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SOSHI & TaeNy Fanacc on 130410 GG 2nd Jpn Tour at Nagoya









1. Taeng said she ate a lot and then farted a lot too (I think) hahahaha but was too funny, all girls cracked up even taeng. (what's wrong with her?? lol)


2. So sunny th warrior was hoping around stage on one leg and at th end when they thanked fans jessi started imitating her


3. Seohyun pointed at Jessica when she sang "my j" and sica hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.


4. Fany: "listen hitsumabushi", my first unagi story"


5. During oh, yul pinched Sica and then during talk, Sica complained saying yul pinched her haha so cute (YULSIC!! >,<)


6. Right after yuri pinched jessi everyone walked t th front except YULSIC cause jessi was kinda like gonna hit yuri yuri was trying to appease


7. Oh during my j, tiff helped sunny t get off and on th cake. When they got back on jessi hit sunny and tiff’s head and frowned at tiff


8. Like why didn’t you help her properly of something but then fany went t hit jessi’s leg kekeke


9. Taeyeon to Jessica, "Please say some new thoughts today" And Sica whispered to Sooyoung for some help (lol Jessica always says the same things since their fisrt concert on 2nd Jpn Tour until yesterday night)


10. During MC after Gee, Tiffany said "Pink lightstick is beautiful" (imitated Jessica's way always said those words in the concert) then she went to Taeyeon and they did hi-five (TaeNy bully Jessi Kekeke ^^)








1. During Mr. Taxi's "goodbye" TaeNy like did handshake and kept holding hands for so long time while singing

2. During Say yes, TaeNy face to face and did stop motion together in "stop" part. After that they did weird dance together and acted like tug-of-war♥

3. Taeyeon and Tiffany went different direction of Y stage, but then Tiffany waited for Taeyeon at the sub stage walking and smiling together


4. At introduction, Taeyeon said Nagoya put it back on!!! and Tiffany said Hitsumabushi (eel bowl* delicious food from Nagoya, Japan) put it back on!!!

5. During MC after Gee, Tiffany said "Pink lightstick is beautiful" (imitated Jessica's way always said those words in the concert) then she went to Taeyeon and they did hi-five 

6. During Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, Tiffany did wave dance with Yuri then Tiffany called "Taeyeon!" Taeyeon went to hold the bottom of Tiffany's jacket and moved up and down, like naughty kid TaeTae


7. During Say Yes, Taeyeon pulled Tiffany with an invisible string, the way they act like "Baby come here!"

8. During talk after Gee, Tiffany looked at Taeyeon and said, Listen unagi story~ and then after that Tiffany said about the pink penlight and Yuri said wanting to swim in it.

9. During the "stop!" part in Say Yes, Taeyeon shot Tiffany and Tiffany froze. Then Fany started dancing to Taeyeon and Taeyeon made a reeling in motion

10. Self introduction time, Taeyeon: "Nagoya, put it back on~!" Tiffany: Hitsumabushi, put it back on~!"

11. At the begging of Gee, Tiffany: "Listen hitsumabushi", my first unagi story"








Source TaeNy fanacc : @astrodice0130 (My buddy who come to the concert)
Trans: @SNSDTaeNyShip ft @astrodice0130 (Jap-Eng) ❤


Other Fanacc by  iamawish Soshi9 mystery_oyster 

English Trans by risse9 & SNSDTaeNyShip Edit by @SNSDTaeNyShip o(^▽^)o








Jessica new UFO pic!!



Jessica bare face!! >//< *O*







Taeyeon and Seohyun to Reprise Roles for ‘Despicable Me 2′ (Dubbing again!!)





MC직에서 물러나는 태티서(태연 티파니 서현)는 4월 13일 마지막 생방송에서 스페셜 무대를 꾸밀 예정이다. 태티서는 이날 방송에서 '안녕' 무대를 마지막으로 1년 만에 시청자들과 아쉬운 작별을 고한다. 


MC TaeTiSeo last MCing on this saturday. Noh Hong Chul, SHINee’s Minho, & Kim So Hyun will became the new hosts of MuCore


TaeTiSeo will perform Good-bye Hello on April 13th for the last day TaeTiSeo MCing Music Core. I'M GONNA MISS TAENYHYUN ㅠㅠ





GoodBye MC TaeTiSeo













We will miss you X(



Althought maybe SOSHI will continued MCing on MuCore again after their hactic schedules!! LIKE ALWAYS Kekeke ^^v






Leave comments guys, i want to know what in your mind too. And UPVOTE too?? XDD











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smvalencia #1
Chapter 92: peanut butter and jelly!! hahah fany is so cute! :))
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Chapter 92: yeah TTS show is like a story about taeny with their daughter seo babbyy...anyway updte soon ;)
Chapter 92: Mizz u patingirara
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Chapter 91: Do you have
Chapter 3: AWWW I love this~
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Chapter 90: i love their concept now,,it's really cool. I LOVE OPPA SHIDAE hahahaha
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Chapter 90: Coolest one
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Chapter 90: Woah. I don't hyo had a singing part?
blursone #9
Chapter 89: I think it will be decided when 2ne1's cb is decided. But no later than March I think. I don't think YG would want to push the comeback after their concert. So latest will most probably be early march or late feb? Personally, I think it may be because YG is trying to create an illusion that 2ne1 is stronger than snsd due to the charts kill off. But SM being SM, they caught on to the trick and understands the fandoms well so that is why they want 2ne1and snsd comeback together so YG illusion will not succeed.