Last Goodbyes.

Time has come


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   She was sitting in a waiting room. The room was quite dark, the sunlight being the only source of light. She could see the dust floating around.  The  white couch she was sitting on seemed to be old, but still in good condition. Sometimes the phone would ring, the woman who was  sat at the desk would answer it. She was probably 35 years old, her voice was nasal and her s for sure Fake; "Sorry the doctor is busy can I get you another appointment?" She would answer while chewing her pencil. Seohyun scanned again the room, she spotted an aquarium, she decided to stood up and so she could take a closer look at it. But it was empty, no fish, just some flowers in plastic, they were probably dead. She looked at her watch, 11:45 in the morning, the appointment was supposed to be at 30. She did not mind, since she was not the one being late. She went back to her seat. Some magazines were on the table, she randomly choose one. A Fashion magazine from 5 months ago.  Useless, She sighed, she looked again at her watch 11:47. She looked at the woman at the desk, her s were giant, like the other. "M'aam" she looked at the woman, she was calling her, she could see the chewing gum in , "If you want  I have some chewing gums."  she proposed to Seohyun. She looked at Seohyun wide open waiting for an answer. "Thank you, but I'do not like sweets" The woman looked at her in disbelief, the phone rang; "As you want M'aam" she picked up the phone. "Dr' Zhyang Lin Office, what do you want?"  Seohyun mentally laughed, She thought that these girls were only in american movies. But she stopped when she remembered of the other. This one was real. 


   Suddenly the door opened, "Mrs Cho?" a woman around 50 years old made her apparition. Her hair were short and black. She was wearing a brown suit.  Seohyun stood up picking up her coat and bag. "Yes it's me!" she looked at the woman. waiting for her to lead her in but she seemed to wait for something. The glasses on the nose, she went on " Are you alone ?" she scanned the room around Seohyun. She realized that the secretary was the only one with Mrs Cho. She made a step on the side so she would let Seohyun come in, "Please after you"


  He was running in the stairs, his phone in the hand the other trying to loosen his tie. The elevator was not working. The meeting took more time than it was supposed to take and the traffic did not help either. He had to leave his car 3 blocks away from the building. Finally he reached the 7th Floor he opened the door, the alley was dark some lights were turning ON and OFF by themselves. It was a weird place.  He made his way looking for the Door DF4. He stood in front of it. "Dr Zhyang Lin. Familial Councilor." OR The ultimate chance. He opened the door. A woman was on the phone. She was wearing a Short black skirt and a purple Top. She was older than him, around 5 years older. He looked into the waiting room, no one. Was she gone? The secretary hang up, "Yes?" she looked at him. "I have an appointment" she stood up to threw her chewing gum in the trash "You're Mr Cho right?" She came back to her seat "The door on the left, they've been waiting for you"  she told him. 


  He quickly wiped the sweat which was running on his forehead and knock on the door. The door opened , a woman came to him, "You're probably Mr Cho? Nice to meet you, we've been waiting for you. She shook his hand. "Please take place on the couch next to your wife." 

He sat next to her, he did not know what to do. How to greet her, he was not going to shake her hand. She was his wife! She did not even look at him. He could not kiss her. If he could they would not be there today.  

 The Dr sat on a chair across them, "So, now that both of you are here, we can start." 

-End Flashback-


 What she saw did not surprised her. She had smell his perfume from downstairs. She smelled it when Yonghwa kissed her in front of the door. She knew it but did not want to believe it. She went in her room and closed the door behind her. 


She looked at him. She was not surprised but she was not going to say that she knew it was him. He was there, sitting on the floor. His back against the bed. "What are you doing here?"  He landed her the folder, it slide on the floor.  She bent down to pick it up. It was the papers for the divorce.  "How did you get it? It was in the drawer; How did you know it was there?" He chuckled, She read the paper, her part was signed, but not his. "Your part is empty"         

"I know"  he answered "then Why? Why? " she did not understand, The words did not come out. 

"I will give you the divorce but at one condition." she looked into his eyes; trying to detect any trace of alcohol. He was totally sober.  "I want to make love to you" She did not say anything. She made 2 steps back. She was flustered. 

He wanted to take her in his arms. "I'm sorry," he realized how inappropriate his request was," I shouldn't have, give me the papers I'm going to sign them" he was talking but she interrupted. him in his speech "One last night?" she looked at him. " And you'll agree to divorce?" her voice was melancholic. As if she was the one who made the request. He was about to sign them so why did she accept in the first place? The truth was that she wanted to feel his hands on her body. His breath against her neck. He wanted to feel her against  his chest, he wanted to kiss this womb which gave him two children. He wanted to feel her body against his. One last time they wanted to be One. 


   Until then, she was standing near the door while he was standing next to their bed. 

She made the first step towards him. He did not move. She was now in front of him. She took his hand she put it on her . It was warm She then put her hand on his cheeks their eyes still locked. She tiptoed so she could reach his lips. She kissed him. For the first time -in 2 years he could taste her lips. He missed it. He lifted her up, her legs encircling his waist. they landed on the bed. he was on top of her. He started by kissing her all over her neck. She could not breath, her hands in his hairs, how she missed this sensation, being encircling by is body. The feeling of security.  He raised himself to look at her,  she looked beautiful. She started to take off his shirt. He did the same. His hands made their way behind her back, he knew her body by heart; he unclasped her bra and throw it away revealing her beautiful and white . He throw his head into it kissing  and it like it was the last time. Actually it was the last time he could feel her. Her hands were running along his shoulders and his back, her nails were scratching his skin.  He kissed her womb; he would never be thankful to her for giving him two children.  She started by ing his pants, their lips still locked to each other. Soon her pants followed his on the floor. One last time he looked into her eyes asking her if it was still all right. She kissed him on the lips, allowing him to go on. This night he made love to her because this night he had the courage to do so. But this night was also the last night. 




-Hyun Corporation- 24th Floor- Meeting Room- 


     It was a rainy day.  He was in his office talking with his hyungs.

"We need to sell the quoted shares from Tokyo to Saudi Arabia then buy them and sell them to Moscow" said Siwon. 

Heechul was not listening, as always, instead he  wandering around the room when he stopped in front of the Official Wall where all of the pictures of the important people working for Hyun Corporation were hung up.  .

He stared at Donghae, Jessica, Sungmin, Leeteuk,, Sooyoung, Ryewook,Tiffany and Siwon faces. He winked at himself,  he smiled when he saw how good looking he was. His eyes then  wdnt a little bit up , they landed on a particular picture, it was Seohyun.

She used to work with them, but she disappeared a little when she gave birth to JeeHyun and completely stopped  coming to the office when she gave birth to his niece LeeHyun. 

Would her picture still be there once the divorce will be  done? He decided to ask. "'Kyuhyun ah? Is the divorce officially done?" Kyuhyun thought for a while. "I don't know Hyung ask my lawyer.s"  he said talking about Sungmin and Donghae.  " Well you know lot of couples divorce right now. Because of the children, the house, the society; Hyun's Corporation. and lot of different things It may take a lot of time.They have to divid everything in an equal amount." 


 Ryewook frowned his eyebrows,  something was wrong, It should have been done by now. 

"And what  if she did not give the papers to her lawyers. ?" asked Ryewook "It can be possible"

"I don't think so Hyung, she's going to marry Yonghwa anyway. "  Kyuhyun sighed. "Let's go back to work. Eunhyuk Hyung did you manage to call the office in Taiwan?" 

"Yes, but  a bit complicated"  he smirked "It's because you did not went to the date with their secretary." stated Siwon while shooting a paper ball in the trash. `



-Cho's Residence-

   She was brushing her hair in front of the mirror. She then applied a little bit of blush on her cheeks and added some mascara.

She went to open the drawer of her dressing table to take out her hand cream. She was about to put back the tube when something caught her eyes, there was a little box made of wood, she opened it, it was her wedding ring. She forgot that it was there. A lonely piece of gold. 

She took it, there were dust on it.  Her eyes scanned the ring, like a hunter when he finally finds gold.  Something was written; "As long as you love me"  she whispered. A tears rolled on her cheeks. Only one tears the others couldn't come, she quickly wiped it away. 

 She put back the ring in its box and closed the drawer. She abruptly stood up and made her way towards the bathroom.

She was looking for something. Something identical. Finally she find it. She breathed, it was in the sink. It was not golden like the previous one, it was made of silver with a blue diamond.  She scanned it, nothing was written. She put it back around her finger. It was the ring Yonghwa offered to her when he proposed. She went back to her seat, she took the hairbrush again and brushed her hair, her eyes fixed on the ring around her finger.     


-Flashback- Two Years Ago-

   She was looking for something in her bedroom when he came in. She turned to face him. He was surprised to see her there, in their bedroom. "I'm leaving. I just came to take some sheets" He closed the door while she kept on folding the sheets she would take  with her for the night. He took off his coat  he sat on the bed and loosen his tie. He could say that she was not even looking at him.  He put his watch on the bedside table. 

A cold wind ran across his back, it was the wind coming from the sheet she was folding. It got him on his nerves. 

" How long is it going to last? "  he asked, not moving from his place. She did not answer, instead she folded another sheet. Another cold wind hit him. He stood up to face her  "For how long again are you going to sleep in JeeHyun's room?!?" This time she stopped, he was screaming.

He looked at her, "It's been 2 months  and you're not talking to me, or just in front of the kids.  You completely stopped coming to the office just to avoid me and  each night you sleep with the kids since I…I… "he stuttered.

"Say it." she calmly asked. She was looking at him, straight in the eyes for the first time in two months. He look at her, for the first time in two months he could clearly see her eyes. They were red, red from crying, crying because of him. "Seohyun'ah" he  could only whisper

"You can't even say it". she chuckled.

 He watched her leaving their bedroom. She was  going to sleep with the children for the umpteenth time.  Again tomorrow she would wait for him to leave the house for work and then she would get out of her room. The night she would prepare dinner, they would eat, the children being the unique source of noise. Then she would get them to bed, clean the house pick up some of her belongings in their room and leave it for another room where she would spend the night. He could not live far away from her but in the same time so close to each other anymore. "Since I cheated on you." he whispered. She stopped, it was what she wanted to hear for so long. But somehow, it did not give the feeling she wished for, instead  the sadness she was feeling, was replaced by something else, a feeling she never expected to come from him. It was betrayal; yes, he betrayed her.  


-End Flashback-


Sigh I'm here writing this when Jessica is somwhere in the same city. But my knee is injured so I do not imagine myself running after her in Paris.

(Trying to get myself an excuse)  ANYWAY, So how's the chapter? Please leamve your impressions, it helps me a lot. ^^ Also only one person told me from where she or he was from :(. Please I'm curious ^^ I'M SO SO SO SORRY for the failed . I did not know how to write it, I'm not an expert^^. But tell me if you liked it. OR NOT. Love you May the SOSHI be with you. Along with the SJ. 

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