Into The Future (Permanent hiatus)


The sequel to the One Ok Rock fanfiction that I previously made. May contain spelling and grammatical errors. Also may contain stuff for mature audiences only, male/male relationships, and male/female relationships. This story is solely for entertainment purposes and is completely fictional.  ^_^

Here is the link to the One Ok Rock original storyline:

Thank you all for taking the time to read both stories. ^_^


All of our lives are connected in some way or another.

      Is it destiny or fate that brings us all together?

             What does the future hold for us all?

                                        Only time will tell.

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Chapter 3: viewer? new here...eheheh...
BBC_Baby91Rap #2
Chapter 3: WE NEED MORE VIEWERS! come on ppl I want to hear more now! <3 Saranghaeyo!
I can't wait to read this! Please make an update as soon a possible!! Kamsamida!!