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We are now in the backstage and my adrenaline rush is getting high. Today is June 22nd and two fandoms of Korea’s top girl groups are here to support us- the Sones for SNSD and of course our Blackjacks for 2ne1. The girls and I are very happy because despite our lack of activity and new songs our fans still continue to support. And what better way to show our gratitude to them by giving the best fan service ever and giving our best in every performance.



We also had had early dinner together with the SNSD members and we can’t believe that we had fun together. We shared the same table and had chit chat while eating. We even took a commemorative photo which was posted by Taeyeon, Yuri, CL and Bommie in instagram.  I took photo with Yoona and tweeted it and last time I check our photos together became the most searched in Naver and Nate. Netizens labeled our photos as “THE ULTIMATE FACES OF IDOL GIRLGROUPS”.




I felt like someone was looking at me intently so I turned around to look who the culprit is. Jessica Jung, hmmmmm…I wonder why this girl is looking at me like that. Despite the negative vibes that I am sensing from her, I give her my warm smile only to be returned with a smirk and a raising of her left brow. She turned around and proceeds to their dressing room.



“Ohhhhh, feisty little huh.” Bommie whispered to me as we watch Jessica walk towards their dressing room.



“I wonder why she’s acting like that.” I told Bommie.



“Are you sure you don’t know why she’s acting that way? I actually have an idea why she’s being her y self today.” Bommie looked at me while waiting for my reaction.



“Yaaahhh, what are you talking about? Of course I don’t know why she’s like that. Duuhh, it’s not like we are close with each other. Anyway, let’s forget about her, today is a very special day and we should not waste our energy discussing her. Let’s go to our dressing room and start our transformation. Kyaaahhh, our beloved Blackjacks will surely get a heart attack once they saw our new concept.” Dara mumbled and started dragging Bom towards there dressing.



“Woooh, so y. Woohh so y ..wiiitttweeeeewwww!!!!!” Bommie allowed Dara to drag her towards their dressing room.



The girls are all dolled up now. Even the YG family staff can’t help themselves but admire the girls. They can’t believe that after more than four years, the girls are finally shedding off their fierce image for this totally new concept. They took photos with the girls but their stylist asks everyone to not post it in any networking sites so as not to preempt the surprise. The show already started and few minutes from now, 2ne1 will be called on the stage to perform. They are allotted thirty minutes to perform their hit songs.



“2ne1 you’re up next. Please get ready.” One of the event organizers went inside our dressing room to get our attention. Clad in robes and hoddies, we went outside to get ready. Before we went to our positions, Minzy, CL, Bommie and I, together with Hi-tech and Crazy did our Noja chant.


“Tonight, we are going to show a new side of 2ne1.” CL shouted and we answered Nolza.


“Let’s work hard and burn the stage with our performance!” Minzy exclaimed and we answered Nolza.


“We’ll show the world the new meaning of live performance.” Bommie yelled and we all answered Nolza.


“Tonight we will sing and dance like this is going to be our last performance. Everyone NOLZA!!!!!!




And so we went to our places and waited for the curtains and spotlight to focus on us. When the intro beats for fire started and the curtain on the stage was lifted, loud screams welcomed us.  Yes, everyone inside the stadium is screaming their laughs out when CL opened and started singing her part in Fire.



“I go by the name of CL of 2ne1, it’s been a long time coming..but we here now. And we’re about to set the roof on fire baby. You better get yours, because I’m getting  mine…..”



Teddy oppa made a remix of our song Fire into something Jazzy. Our concept tonight is a combination of “Moulin Rouge style meets Femme Fatale. Cl’s style concept is that of a high class show girl. She is wearing a metallic gray swimsuit with black fishnet stockings. She has black fedora hat on top of her head and a scarf adorned with feathers is wrap around her shoulders. She is sitting on a hoop hanging above while singing. She is a sight to behold.



“Now let's chumeul chumeul chumeul chouyo Wanna get down
Boda kkeun kkumeul kkumeul kkumeul gwo saesangeun naemam
Daero da hal su ittgiyae kkeum jayureul euihae Tonight Tonight Oh~”


The spotlight then turned to Minzy and the crowd broke out into loud shrieks again. Our maknae is certainly a very beautiful lady now. Minzy is wearing a black and gold corset with a tulle mini skirt showing off her perfect figure. She looks like a seductive ballerina. She is singing her part while doing some lateral pole dancing with a touch of hip hop and ballet. People can’t take their eyes off her. Loud gasps and shouts were heard especially when she did her signature split.


“Nae nunbicheun bitnaneun byeol deulro
Na shimjangsogeun tae u neun jeo beulbitdo
Yeongweonhajin anhkyeatji deo irheul keon eobsji
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OH Yeah”


When it was Bommie’s turn, I felt like the arena’s roof will be blown away. The camera man focuses on Bommie’s long flawless legs wrapped around the pole. Bommie is wearing a metallic baby blue swimsuit with sheer mini skirt to subtly hide her crotch. She looks like a sea goddess as she flawlessly executes her pole dancing prowess while belting out her parts. People forgot breathing as they watch her swirl around the pole like a pro.



When it was my turn, the music became slower similar to the beats of belly dancing. The spotlight focused on me and everyone shouted out loud when they finally saw what I’m wearing. My style is that of an exotic belly dancer. My outfit is like of Princess Jasmine of Disney, only mine is more seductive. I am wearing a combination of red and black sheer ensemble with precious stones and beads adorning it. I had a short showcase of my belly dancing skills which left the crowd in awe.


“You got the fire naui gaseumeun kkung kkung kkung
You gotta drop it like it's hot jigeum meomchuryeo hajima Ooh
The Fire nae meoriseukeun kkung kung kkung
I gotta drop it like it's hot meomchuryeo hajima Hey”

I started shaking my hips and gracefully swayed my arms. I looked at the camera and give them my come hither look and I felt like the entire venue is shaking. Everyone is now standing and jumping crazily.  When I am done with my routine, I went to the pole and pole dance my way down.


The four of us met in the center of the stage and performed the new dance routines. People are now jumping and singing together with us. When we performed I am the Best, the beat turned into a hip hop style and each of 2ne1 members did a free style dance. After our free style dance, the song returned to its original beat which we performed ‘til the end.

“Bom ratatata tatatata, hey Bom ratatata tatatatata hey….OH MY GOD!” We did our finally pose and right after that the entire audience erupted into a booming sounds.

“Kamsahamnida!” CL waved to the audience and started blowing kisses.


“Thank you so much Singapore!” Bommie thank everyone while giving flying kisses and waving to everyone.


“Thanks everyone!” Minzy is happily waving to everyone.


“Thank you so much. Saranghae.” I am giving out heart signs to everyone.



We all gathered in the center of the stage and give a ninety degree bow to the audience. The audience is all chanting for an encore. They are shouting “We want more.” We went back to the backstage and we were welcome by our YG family cheering us and congratulating us for a fantastic and superb show. SNSD members are now on their way to the stage and we all wish them good luck.



We watch them perform backstage and we also joined everyone in cheering for them. They are also doing well. Their synchronized dancing is very admirable. Taeyeon’s vocal range is on point. But at some point in their performance, Jessica was noticeably stealing the spotlight from the other members by purposely blocking some of them. She is so lost in her own spotlight that she made a mistake at some point. Their performance ended with loud response from the audience.



The fashion show resumed and one of the event organizers approached us and asks us to choose a member who will represent our group in the runway. The chosen member will get to wear one of the most exclusive creations and model it in the runway.



“CL, come on. Go represent our group.” I tug CL’s arm excitedly.



“Aniyo Unnie. I think it will be better if you will represent our group. Afterall you are the face of 2ne1.” CL told me which receive positive response not only from Bom and MInzy but also from the entire YG family.



“Aigo, I’m scared. What if I screwed up?” I looked around waiting for their reassurance.



“Omo, you are not Sandara Park for nothing. Where is the girl who makes the impossible possible.” Bommie exclaimed while patting my back lightly.



“Come on Dara Unnie, where is the real Bad girl of 2ne1.” Minzy also cheered me on.



“Alright wish me luck guys.” I looked around me waiting for my YG family to give me strength.



“Fighting Sandara Park!” My YG family cheered for me.



 My members went with me in the separate dressing room and they watch me us they style me in a different concept. The concept that I will be sporting is that of a Goddess Warrior.  They let me change into this very cool outfit. (Imagine Dara wearing the black Gizibe outfit of CL with all the accessories). After their final touches, they ushered me towards the backstage and I saw Jessica with her members. The SNSD members showered me with compliments. They totally admired my look except with Jessica who is eyeing me from head to toe. I saw her flips her hair and rolled her eyes on me.



I ignored her petty antics and just concentrate on my members and the other members of SNSD. Jessica’s name was called first. She walks around the runway confidently. As time goes by, she exaggeratedly walks around more than the supermodels. The audience gasps when she almost trip and lost her balance. Good thing she was able to recover fast.



When it was my turn to walk the runway, Jessica nudge my shoulder as she pass by me. I heard Bommie shout when she saw that. I maintained my cool and strut in the stage like a professional model. I walk around gracefully and I saw the audience followed my every moves. I reached the center of the stage and strike a pose. The audience claps their hands together as they watch me. I turned around for the final walk with Jessica. I stand next to Jessica, and we pose side by side. When we are about to do our final catwalk, she step on my outfits trail which cause me to fall on my knees. She continued walking like nothing happened. Loud gasps were heard from the crowd when they saw what happened. The crowd started shouting boos to Jessica.





I stand up on my feet and raise my hands. I waited for Jessica to finish her catwalk. When she made her exit, I walk in the stage like a queen and wave to the fans. They are cheering loudly for me and I even saw the Sones cheer for me. I posed in the middle of the stage and made a bow. The designer joined me in the stage and we waited for the final speech.




After the show, we attended the after party and have some bonding moments with the SNSD members. The girls apologized to me for Jessica’s rude behavior. They told me that Jessica decided to stay inside their hotel room because she’s afraid that fans may boo her again. Upon learning this, Dara tweeted telling everyone that she is okay and she even posted a photo together with 2ne1 and SNSD to prevent fanwars. They stayed in the party a little longer than what has been planned because they are all having fun. They never imagined that Kpop’s most popular girl group with opposite genre will actually hit it off immediately. They all agreed to keep their friendship.



They are now heading back to Korea. Dara was reading her mentions while waiting for their flight. She received positive comments about their performance and most of her celebrity friends from Philippines also replied to her post. She checks her Direct message and she can’t help but feel giddy when she saw who sent it.



Kim Jaejoong

“Yaaahhh, don’t forget… June 24, I expect you to be there okay. Your attendance is a must. See you !!!”




Kwon Jiyong

“Dae to the Bak! You did great on your performance last night. But hey, thank you for accepting my request. After more than four years,….kekekeke… I am so excited…kyaaahhhhh…..pyong pyong!!!!”




“All passengers of Korean Air going to Seoul flight number SD9872…..”



I put my phone inside my pocket and proceed to the boarding area. In just few hours, we will finally be back in Seoul. I have one day to prepare for Jae’s event and six days to prepare for Jiyong’s event. Waaahhhhh, it’s going to be  busy days and weeks for Santokki.





Author’s note: A fan can dream right? I am hoping Teddy will do remix on 2ne1’s songs when they performed in Singapore. I want them to have a jaaw dropping performance and I hope that their stylist will refrain from giving them Fugly clothes and of course fugly hairstyles (for Dara).

Shout out to all my readers, thank you so much!! I would love to hear from you guys. Don’t forget to leave your reactions, suggestions and opinions.


HENGSHO linlin_10 ^_______________^




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