I'll Lead, You Follow


Toru struggles with his feelings for Taka, but sometimes you have to expect the unexpected. 


One-shot. May contain spelling and grammar errors. Contains male/male relationship. Please leave comments/suggestions if you read this. No silent readers, please! Enjoy!

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10969freak #1
Chapter 1: Oh my gosh, that was adorable!
Chapter 1: This is cute ^^ please write more takaxtoru fic..
Chapter 1: awww...Taka is like a puppy sometimes....he is so adorable...no one can denies him....including the flat face leader..ehehe...

nice story...so fluffy....
Chapter 1: ----that was so adorable and really smooth to read ^^!!
hahaha this is my first time reading toru/taka pairing so its a bit um idk >__<
but its cute tho n you write it well, i like it! I hope to see more oor fanfics from you! ^^
its so hard to find fanfic about them /sigh