I'll take what I can get.


"I'm glad you could come, Kai. I've been meaning for you to meet my friends but I haven't gotten a chance until now."

"Well you can thank Key-ssi for inviting me," I answered, while secretly shooting Key a questioning and accusing glance, to which he simply smirked at my obvious uncomfortableness.

"You can call me hyung," Key interjected smugly, earning a wide smile from Taemin.

The three of us were currently walking into a small deserted-looking cafe where we were met by the rest of Taemin and Key's group waving. I wasn't very surprised that they were the only ones in the store- if I had just been walking along that sidewalk I likely wouldn't have noticed that a coffee shop even existed here, it was so perfectly tucked in.

"Hyung! Noona!" I turned in time to see Taemin running behind the counter to give a big hug to the couple working back there. "I missed you so much!" he exlaimed, while the two dropped the drinks they were making to hug the cute boy back.

"Long time no see, Taemin-ah. You've been taking care of yourself, I hope?" the man asked.

"Of course, hyung."

"Well you need to start coming here more often with your friends, they come in every day without fail," he said, gesturing to the table which held all of Taemin's best friends, including Key, who'd made his way over while I stayed put where I was. "But you hardly stop by anymore. What's up with that?"

"Sorry hyung," Taemin said, looking down. "I've been busy working after school every day. I promise to try to make it here more often though."

"Why don't you go sit down, sweetie?" the woman asked, gently guiding Taemin from behind the counter. "I'll make your favourite, alright?"

"Yes noona," Taemin grinned, obeying. "Oh, I almost forgot! Kai, come here- meet Leeteuk-hyung and Sora-noona. They're married and they own this store, where we come all the time. And this is Kai, he's my new friend from school," Taemin introduced, pulling me towards the counter.

"Very nice to meet you, Kai," Sora smiled widely, reaching her hand out. I shook her hand, bowing slightly to show respect. I smiled when I noticed she was pregnant; it was a happy family running this cute little shop. "It's nice to meet you too." I shook hands with Leeteuk as well before being guided by Taemin to the table where everyone else was waiting.

Taemin pulled up an extra chair for me, since it looked like this table had been claimed by their group a long time ago, and had just the right number of chairs for them and no more. "Meet Kai," Taemin said, presenting me as if I were a show pony before taking his seat right in between Key and I. I looked to my other side and was met with the intimidating figure of Minho, the one who I had met earlier.

"Oh, this is Kai?" the one I recognized as Jonghyun, the one in choir, spoke suggestively, sending a wink across the table to Taemin, who immediately blushed a million shades of red. "H-hyung!" he squealed, signalling with his eyes for someone to do something about it. The one in the glasses, Onew, was glad to reach his arm over and slap Jonghyun on the back of his head to shut him up.

"Um... It's nice to finally meet you all, I've heard such good things," I said to attempt to clean up the awkward atmosphere that had descended on us all. I really didn't know what that was all about, but I knew I should probably do something to fix it.

"You've already met Key-umma and Minho-hyung," Taemin began. "But those two are Jonghyun-hyung and Onew-hyung."

I nodded respectfully to the two eldest and smiled gently. At that moment, Sora came by with a tray full of coffee and she layed them out in front of the respective people, leaving me with nothing since I wasn't a regular here like these guys and they didn't automatically know what I wanted.

"Sorry sweetie, but I didn't know what you wanted," she said, turning to me. "Can I get you anything?"

"Uh.." I stuttered, not really knowing what I wanted since I never really drank coffee often anyway.

Taemin laughed a little bit, and I looked over to him to see a humourous look on his face. "Do you want one of these?" he asked me, putting his drink by my face to allow me to smell it. Honestly, I didn't even sniff it, I just agreed right away. I'd go along with whatever he wants... That's unhealthy, isn't it?

Either way, the woman nodded her head and left to go back behind the counter once again.

"So Kai, you met Taemin in English class, right?" Onew asked me.

"Yes, it's our last class," I answered in a very straightforward manner.

So this is where the questions start.

"He's also on the dance team this year," Key added. Onew looked impressed, and I felt most of my nervousness die down. He seemed pretty chill... I liked him. He and the one sitting next to him, Jonghyun, were the only two that haven't glared at me once this entire time.

"Ah, okay, so is dance your passion- just like Taeminnie here?" Onew continued the questions.

"Hyuuuung~" Taemin whined, probably in annoyance or embarrassment at the nickname.

I laughed at the once-again blushing Taemin beside me before turning my attention back to the one questioning me. "I guess you could say that," was my simple response.

"Well Kai-ssi, you're not really helping us out here," Onew joked. "If you're not going to expand on this, just tell us about yourself," he said as an open invitation for me to just start... talking about myself.

I honestly didn't know where to start. "Um... well I'm living with my mom-" oh , I forgot to text D.O. to tell him I wouldn't be home soon. I hoped he wasn't worrying, but I was probably okay since I never told him what time dance rehearsal was supposed to be over so he didn't know what time to expect me home. "Sorry, I forgot to tell my friend that I wouldn't be home," I said as a quick explanation for their confusion as to why I had just stopped talking in the middle of a sentence.

I pulled out my phone and while I typed out my message, I continued to speak. "I'm a first year student.... I dance in my spare time..." I quickly sent the message and then put my phone away, hating being rude like that. "That's honestly all there is to me..."

"Alrighty," Jonghyun began, ready with his set of questions. "Are you dating someone right now?"

"No, I'm not."

"Oh, okay," he said, sending a not-so-discreet look to Taemin, who kicked him under the table, making the whole situation seem like Jonghyun had meant for it to be secretive but obviously failed miserably at that. "Well, have you ever had a girlfriend before?"

If my drink had been here yet, I'm sure I would have spit it out in surprise by now. "Um... I actually... Uh, well, I'm..." I stuttered, not sure why I was so uncomfortable just saying 'oh, I'm gay,' but I assumed it was because of all the eyes on me making me feel pressured.

"Oh, sorry," Jonghyun said with a knowing grin. "I get it. No girls. Only boys. No problem," he said shortly.

"Here's your drink dear," Sora said as she came close to the table to give me my coffee.

"Thank you, ma'am," I replied taking the cup from her and smiling thankfully.

"So polite," she grinned. "That'll get you places," joked the woman as she left us alone once again. "Oh, Taemin-ah, come look at this, I'm sure you'll love it!" Leeteuk called from behind the counter, sounding very excited. Taemin stood up abruptly and made his way excitedly to the couple, who led him into a back room, leaving me with Taemin's friends... all alone... no witnesses...

"Tae likes you!" Jonghyun blurted before covering his mouth, as if not believing he actually just said that out loud.

And this time, I actually did choke on my drink... "He... what?"

"Don't go getting your hopes up," Key in. "Yes he likes you, and you like him. Yay," he added, not enthusiastically. "But I haven't even decided yet if I'm giving you my permission to do anything about this.

"I like him," Jonghyun whined. "They'd look cute together!"

"It's not how 'cute' they would be as a couple that matters, hyung," Key argued.

It just went on like that- they all argued over whether or not i was 'worthy' as if I wasn't right next to them, hearing everything they said.

"He seems nice, though," replied Onew. "Smart enough."

"He looks pretty strong, too," Jonghyun added, his eyes raking over my form as I shrankt back in my seat.

"Minho, what do you think?" Key finally addressed the guy next to me who hadn't said a single thing since I'd arrived. He looked down at me, inspecting the emotions that were clearly written all over my face. "I'll beat the out of you if you make one wrong move, you hear me?" he asked, speaking to me rather than to Key, who had asked him the question. "I know Jonghyun would too. And let me tell you, Key could make your life miserable. You don't want to screw this up- and not even for your own sake. There's more than meets the eye with Taemin."

Well damn... For a guy that hardly talks, he sure can talk. All he did was make threats, yes, but that's still talking. And I was, in fact, feeling rather threatened at the moment. Normally, I'm not easily intimidated, and it's not like he even said anything really harsh, but I think it was the look in his eyes. It was a look of deep caring for Taemin, probably to the point where he'd willingly throw his life on the line for him without a second thought.

I gulped and glanced around the table to see them all wearing that exact same hardened expression. Wow. These guys don't joke around. I'm just going to assume that's their crazy- way of giving me their blessing. Honestly, I don't have any other options if this is what I really want to do- which it is, no doubt.

Hell... I'll take what I can get.



Author's Note:

Short update! Hope you like it~

Guys I'm so nervous, my audition is tomorrow! I know you really don't care haha but I'm afraid because by the end of the day tomorrow, I'm going to know whether or not I get the job... O.O It's scary.

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