Stupid Love, Why Don't You Just Die?

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Margaret Kim, or also known as Maggy (You), have known Cho Kyuhyun since high school. And ever since she knows him, she  had loved him with all her heart; she had love him even after he debuted as a new member of Super Junior. But what if one day she got tired of loving him and just give up?! 

After she forgot about him, she had a new life with her boyfriend. But then he realized that he loves her and he needs her. If he confessed, will she accept him or just be happy without him? 


I think my summary was a bit.... I don't know.... not good. well, this is my 2nd Fic. please comment and subscribe! kamsamnida! :))

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juliia #1
Chapter 81: I really love this story
Chapter 67: WOW you are pretty :-)
prettier then me... LOL
Chapter 81: waaah.. as the others said, your story is really great! I love it. <3 .. The ending might not be the one I'm expecting (since I'm Hae biased kekeke) but still.. are you going to write a sequel for this? coz the ending is sort of like... open ending.. hehe.. anyway, good job!! ^^
Chapter 81: It's a great story! I loved it. The ending is really unexpected though. I hope there will be a sequel 'cause I want to know who she will choose! Thanks for making this story XD
Lee_TanHae #5
Its a really REALLY GREAT STORY!! By the way new user here :) hmmmm is there will be a sequel for this story well.. Most of us are begging you couse this storr is really great if there would be a sequel we would be excited REALLY!!!! ATE SANA GUMAWA KA NG SEQUEL NITO:))) ang Ganda kasi (ehhhh dba pinayka ate?) hehe
Chapter 81: Wow. I cant put the description of this story into words. It was so good I just want to keep reading more, but its over! Just a question... Sequel any time soon? Im looking foreward to it if there is!! Everything was so unexpected and I really like that about this story. <3 Keep it up! Saranghae~
trisha_chan317 #7
Chapter 81: Oh my gosh.... This was amazing T_T sequelllll???????
poop_reader11 #8
Chapter 81: I know late but I just wanted you to know that I LOVE your story. The ending is so unexpexted and everything is just so perfect. I can't say a thing anymore cause everything a reader wanted is here.

Just out of curiousity, are you planning on making a part two about this fic? Cause if yes I'll be waiting for the other fic I love you saranghe~♡
Chapter 81: Whoa, THAT, I was so not expecting o-o Maggy really left?! And OMG AS MY LAST COMMENT SAID LEE DONGHAEEE MICHYEOSSO?! FISHY U HAVE THE BIGGEST HEART BUT HALF A BRAIN ATM D: aish! I can sort of understand, but at the same time, WAEYO...WAAAEEEYYOOOOOOO T^T and kyuhyun...well at least kyuhyun finally stopped hiding and FINALLY starts to step up! :D this is really different from other endings, but in a good way! Haha it keeps us thinking ;3 WAAAAH, ITS SO WEIRD SEEING THIS STORY COME TO AN END...

Lol i didnt expect to see my user either ^^ glad my crazy comments r helping LOL and forget the haters, cause seriously, how can you NOT be a good writer and get so many subbies and spazzers to the story otherwise neh? Just keep doin what ur doin :) i know how hard it is to think of an original story, start it, update and keep with it til the end, so for that KUDOS, cause I thoroughly enjoyed the story and our lovely sometimes face palm worthy characters haha! I'll miss this story a lot and if I ever need a dose of fluff and drama I'll go back to this <3
[deactivated] #10
Chapter 81: I really LOVE this story. To be honest... I've never 'hated' Kyuhyun sooooo much! I ranted so much to my little sister about Kyuhyun in this story and how he deserved to die... No offense... But yea and now the ending... It's very unique. And I ended up 'hating' Donghae too in the very ... very end. But oh well... Maybe sometime in the future when I want to feel hatred towards the two, I'll reread this story hahaha Anyway.... I actually love your other stories too... You're a very good writer. Keep up the good work and see you in your other stories. ^-^