By the Book


rules of the royal household
Greetings, I am the butler, Kim Jongdae. But you can call me Chen.
I'm delighted that such a lovely lady is coming to our castle... Oh excuse me!
The rules of our castle? 
Well... There are so many, I couldn't even begin to list them all! 
I'll just give you a rulebook and leave it at that, alright?
"My efforts are focused on suceeding to the throne, nothing else!"
- Prince Oh Sehun of Dres Van



things to know beforehand
DISCLAIMERS: I own nothing of the Be My Princess games nor do I intend to get money off of Voltage and their games. These stories are simply for the fun of writing and entertainment values.
This series that I am about to let you dive into is a rewrite of the English otome game Be My Princess. Since it is a graphic novel with choices in it, these stories are expensive to buy: about $3.99 for each prince's story. It is in the Apple store and Android store if you want to really check it out as the original.
As for my version here, I will not be using choices. The game itself has three endings for each prince: a Happy Ending, Good Ending and a Normal Ending. Of course, your goal with the two choices per chapter is to get to the Happy Ending by the end of the story. I will just integrate the choice element (with the correct answer to get the Happy Ending) into the story itself so it can actually flow as a story better.
I will be going along with how the story of each prince unfolds in the game, they are actually pretty decent if not a bit predictable with the unnecessary amount of hints dropped everywhere. Therefore, since I am making it into an actual story and not just lines under the character's faces as they talk, I hope to make character interactions and behaviors (especially making the MC, you, less spineless) more smooth and perhaps more subtle as well.
If you've played the game already, all the characters there will be replaced with K-Pop stars. The princes and their butlers specifically will be from EXO (with 6 princes and 6 butlers, it matches perfectly with the 12 members!) while other characters will be random cameos as they come along.
This will be Prince Oh Sehun's story, the crown prince of Dres Van.
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