The 'bad' boy

What the others don't know

No one's POV: 

"What's wrong with you?" asked Chanyeol when he bumped into Kyungsoo in the hall and the two of them made their way to lunch 
"Kim Jongin" Kyungsoo replied as Chanyeol nodded
"Getting on your nerves?" he asked 
"In every lesson I've had with him so far" Kyungsoo replied


"Now the most obvious differences between DNA and RNA are of course the names, DNA stands for..." 
"Why are you taking so many notes?" Jongin whispered to Kyungsoo
"Because I learn better that way" Kyungsoo whispered back
"You shouldn't take so many notes" Jongin said 
"I'll do what I want to do, you do what you want to do" Kyungsoo replied as Jongin yanked his pen out of his hand 
"What are you doing?" asked Kyungsoo as Jongin smirked
"Stop writing so much" he replied 
"Give me my pen" Kyungsoo said 
"If you promise to stop writing so much" replied Jongin as Kyungsoo rolled his eyes. 

"Give me my pen" he said once again as the teacher turned around
"Is there a problem back there?" he asked 
"No sir" Jongin replied as he handed Kyungsoo back his pen whilst said boy glared  
"Jerk" he muttered as he turned his attention back to the board 
"I heard that" Jongin whispered 
"You were suppose to" Kyungsoo whispered back and it continued like this for most of the lesson and the next few lessons before lunch. 

*end of flashback* 

"Sounds like Jongin" Chanyeol said once Kyungsoo is done 
"He's always like that?" Kyungsoo asked shocked
"And worse, he smokes like ten a day, drinks non-stop until someone finds him pissed out in the courtyard and brings him back to his dorm and when he's not doing that he's banging somebody every other day" Chanyeol replied 
"How hasn't he been kicked out?" Kyungsoo asked
"Because the headmaster is his legal guardian and paid for him to attend" Chanyeol said to which Kyungsoo sighed and followed him to a table he shared with his friends. 

Kyungsoo's POV: 

Ok, first day DONE! And boy I'm so tired... now all I need is to get back to my dorm and I can... oh wait... I don't have a dorm yet 
"Oh hello again Kyungsoo" says the receptionist when I approach her
"I need a dorm" I reply as she smiles and walked out from her desk with my suitcase 
"Follow me" she says as I take my suitcase from her and follow her down the hall she showed me earlier and to the left where it led to the dorms 
"The boys dorm is this side of the school whilst the girls is the other side. You must be in your area of the school by 9pm and must be in your dorm room by 11pm otherwise you'll get into trouble" she began and I nod as she leads me down a hall of doors leading to different rooms. 

"Your rooms will be inspected at the beginning of every month and if the 'inspectors' as they call themselves find anything to do with alcohol, inappropriate magazines or anything else... again you're in trouble" and with that she paused outside one of the last doors and knocked on it 
"Come in" says a voice as she opens the door and I'm sure I recognise I the voice from somewhere 
"You have a roomate" the receptionist says as I walk in and... no way... seriously 

"Hello again Kyunggie" he says as the receptionist walks out and leaves us there 

Kill. Me. Now.


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