Her Not-So Princely Oppas

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A seventeen year old high schooler living with a single mom. How much more boring could life get? Suddenly, you are told by your mom that you'll be getting not one, not two, but FIVE stepbrothers?! Of course, you are stunned and surprised at all of the sudden changes, and you act rather poorly about the situation. In real life, however, you've always wanted brothers. But what if your new adopted-brothers aren't as innocent and kind as they seem...? What if you start falling for them, or worse, they start falling for you....?! Scratch 'how much more boring could life get', the REAL question is 'how much more EXCITING could life get?'


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Her Not-So Princely Oppas
By muzikmaster
  • Main Characters

You (The Reader):


You are the bubbly and cute main character! Your cheerful personality makes you easy to approach and befriend. Be careful, though. If someone gets on your bad side, you will get back at them too. You live with your bright and cheerful single mother that usually does things on an impulse. Sometimes, you think that you're the mother and she's the daughter!



Real Name: Jung Jinyoung

Your Nickname For Him: Mr. Pretty Boy

Jinyoung is the most leader-like out of all your stepbrothers and he's the only one that didn't want to change his last name to your family's last name, "Park". He's the easiest one to talk to, but he's also the hardest one to understand. Your first impression of him is a complete pretty boy and a life-like anime character. He also has the most painful memory of being abused by his family. Jinyoung only gets close to the people he loves, and currently, he's happy that he found a suitable home with his fellow step-brothers and you, his step-sister.



Real Name: Gong Chanshik

Preferred Name: Park Gongchan

Your Nickname For Him: Hyper Maknae

Gongchan is the cute and fresh maknae of your brothers. He has the best aegyo out of all of them. Gongchan also has similar face features as Jinyoung, which makes it hard for you to tell them apart. Luckily, their different hair colours help differentiate them at first glance. Gongchan isn't mysterious and reserved like his other stepbrothers, which makes him the first one you get close to. He shares most of your interests as well.



 Real Name: Cha Sunwoo

Preferred Name: Park Baro

Your Nickname For Him: Mysterious Baby-Face

Baro is the most mysterious and reserved one out of all of the boys. He prefers to not talk to or about anyone. He avoids you for a while since he's not used to the fact of a permanent family yet, nor does he know what a 'normal family' is. Baro is expressionless and usually appears emotionless, but inside, he wants to be cared and loved for by someone. He just doesn't know how to express it. You try to get him to open up to you. One secret he possesses is that his aegyo is irrisistable, but he thinks it's gross and weird.



Real Name: Shin Dongwoo

Preferred Name: Park Shinwoo

Nickname: CNU

Your Nickname For Him: Long-haired Sunshine

CNU is the most gentlest and the kindest one out of all your stepbrothers. He's sweet and shy at first, and he's so gentleman-like that it freaks you out! Sometimes, you secretly (and jokingly) call him abnormal because he's such a gentleman. Nevertheless, CNU is the most respectful one but also has a playful and naggy side.



Real Name: Lee Junghwan

Preferred Name: Park Sandeul

Your Nickname For Him: Mr. Killer Smile

Sandeul is 'all-smiles'! He smiles so much that you and say that he's no different from a smiley-face sticker. Sandeul has learned to smile because his dead mother said that he had to smile for her, and be happy and positive. At first, he's not exactly close to you or talks much, but when you both get closer to each other, he begins to talk. Sometimes, he awkwardly smiles in any situation, which makes it a bit uncomfortable. Your bond is the most unbreakable with him when you get to know each other, though.


Other characters may also pop up in the story! ^^

NOTE: You attend a co-ed school while B1A4 attends an-all-boys school. The schools are rather close to each other.


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