One Ok Rock


Just chapters of One Ok Rock fanfiction. May contain minor spelling and grammar errors. Can contain male/male relationships, male/female relationships, and material for mature audiences only. Enjoy!


I decided to write some One Ok Rock fanfiction because I really don't see much of it posted anywhere. I hope to see more soon though. 

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Awww~ I like this so much!! <3
It's my first time ever reading OOR fanfiction, I'm so exciteeed >///< I love the ToruKa pairing, and the fluff you write is so cute...
Plus, Dreamer the dog makes it a hundred times better!
Just read till ch. 16 because I really need to go to bed now, but I'll surely keep on reading! :)
KpopWednesdayite #2
Chapter 32: been looking for an OOR story all over the place and i finally found one!! thank you for this and i love it! xD <33333
Chapter 12: toru said to taka: “I was just thinking about how
beautiful you are, and how I’m lucky
to have you in my life.”

me: taka?...beautiful?'s cute...but not beautiful...

Taka and Dreamer are puppies..heheh...
Chapter 15: Yuka definitely is a weird girl. Poor Hiro. But it's a good thing he found out about it so soon. But Rin seems quite nice so far and definitely like a much better person than her sister.
And even Hiro already figured out that Toru and Taka are together xD
Chapter 14: First it was Taka and now Yuka tries it with his brother? Okay. I don't really think she's the right one for Hiro but we'll see how this goes, I guess. And I understand Taka's reaction when the little one gets lost and ends up at some party. Might be a little overprotective but it's an understandable reaction.
Chapter 13: I can only repeat over and over again how cute they are together ♥ And I wasn't surprised that Tomoya and Ryota already noticed the change or that they don't mind them being together.
I like how Taka takes his big-brother job so serious :D But I totally understand he wants to protect his cute little brother~
I haven;t started reading this fanfic yet but thank you for making a One ok rock fanfic! I'm so excited to read it ;D
Chapter 12: Dreamer likes to interrupt sweet moments, huh? I understand that Toru isn't too happy about having the dog between them, especially with such a smell. Not exactly a very romantic first night as a couple xD
Chapter 11: Toru always spacing out and Taka immediately guessed what's going on. The leader is a little obvious xD But Taka's reaction is so cute. I can totally imagine him bouncing through the room like a child. They're simply perfect together ♥
Chapter 10: Toru always manages to end up in weird situations, huh? But at least he didn't have to admit he was stalking Taka xD The last sentence and Toru's though really made me smile. This is so cute. I wish him the best of luck for this thought to turn into reality.