One Last Look



You can't imagine living everyday with broken heart can you?

To feel isolated from the world and virbally torn to shreds every day of your life...

It's heartbreaking. Especially when you only have one friend through it all; a best friend. 

Sure, some would say that's enough, but it's not enough when your holding onto something you shouldn't be...


This is me.

I'm the girl that gets teased and pushed around.

The girl who's always over looked by everyone in the school.

The girl who's been friend-zoned one too many times. 

The girl who gets lost in a book and never bothers anyone.

The girl who will have feelings for someone

but never get them back....


But, I'm also the girl who's played a fool the entire time...



Sang Miyun(you) has been listed as the target of Bada High School. She's the simple nerd girl who just wants good grades and to pass high school without any major beatings from her classmates. She has one friend, Lee Joon, who she adores exceptionally. She would be lost without him.

Let's admit, Lee Joon is a popular, good looking boy. So why would he be Miyun's only friend? Because she's the only girl who's been there for him his entire life. Now, we could say that's the only reason but that would just be one big lie if it was. 

So life doesn't seem too tragic right? 

But what if life decided to throw a curve ball and screw everything up?

What if life was nothing like how Miyun just explained?

What if everything that Miyun has lived through was just a big lie itself...?


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xXrainbowloverXx #1
This sounds interesting please update soon author-nim! ^^
kimchikimchi123 #2
ooooooooo this sounds soooo good! im really looking forward to reading
This sounds interesting! *subscribes*
Update soon ^^