Kim Taeyeon used to be the most happy and cheerful girl. That was before she was in a major car accident when she was 13, turning her deaf Ever since then, Taeyeon has been rude and cold to everyone, not including her family. Taeyeon has learned how to read lips and how to infer the words coming out of people's mouths, and that is how she lives. She keeps ear phones in her ears at all times, so it doesn't seem like she's deaf, but she is. Taeyeon is still in school at her final year of high school. What happens when cold, rude Taeyeon meets snotty, beautiful Tiffany?


Ahh! I deleted my other story, "The Bet." I just didn't want to do it anymore, Mianhe to all my readers! Anyways, I decided to do another Taeny story, because I love them! So yea... As the story goes on more couples will be added!

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Cutiepiesoshi #1
Chapter 30: This is a masterpiece
pikachu0209 #2
Chapter 30: i read your story from chap.1 untill chap.29 in just 1 hour! your story are so good
taeny are sooooooo cute
Chapter 29: dude this is like, so amazing ♡
frans89 #4
Chapter 30: I read all of your stories about SNSD for two days. I'm happy. Your writing skills develop much, i read from the latest story to the first story you write in AFF :)
Please write more about SNSD dear author-shii. You are one of my favorite author now, because your less drama story (seriously i love your fluffy romance drama)
Anyway, keep writing, take care, hwaiting! ^^
Ajunknown #5
Chapter 29: Oh my..NOW THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL A STORY! You are such an amazing Author:)
okay..just start read dis story coz my friend said it soo gud...i like all taeny story
KaiserBlake #7
Chapter 30: Such a touching story ;-;
I regret not finding this earlier =.=
Great job :)
Chapter 30: Oh so cool author... I've been reading a lot of fic on pdf and I just realized they were all yours. Author you're a gem, don't stop writing ♥
Chapter 29: Pretty old but gold <333 im kind of an idiot reading old fanfics kind of im happy reading then especially when theyr peggys fanfics :3
Arkhora-wang #10
Chapter 29: Dang this story was great. short and sweet, yet very touching. love your taeny storys :D