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Taemin & Naeun Couple

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Can’t imagine that because of a handphone case alone, it can cause such a big issue kekekekekeke
Son Naeun rather than broadcast, seems like she is really angry 

(+273, -15)
As a lady, today I can totally feel the same feeling as Naeun being upset towards Taemin
Taemin ah…..Please do something to your magic hand somehow…..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

(+203, -14)
Ah~~~this couple. Today they make my mother’s smile showing again

(+145, -8)
Watching this couple, time passes by faster than the speed of LTE
*this comment totally made me LOL*

The broadcast time of this couple please (more)….
They are popular so why (so short)……

Even if I’m not a fan, I find it so cute, and they are so green (inexperience) which is really great…I guess fans’ hearts would flutter and scream kekekeke

This couple seems so sincere especially Taemin whom we know clearly after watching him
After watching today, Naeun is confirmed too
Even though the hand phone case is through broadcast but both fail at facial expression control
Looking at Naeun like this, it is confirmed kekekekekekeke
The action and things she said is exactly the same as girlfriend towards boyfriend in a real relationship kekekee
Me too, when my boyfriend remove his ring, my action is EXACTLY.THE.SAME as Naeun kekeke
Although I’m smiling, I’m not really smiling. Unconsciously I’m still bothered bout it

It is for sure that Taemin has the feelings towards Naeun…
Today looking at Naeun being angry like this, for sure she has the same feelings too.
If she does not have the heart (feelings toward taemin), it is impossible to be that angry and upset..hehehe
Looking at them like this, it seems sincere and not for broadcast…Taemin ah~ quickly use your ability to dismiss Naeun’s anger….hehehe

Although Taemin did the wrong thing, Naeun please don’t be angry anymore~~

Looking at Naeun’s facial expression alone makes me laugh


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leoking #1
Chapter 571: can you send me the video in taeun deleted scene?it has been removed.-.gomawo~
baebaeloser #2
i really miss this couple :'(
Chapter 570: After finishing taeun wgm I don't know what to do with my life anymore. Srsly
Chapter 571: This one is completely made up by a delusional omg.
Chapter 18: They really look like high school students which are inlove. <3 Oh gosh. #Taeun
Chapter 1: I really love them both <3
jewelicious #7
Chapter 24: These two have a secret that only the 2 of them know:-) every gaze and moves. soooo natural----(aside from the start, both were awkward). I think they're going out secretly-- (a Lil bit exag but its what am suspecting) --those things which they have in common are evidences.
munchlax17 #8
Chapter 572: Hello ~ I guess I got late in knowing this couple. I was watching at home their episodes on Eng sub and I think I was still in the mid part of it and I would have to say that they really have feelings to each other. Just basing it on the comments, I think I'll be having a hard time finishing their journey. It was just so sweet and and I'll find it difficult for me to even watch it.. Aigoo. I hope authornim, as my fellow commenters suggested, if you could also give us updates about the two.
I honestly don't know where or how I should start supporting them AFTER their WGM stint. There are questions on my mind that I hope will be answered on the right time - on their right time..

I think I may be counted as one of their loyal supporters. I'm a Blackjack and I honestly don't know much about the two but I recently started to know them thru YT..Aigoo. I got really affected by them. So old of them, I'm 25 and a working professional with a boyfriend too, why am I being like this?
Chapter 305: did you know where did they do this photoshot~~
Chapter 571: omooo seems like they were missing each other ><
taem should approach her on backstage u.u