[EXO on crack] Dude, I'm Kidnapping Byun Baekhyun

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© How weird EXO when they are on crack?
Meet Park Chanyeol, the most insane person, which can be the ultimate source of crack.
He kidnapped Baekhyun in broad daylight,
and coincidentally met the others along their journey.
But Baekhyun hated him because Chanyeol's very annoying, immature, and getting carried away by love too easily.

Can Chanyeol manage to capture Baekhyun's heart?


"Let's get married!" Chanyeol exclaimed as he clasping his hand between his chest and began to blink wildly.
"W-What? This is abnormal! We're both males!" Baekhyun screamed at the top of his lung. Chanyeol really should have ran for it while he had a chance. Usually people would apologize and leave by now, but this is Park Chanyeol, he doesn't give a fudge, he takes what he wants. 

I'm kidnapping Byun Baekhyun


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Chapter 17: Damn, I totally got you there because I'm literally in the same situation as you lately. Like, it does get real frustrating at time that yes, I do end up of stuffing my face into a pillow too lmao. I can't think of anything yet for now but I'll be sure to tell you if I do so hwaiting, author-nim! And shout out to all of the authors out there who's having a writer's block as well at the moment. GROUP HUGS TO Y'ALL! U'RE DOING AMAZING, SWEETIE! *seal claps*
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Chapter 15: I came here for the crack and laughter, and man, I kept reading "Micelot" instead of "Mincelot", haha
Chapter 17: I need to read this again lol
I know you have a life outside of AFF, but I do hope you would continue~~~ I really love this fic too much
저기요, 시 는 거 업데이트 있습니까?
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It has been a long time since you update TT TT This story is really amazing!! I'm still waiting for you author-nim~~ Hwaiting!
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Chapter 16: Waiting for the updates for like... well... a long time... have any thoughts on updating soon author-nim?