The Bus Stop


Everybody hurts sometimes- REM

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Yuu21kyu #1
Chapter 18: arghh.. agaiin

nice story..but uncomplete..
kalebale426 #2
Chapter 18: Update please? You probably wont see this, and my request probably wont make any difference in whether you will continue this story or not, but I think a lot of people including myself would love for you to continue this... Its pretty good. Maybe you could slip in taengsic if youre having trouble with the taeny plot?
Chapter 18: caught up! i wonder if this story is still .. running?
SooNaTaeNy #4
Chapter 18: I really enjoyed reading this!!!. I just hope you didn't abandon the story, author-nim. Fighting!
Nayeon-ah #5
Really good fic but I still have no clue if Tiffany likes Taeyeon I can't stand seeing her with her brother >< please author update I need to know what happens next :)
kotenshi #6
Nice story... but it keeps bugging me that this is more like an OT9 fic (?)
I kinda identify with many of the characters experinces :') and it's so well written >.<
Chapter 18: hi new reader here :D

I've finished reading the 18 chapters, it's getting interesting and i want to read more of it! it's been a while since i read a decent taeny fanfic here in AFF so please try to update this as possible as you can.

and thumbs up for this well written fic :D
kimcoti #8
Chapter 18: at last you update!!! :) but it's ok please try to not take too long!!!
sumaco #9
Chapter 17: I Really like your story so far. It went in a totally different direction than I had initially expected, but it's still a really interesting plot! It seems Tiffany is more interested in Taeyeon than Jiwoong haha. I'm really curious at how they will progress from here on. Keep up the good work!
Chapter 17: This story is so sweet and just beautiful man. Im sure a lot of readers can relate the way you wrote jessica's story and the was everyone wants to be happy even if everything's crumbling under their feet. Really touching and realistic, I love the way you write the characters out so beautifully. Good luck in continuing the story! :D