against the rules for an angel to interact physically with the person they protect.

But the world that Jonghyun and Taemin lives in forces Key and Minho to form a human form.

And when they meet, their life begins.


(pretty fancy there, the way i wrote it xD HAHA. Comment if you don't understand it. ^^)

(AH! I forgot to involve ONEW! .... well, he will be somewhere in the story eating chicken, so no worries :D)

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puppetmeister #1
Chapter 12: you plan on deleting your stories on my birthday? nice....
Chapter 12: Let others continue it? It's such a wasteeeeee
awesome, wonderful, definition of insanity ^-^ I like it!
susumiya08 #4
Chapter 12: your story was amazing I really loved the jongkey!! can'tbelieve that thing of the account cause it's still here,maybe u killed that person who knew too much... hahaha hope u did. if u need some help to make him disappear, call me hahaha thanks for your hard work!!! ^_^
[deactivated] #5
danSINGirlS2BB #6
Am i lucky or not that i read this on 31st March?
TheCrazy15 #7
Love it.!!!I re read it again wen I saw tht u were going to delete ur account. I still live it and it's sad tht u have to delete ur account nut can't blame u. :)
@SHINeeXlove: onew is angel because .... idk what else he should me O_O lol i just decided onew would make a nice angel. thank you so much :) i'll probably make another account.
@Fankirmee: thanks ^^ yup, can't agree with you more.
The story was really good!
And seriously, I don't like this guy... >.<
Great story, one question though, how come onew be an angel too? -_-
Awww that , can't you make another account of AFF?
I really like your stories :c