Punch Incident

A Long Overdued Confession




SHINee had successfully promoted their new album and now satisfied as they were by the response they had gotten, they were now drained and tired, eager for more than a few hours of sleep that they had gotten at most. The manager hyung had given them the day and told them he'd be by later to speak with them about an important matter. Everyone was tensed about what the manager had to say to them but for the moment everyone was just happy to have a day to rest their tired bodies. Minho and Onew hyung were in their respective rooms sleeping. Taemin, Jonghyun hyung and I were in the living room just bumming around like people without a care in the world. Taemin idly flipped through the channels on the television. I was sitting on the ground with my back against the sofa with Jonghyun hyung's head in my lap. He was reading some book. I was too lazy to check the title and so I just sat there playing with his beautiful hair. Every now and then he'd look up from his book and give me of his heart-melting small smile, one that was reserved just for me. I was content right where I was. It'd been months now since he'd confessed to be in his hospital room. It still feels like I'm living in a dream and someday I would wake up and find that none of this existed. It was a feeling as close to the one I had had when we had debuted. I still got that feeling whenever we perform and the fans just scream loudly cheering for us and whenever we win awards. Yes, I had been one of those people who had been blessed with many awards in my life. Sure they came after loads of hard work, sweat and tears but in the end it was all worth it and I treasured them.

I looked down at my lap at the biggest treasure in my life. My heart skipped a beat as Jonghyun hyung looked up and smiled at me. Our relationship was kept just between the two of us and I liked that just fine. I liked knowing that there were at least some things in my life that wasn't in the public eyes. He was still looking at me softly and suddenly I felt daring. A quick glance in Taemin's direction told me the maknae was absorbed in some weird national geographic program on the TV. My heart hammering in my chest I leaned down to Jonghyun hyung who was slightly frowning now. Stealing another glance to make sure Taemin was still glued to the screen, I lowered my lips to Jonghyun hyung's and kissed him lightly. I felt his mouth curved into a smile beneath mine and then he bit my bottom lip. Although it had been done lightly, it was enough to have my heart slamming away like crazy in my chest and my head swimming. Hastily I rose back up and looked away trying to control my erratic heartbeat. I glanced down after a couple of seconds and noticed he'd gone back to reading his book but he had a huge grin on his face now and lips were moist. Those lips...I wanted to kiss them again. God knows I can't seem to get enough of this man. My eyes roamed over his face while my hands idly played with his hair. No matter the angle you look at him from, he was perfect; his beautiful cheek bones and y brown eyes..cute nose and that sharp jawline~and then we come to the crowning point..those luscious pink lips that I loved kissing so very much. I swallowed as he his lips unconsciously and that to stop myself from pressing another kiss to them. I had to remind myself that we weren't alone and so no matter how much I wanted to devour those lips I had to refrain. As if sensing my gaze he looked up at me and whatever he must have seen on my face caused his eyes to darken. His lips parted slightly and my eyes focused 100% to them. A horde of elephants could've rampaged through the dorm and I wouldn't have noticed. As I stared, his tongue came out and ran across his lower lips slowly and my breath hitched. I forced myself to focus and not tackle him right there and then. I reminded myself that Taemin was also there in the room with us. And just when I thought I was about to win that battle, that tongue made an appearance again...this time traveling over his upper lip. I swallowed fighting the urge to kiss him. A smile began forming on Jonghyun hyung's lips and then it slowly morphed into a full blown grin. I looked away from his lips to find him giving me a salacious look. Oh he was gonna pay for this sometime when we were alone.

With my ears and face on fire I pushed him off of my lap and got up. He pouted up at me and I almost smile. Almost. Taemin looked up at time and said, "Oh hyung are you going to get something to eat?"

I sighed. I didn't know what I'd been going to do but since it seemed the maknae was hungry I figured I might as well get us something to eat or drink. "You want something Tae?" I asked turning to face him when I was sure my face had returned to its normal colour or close to it.

He pouted at me cutely. Oh lord here was another one. "Umm, I want something cold and refreshing. Like fruit punch."

"Fruit punch?" I asked in disbelief. Though now that he mentioned it that did sound like a good idea. Still I wasn't gonna be the only one to make it. He was coming with me. "You want fruit punch? Come make it yourself."

"Hyung..." He pouted again attacking me with a full blown aegyo attack. This wasn't good. "Pweaseee. Pretty pwease Key hyung."

"I want too Kibummie~~" Jonghyung hyung piped in. Aiisssh! Really?

"Make it yourself." I shot back at him.

"Bummie." He pouted sitting on the floor looking as cute as ever. "Come on Bummie don't be mean. You'll make it right?"

"Pwease hyung" Taemin piped up. Oh God!! Aegyo attack everywhere! Taemin's aegyo was hard enough to deal with and then when you throw Jonghyun hyung's into the mix..well..it was altogether too irresistible.

With a groan, I threw up my hands in surrender, "Alright, I'll make it."

"Yay~!" they both cheered reaching over to give each other high fives. I rolled my eyes.

"Kibummie saranghae." Jonghyun called as I made my way to the kitchen. I studded my toe. Aiishh~That idiot but still I smiled.

"Me too~!" Taemin added and I almost laugh. Those two were something else.

As I set about to make the fruit punch I spied the salt bottle as I took the drink and watermelon out of the fridge. The devil popped out onto my left shoulder and grinned at me, telling me that I knew what to do. I grinned back at him. Boy did I ever. Hehehehe!!! With the punch made in the big bowl I got out three bowls and filled them. Then I turned to the bottle of salt I had spied earlier and chuckled evilly. After adding the extra amount of my love into one of the bowls, I headed back to the living room to find Jonghyun hyung and Taemin sprawled out in front of the television watching music videos.

"My lords, here are you punches." I said setting mine aside and quickly handing Taemin his. "Your Highness Jonghyun-nim.."

He took it with a big grin and turned back to the television. "Thanks hyung." Taemin said eating the pieces of watermelon happily and I smiled.

Taking a seat on the sofa, I began to sip mine quietly when Jonghyun hyung took an idle sip of his and gagged.

"Hyung?" Taemin asked worriedly. He closed his eyes choking.

I fought the smile that was threatening to break out and said with all the air of an innocent child,"Hyung? What's wrong?"

He glared up at me, his eyes watering. The grin broke free on my face and Taemin looked at me confused for a while before he caught on.

Taemin snickered and Jonghyun hyung turned his glare on the maknae. "What's you put in it Key hyung?" Taemin asked me still grinning unaffected by Jonghyun hyung's glare.

"Oh you know...some extra bit of love.." I said grinning widely as Jonghyun hyung turned his glare back at me. "Namely, almost quarter of the bottle salt."

Taemin laughed and soon I too was laughing as Jonghyun hyung stormed out of the room. He was heading no doubt to the kitchen to get rid of the salty taste. Good luck with that love. Serves him right for teasing me like that earlier. Heheheh!! After a while Jonghyun hyung came back into the living room and I looked up to find him munching unhappily on a large bar of chocolate. I almost felt sorry for him as he sat down on the sofa far from me sulking. Ahh he was sooo cute. I slid close to him and poked his cheek. No response. I poked his cheek again.

"Towie.." I said cutely. This time his lips twitched but he still maintained his sulking pose. So he wasn't going to make this easy huh. Okay~ "Jonghyunie.." I put my chin on his shoulder and murmured with 100% fail proof aegyo. "Jonghyunie..Bummie ish towie" I poked his cheek again. He was biting his lips now. "Jonghyunie." He was clearly holding in his smile now but still he didn't look at me. I glanced down to make sure Taemin wasn't paying attention and leaned into Jonghyun's ears and whispered, "Jonghyunie oppa~"

A big grin broke out on his face and finally he turned to me with a sleazy look. "Yes my cute Bummie, you wanted something?"

"Yah!" I pushed him away playfully and he grinned. "!" I tossed a pillow at him.

He caught it with his hand grinning. Now that he wasn't sulking anymore I offered some of my punch to him.

"Ahh.." He said opening his mouth indicating clearly that I should feed him. Shaking my head I spooned some watermelon and drink into his mouth. I was about to take a bit for myself when Minho came into the room.

"Oh you're awake." I said as he landed himself on the ground next to Taemin.

He nodded yawning and then asked, "Where's Onew hyung?"

"Still sleeping." Jonghyun hyung replied.

"Is there more of that?" Minho asked looking at my punch bowl.

"Yeah, it's in the fridge." I said taking a bit of watermelon.

Minho got to go to the kitchen and Jonghyun hyung called out after him, "Careful before it has salt in it."

Taemin started snickering as Minho turned around at the doorway to look at Jonghyun hyung confused. I merely rolled my eyes and beckoned for him to go on his way. With a shrug he left for the kitchen and returned back a while later with his bowl of punch.

"Did you taste it for salt?" Jonghyun hyung piped up as Minho took a seat next to Taemin. Taemin snickered again. Minho turned a questioning look to Taemin.

"Key hyung put salt in Jonghyun hyung's share when he brought it." Taemin explained and Minho looked at Jonghyun hyung and laughed.

"So that's why you're eating all that chocolate." Minho said laughing as he took a bit of his watermelon.

As we sat there eating, the door bell chimed. There was the sound of feet moving and then our manager hyung voice called out, "Yah you guys here?"

"Living room hyung." Minho called and we all looked expectantly at the doorway until our manager appeared there.

"Hi hyung." Jonghyun hyung said lightly.

He nodded and then said, "Where's Jinki?"

"He’s still sleeping." I replied.

"Wake him. I need to talk with all of you." He said and the spoon that was about to enter my mouth froze. This was it. This was what we'd been avoiding thinking of. What was it that he was going to say to us? Thinking back to what had happened, I was suddenly scared.







a/n well this chapter turned out longer and different than what I had initially intended...

       but I just love writing about JongKey that I couldn't help it...


       and what was it that had happened?? *dramatic music*


       well....subscribe for update to find out~~STAY TUNE~ PEACE~I'M OUT~


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