Seeing is Believing


“A library?” I asked, clutching onto my sight stick. We couldn't afford an electronic sight stick, one of those that made a sound in relative to distance, so this one was one I could just put in front of me, make sure I don't run into things.

“Yeah, I'll drop you off here while I'm at work.” My mother explained. “They have books for you, don't worry.”

I smiled, relieved to hear it. I loved books. There just weren't many I could read, most not having audio files. But when I got up to the library doors, and the clerk led to me the braille section, I was more than thrilled. I felt along the walls, smiling when I found a title that sounded interesting. I found my seat, sitting down and feeling along the pages. I could see it in my head, the gushing of the waves, the men by the sea. I loved books, because their descriptions allowed me to see, allowed me to see something.


Request by anon<3

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bangdaebak #1
Chapter 1: Oh my god, this is such a beautiful au I want to cry ugh prayed for it to be longer but that's ok, this is beautiful.

Thank you for writing xx
Chapter 1: Ohmygosh this was beautiful! Really. All that emotions, I could feel them all. I love how you have made this story - with the gentle Daehyun and rough Yongguk and then the latter changing and the former being happy and giddy with just being with the other. It was all perfect! The ending was perfect. Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing this story.
Scyther #3
Chapter 1: I'm rereading this for the nth time and I still love it, it's so beautiful ;;
trymyluck #4
Chapter 1: so beautiful` TT bangdae~ TT
bdz357998 #5
Chapter 1: Omg this was soo sweet and yongguk was sooo sweet and everything was fluffy lol
emmataeyang #6
Chapter 1: soooo cute and lovely....i'm fangirling over this ^O^
k0j3t4 #7
Chapter 1: It just perfect. It's kinda sad but fotunately happy ending. :D
lalalananalalala #8
Chapter 1: so beautiful.. its just.. soooo beautiful ;_;
Chapter 1: soooo beautiful... =] sooo good =]