London, our best place.


The cameras were gone. The staff had retreated to their apartments. They were finally alone. They could finally relax, after shooting all day and being good tourists for the broadcast.

As soon as Minho opened the door to his apartment, Key rushed to the fridge. He took out a few bottles of soju and brought them with him as he made a run for the couch. It felt so good to finally sit in a quiet environment.

Minho sat down beside him and took one of the bottles out of his hand.

"You should bring the other ones back. We shouldn’t even be drinking those." Minho pointed out.

"Ugh… We deserve to have as much as we want. I thought this was supposed to be a vacation."

A popping sound was heard and Key started drinking.

Minho shook his head. Normally, he would’ve argued with him, but he was really tired and just wanted some peace. He opened his bottle too and took a sip.

They didn’t talk, but it didn’t matter. They were sharing silence.

Without realizing it, an hour had passed and a few bottles had been emptied. Key was starting to feel the alcohol getting to his head. He felt great.

"Minhooo", he slurred. He let his head fall down on the younger one’s shoulder.

"Are you drunk?" Minho asked, a little panicked. He got no answer. He looked around and his eyes got big as he realized how much soju they had drunk.

"I feel fine though," he thought. He felt bad for not taking better care of his hyung. Key squirmed against him.

"Key, are you okay?"

"Why do you always call me Key? My name is… Kiii-buummm." He laughed. "Say it!" he added as he hit the taller one’s arm.

Minho let out an angry sigh. He was in no mood to deal with a drunk Key.

"Stop acting like a baby, it’s annoying."

Key blinked a few times. Once again, he was reminded that he couldn’t let his guard down in front of the younger one.

"Stop being so mean to me, it’s hurtful." Key raised himself up, giving the other one some space. He hated how easily his mood could shift.

"Kibum." Key felt a chill go down his spine. Hearing that deep voice saying his real name made his heart throb. He turned to look at the younger one.

"Why are you being so sensitive all of a sudden? We always talk to each other like that." Minho explained.

"Well, maybe I’m tired of it." the older one replied, sharply. He looked out the window, trying to hide the fact that he was about to cry.

Key suddenly felt a hand rest on his thigh. He jumped a little and gasped as the hand started caressing it in a reassuring manner. He knew Minho was trying to make him feel better, but the gesture was just awakening embarrassing parts of his body. He bit down his lower lip, still looking out the window.

He felt Minho getting closer to him which immediately sent him into panic mode. He got up abruptly, pushing the empty bottles with his feet. He didn’t even have time to take a few steps; Minho’s hand had already grabbed his arm. The taller one got up too, turning him around so they could face each other.

"Why are you acting so weird?" Minho asked, confused.

Key tried to avoid his eyes. He could feel his palms getting sweaty. He had tried to suppress those feelings that had been haunting him for so long, but they clearly weren’t going to leave him alone.

"I should go to bed. Don’t worry about me."

Minho frowned. "I know something’s going on." He took a step closer. "I won’t let you go until you tell me."

Key fidgeted with his hands. "There is nothing to say. And even if there was… I wouldn’t tell you…"

"Why? Aren’t we friends?" Minho asked, irritated.

"Yes, but some things are better left unsaid…" Key looked down to the ground.

He didn’t know if he should just act up on his feelings or let it slide, like always he did.

Normally, it would’ve been an easy decision: he would’ve just kept it all inside. But with the alcohol still going through his system and them being alone, his heart was taking over his head.

Key took a few steps closer. Their chests were almost touching. Their eyes locked. Minho swallowed hard, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. The way those feline eyes were staring at him was scaring him and strangely enough, was making his heart beat faster.

"I can’t tell you, but maybe I can show you," Key said against his lips. Before he could even reply, their lips met. His body froze. He wanted to pull away from the kiss, but something inside him was making him want more. The softness, the warmth… his head was started to spin. He instinctively wrapped his arms around the smaller one’s waist, bringing them closer.

Key’s lips parted as he moaned and he felt Minho’s tongue slide inside his mouth.

They deepened the kiss, their tongues lazily entwining. They didn’t hold back, getting riled up by each other’s moans.

They finally broke the kiss, their lungs begging for oxygen. Key let his head rest on the taller one’s chest. He smiled as he felt his heart beat like crazy.

"Bummie, I’m not gay," Minho suddenly said.

Key rolled his eyes.

"The kiss felt good, right?"

Minho nodded.

"That’s all that matters."



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