London, our best place.


Key was walking back up to his room with Phillip. It was the second time now that they had spent the evening together. Key really liked the fact that he had finally made a friend in the guest house. He had felt so lonely over the last few days and he had been in dire need of getting some distraction.

Ever since they had talked in the hallway one afternoon, the blonde had felt a connection between them. Phillip had just been so nice to him and was of really good company. Over the hours they had spent together, Key had learned that he was from Norway and that he had decided to spend his vacation in London. His schedule wasn’t really packed so he had a lot of free time, thus explaining why he could spend so much with him.

Even though Key felt like the Norwegian might have been changing his plans just so he could be with him, he tried not to be touched by it. He couldn’t let his attraction to this man get to him. He was still trying to get over Minho and it would just make things more complicated if he decided to give into Phillip’s flirting. Plus, he would be leaving London in a few days. This relationship just couldn’t go over the friendship level.

They were now both in the living room, putting down their bags. Key went to the fridge and took out two beers. He had developed quite a liking for it and would drink one every time he’d get back to his room. He threw one at Phillip and sat down in front of him. They stared at each other for a while, not knowing what to say. It wasn’t that easy to carry a conversation. Key’s english wasn’t that elaborate and it was the same for his friend. The way they’d usually communicate was that one of them would say a few words to explain something and the other one would always end up understanding what he meant. Hand gestures helped a lot too.

Key was starting to think that bringing Phillip to his apartment wasn’t such a great idea. He didn’t know that much about the man and it was already really late. He shrugged off his worries and got up to get another beer. He opened the fridge door and as he was bending down to take another one, he felt someone behind him. He raised himself up real fast and turned around. He was now facing Phillip who was staring at him intensely. Before he even had time to utter a word, he felt the taller one’s lips crash on his. In his shocked state, he dropped the beer can on the floor. He wanted to push the Norwegian away, but he couldn’t.

His body obviously wanted more. He kissed him right back, slipping his tongue into the older man’s mouth. He felt pathetic for being so easy, but he needed this. After being rejected, he wasn’t going to refuse someone who did want him. He jumped as he felt Phillip take off his vest. He didn’t protest though.

Key wasn’t going to stop him. He would let him do whatever he wanted to do.


Minho was in the subway. He was finally going back to London. His time in Sunderland had been great, but it hadn’t been as fun as he had imagined it would be. He hadn’t been able to fully immerse himself in the whole experience. Of course, he’d shown excitement as the cameras filmed him watching the soccer game, but most of it was him faking. He hated himself for that. After being a performer, watching and playing soccer was the most important thing to him, so it should’ve been one of the most wonderful days of his life. He banged his head on the pole he was holding. ‘What is wrong with me?’ he thought. He let out a sigh, not minding the few people who were looking at him in a funny way.

After a few minutes, he got off and walked towards the exit. The crisp London air greeted him as he was heading back to the apartment he had been in the first time. On his way, he saw a fast food restaurant and decided to go in. He knew he shouldn’t, but he was really fond of hamburgers ever since he had eaten one in front of the stadium. He bought two and sat down at a table. He wasn’t really that hungry; he just wanted to feel better and good food always did that for him. He took a first bite and already, he could feel his body relax.

He ate the first one avidly and soon after, he was biting into the second one. ‘I wonder if Kibum would like this…’ He stopped chewing. He shook his head, annoyed that the blonde had come to his mind. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He didn’t understand why he was so obsessed with him all of a sudden. He was still convinced he didn’t have feelings for his friend so it was just frustrating to always have him on his mind. His eyes widened as he thought ‘Maybe I just feel bad for him.’ He smiled.

It made total sense now. He had been thinking about him so much because unconsciously he had been feeling really bad for not being able to reciprocate Key’s feelings. He nodded of relief, but he still felt a little stupid. He should’ve thought about that before. This way he would’ve been able to focus more on the game. Instead, he had been confused and had to constantly reassure himself that he didn’t like men.

He didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at his stupidity, so instead, he just started eating again. The most important thing was that he had figured it all out now. He was going to go home, get a good night’s sleep and take Key out for a meal to get rid of his feeling of guilt.


Key woke up, feeling Phillip’s hand on his waist. He shivered. Images of the previous night were coming all at once to him and he felt disgusted. ‘Kibum what happened to the friendship level, huh?’ he thought, rolling his eyes. He removed the other one’s hand and got up from the bed. He quickly retrieved his boxers, who were on the floor, and rushed to the bathroom. He closed the door behind and let himself slide against the door until he was sitting on the cold ceramic floor. He buried his face in his hands. He felt like crying, but he knew that if he started, he wouldn’t be able to stop. Instead, he took deep breaths, trying to calm himself down.

It’s not that he hadn’t enjoyed the time that they had spent together, but he hated the fact that he had let someone he barely knew him. He valued having out of love so this was not something that was part of his usual behavior.

So what changed?’ he asked himself. ‘Why did I let him…’ He stopped, feeling his eyes sting. He needed to stop beating himself up about this. He couldn’t change what had happened; he just had to deal with it now. He got up from the floor and commenced his morning routine. When he got out of the bathroom, Phillip was putting his pants back on. He smiled as he saw Key walk up over to him. The mattress shifted as the blonde sat beside him.

Key needed to tell him that this would never happen again; that it was better if for the remainder of his vacation, they didn’t hang out together anymore. As he was about to start explaining, they heard the doorbell ring. Key frowned. He didn’t want to answer, because he needed to get this over with. He started talking, but was interrupted by the doorbell ringing again.

"You should answer." Phillip suggested.

Key sighed and walked up to the door. ‘This person better have a good reason to ring so early in the morning,’ he said to himself as he unlocked the door. He turned the knob and opened it. His eyes widened as he saw Minho.

The rapper looked him up and down, feeling his body tense up. It was his first time seeing his friend in only his underwear and it was making him really uneasy. He tried not to let it show by giving him a warm smile.

"Wha-what are you doing here?" Key asked, still shocked.

"I thought we could go eat breakfast together. You’re not shooting today, right?" he asked, taking a step into the room.

"Um…no, but… You should’ve called," the older one said.

Minho looked at him weird.

"Aren’t you going to invite me in?"


"Who’s at the door?" Phillip suddenly yelled.

Key cringed.

Minho frowned and pushed his friend aside. He walked inside the apartment and went straight to the bedroom. When his eyes fell on the owner of the voice, he felt his anger rise up. He looked around and saw clothes scattered on the floor.  

He turned around, looking at Key, who had been following him.

"Who’s this?" he asked sharply.

"This is…"

"I’m Phillip," the Norwegian said, cutting off Key.  

Minho glared at him. He felt like punching the guy. Key grabbed his arm and brought him to the living room.

"Minho, I need to talk to him. You should go." Key explained, avoiding eye contact.

"Are you sure you need to talk or do you just want me to leave so you two can again?" he screamed. He didn’t know why he was so mad, but he couldn’t help it.

Key couldn’t say a word. He felt so ashamed and to have Minho looking at him with such disgust was making him feel like a piece of .

"You know, I came here today because I wanted to make things right between us, but now I just feel stupid for worrying about you. I’m not going to waste any more time thinking about a ." Minho said, before walking out of the apartment. 


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