Chapter 14

how did my life turn out this way ?
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Yongguk's POV.

I brought her back home and Jongup followed the others to the hospital while Himchan insisted on going back home saying he's too tired to go to the hospital. Jieun was silent the whole time and would only cry the whole way back home which broke my heart to pieces. I brought her to the bathroom and told her to shower but she held on to me tighter than she ever did. "Stay with me" she held on to my arm like her life depended on it. "I don't want to be left alone again." She said trying to controle her sobs. "Okay" i said ans layed her in the shower. I felt her shiver when her bottom touched the bathtub. "Oppa" she cried again "it hurts" she held on to my arms crying. I felt guilty for telling her to come this late at night with only one to protect her. This is all my fault ! If i didn't tell her to come none of this would've happened!! I opened to water and waited it to be luke-warm then started washing her carefully. Bite marks and hickeys were left everywhere on her body and that made my boil inside. I could only imagen how hard and painfull it was for her. "I'm sorry baby" i said letting my tear drop. "Oppa, please clean me!" She said looking at me with her puffed eyes. "I am" i said kissing her forehead. "No, i mean clean me " she said looking down and i understood what she meant. "Babe, you're sore! Let's do it some other time when you heal" i said worried about hurting her. "Leave!" She ordered. "What ? Babe listen to me!" I tried talking to her. "GET OUT !! Leave me alone!! " she yelled shivering. "Leave" she said softly. I tried to remove the hair that was on her forehead but she pushed my hand away. I stood up not knowing what the right thing is to do and went to my room throwing myself to my bed.


Your POV.

Yongguk left me in the bath and went out. I stayed in the bath for a while then stood up and dried myself then went to my room to wear something. No matter how much layers i wear, i still felt . I went to my bed and put the cover around me and wanted to cry myself to sleep but Himchan oppa came in with a plate of food for me. "JiJi-ah, are you awake?" He asked and i nodded. I wanted someone to stay with me right now and Himchan was the perfect persone right now. He smiled and came in. "It's been hard on you" he said putting the plate down on the side table. "I'm going to kill that basterd once i see him again" he said looking away. I sat up straight and pulled him for a hug. "Channie, he me" i cried again. "And i couldn't do anything" i said hugging him tighter. He hugged me back ans rubbed my back. "It's ok babe, he wont touch you again" he comforted.

Himchan's POV.

"Channie, he me and i couldn't do anything" she criedin my chest and hugged me tighter. "It's ok babe, he won't touche you again" I tried to comfort her while i felt my own blood boil. "Here, eat something " I offered her the plate with seaweed soup and some bibimbap that I just made but she didn't eat so I took the spoon and chopsticks and fed her myself. "You need to eat to get your strength back" I said holding the spoon to . She didn't answer and opened for me to feed her. 

The dishes were almost done and I stood up and took the plate and wanted to leave but she held on to me."oppa....can you....stay with me?" she asked not meeting my eyes. I nod and put the plate down and went to lay down next to her. "You know Yongguk will kill us both if he comes in now" I said jokingly " Last of my concerns right now" She answered and came closer to me. "Thank you" she said with a soft voice and cuddled next to me, I hugged her and kissed her head. "Goodnight" I said with a sleepy voice but she didn't answer. I looked down and saw she was already asleep. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, I love you" I said softly and kissed her head again then put my head back down and slept.

Next morning.

I woke up and found Jieun awake but still in my arms. "Goodmorning sunshine" I said and winked to her, she smiled to me and remover my arms from her to stand up but I noticed pain showing on her face. "JiJi-ah, are you ok?" I got up and went to her side of the bed. "My body hurts" She said still trying to get up. I sighed and carried her bridial style. "Where do you want to go?" I asked with a smile. "A-Ani.. it's ok... i'll walk" She said with a slight blush. "You said your body hurts, where do you want to go?" I asked with a serious face. "I-I want to wash my face" She said "Yes sir !! " I said like a slodier and she laughed at my silliness "That's my girl" I said and kissed her cheeks. "What the do you think you're doing ?" Yongguk showed up from nowhere. "doing what you're supposed to be doing, taking care of YOUR girlfriend." I said glaring him. "O-oppa... " Jieun tried to shut me up. and I turned around to go to the bathroom. "Get your ing hands off of her!" He warned and I ignored him. "Jieun-ah, come here" He ordered but none of us responded. "Kim Himchan I swear if you don't put her down right now, I won't care about our friendship and puch the life out of you!" He yelled. "She can't walk ! " I yelled back "your so-called girlfriend is sore and can't walk, where were you when 'your' girl was attacked and ? Where were you when 'your' girl needed you the most? what did you do to comfort 'your' girl ? shut the up Bang Yongguk, you don't deserve to call her your girl anymore. " I yelled at him not caring about the consequences. He looked at me then at Jieun who hugged me tighter and didn't meet his eyes then went back out. "You know you might get killed for this" Jieun said with a worried tone. "I don't care" I said and smiled to her. "so, still want to wash your face?" I asked and winked to her then went to the bathroom.

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