Chapter 4

Eighty-Six It
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Kai was introduced to Chanyeol the next time he checked in to the hangout, which wasn't until the end of the week because Baekhyun had insisted he try to pull his grades up before chasing fun with them.
Chanyeol was a tall boy, his hair long and blonde, making him a perfect match for Kris. They fit well together when it came to height too, and looked like a Hollywood power couple standing inside the shabby Seven Eleven like a blessing. Chen told him that Chanyeol was a student at another school further east, which explained why Kai hadn't seen him around at all, and also why he didn't really participate in their 'group activities'.
"I still don't get why we let him in here if he's not going to pull his weight," Luhan muttered with a huff, glaring at Chanyeol while kneeling and stacking up the candies in front of the counter.
"Please, Princess. As if you even pull any weight at all," Chen said with a snort from where he was talking with Baekhyun at the other side of the room.
Luhan scowled at him. "I make out with disgusting men and give you material for your fap-bank in the process. How is that not pulling weight? I don't see anyone else lining up to do it."
Chen shut up and Luhan proceeded to shove chocolates into their shelves faster, getting heated.
"All I'm saying is that ing Barbie over there really ought to--"
Luhan quietened, and Kai was mystified as to how that happened, until he looked over and saw Sehun's hand stroking through Luhan's hair. Luhan seemed to lose all fight, and looked up at his brother meekly. Sehun smiled down a him and then proceeded to caress his chin. Kai had never seen Luhan's fight deflate so easily, like Sehun had pressed an off button and Luhan was now quietly clutching a Kit-Kat bar while staring up at him like he was Jesus come to bless him.
Kai wondered why Luhan cared so much about their endeavors in the first place; he'd have thought Luhan had other things on his mind, like his brother and said brother's . Last time Kai checked, Luhan wasn't the most moral of people. Why did he care what anyone contributed to their 'getting rich' heist? They blew all their money on weed and alcohol and video games anyways, from what Kai could observe. Was it really that important?
Luhan seemed to forget about it completely, however, as Sehun pulled him up and massaged his neck, whispering something into his ear. Kai forgot Luhan wasn't always a firecracker, and watched him nuzzle into Sehun's chest and clutch at his work uniform. The change in behaviour was odd, but interesting. Sehun was like a strong sedative and Luhan was lulled by him to the point of defeat, which was one of the more impressive qualities Sehun had. A lift of Sehun'a finger and Luhan could be swayed to do whatever he wanted him to do, something none of the others had the privilege of even attempting.
In the meantime, Kris was busy arguing with his boyfriend, Chanyeol, by the coolers. Kai couldn't really hear what it was about, but he saw Chanyeol roll his eyes around three times and heard Kris groan in frustration. Trouble in paradise.
"They always do that," Chen said, leaning up to his side to sort of whisper it. "Most unstable couple I've ever seen, but both of them refuse to break up. I've come to the conclusion that all couples by default, unless of the uous sort, are doomed to fail."
Kai glanced back over to the two brothers, who were now making out passionately against the candy bars. Chen's words did indeed sound very reasonable at that moment. Kai had barely known this gang for a couple weeks, yet there was no way he could look away from the eerily star-crossed lovers that never had any qualms about each other.
"Okay, let's run this joint," Baekhyun announced, flipping the switch for the neon CLOSED sign at the front door to change to OPEN. Most people filed into the back room, including the Hollywood couple, while the couple and Kai were left conveniently on the outside. At least Kai had gotten a uniform to wear so that he didn't look so out of place. Even though he still felt out of place.
"Ready, baby?" Kai heard Sehun whisper into Luhan's ear while hugging him from behind, and Sehun's voice was so rare to pick up that Kai just sort of stared at him for a good minute while processing. Sehun didn't seem to waste his voice on other people much; it was mostly meant for his brother. They were opposites when it came to most things, and seemed to balance each other out pretty well in a Yin and Yang sort of way. Luhan nodded happily, leaning into Sehun's touch.
Kai realized he was staring for no reason now, and stopped. Instead, he focused on the door and saw a couple cars and a truck pull in. In the cars were a bunch of boys and girls who looked like they were headed off to a wedding, seeing as they all came in dressed in suits and gowns. Maybe it was prom night; Kai wouldn't know. He'd never been to one.
The party people picked up three bottles of champagne and a bag of chips, and Luhan took their payment for it with Sehun standing glued behind him, with no other apparent use than good boyfriend material. Kai wondered if it looked weird to other people. He'd sort of gotten used to it by now, but they sure didn't try to mask anything for anyone.
Next in was a man who needed help finding cleaning liquid for his windshield. Kai took him up on the quest, and raided the store for a few minutes to look for it, but gave up when the man started complaining about how slow he was, and turned to ask the brothers for help. Luhan pointed to an area next to where there were bouquets of flowers, and Kai saw all the car miscellaneous. The truck man picked out what he was looking for before Kai got to go get it, then passed by him in annoyance and went to pay, Luhan happily accepting his money.
As soon as the man left, Kai was left with his own bout of annoyance as to how the two brothers worked. There was no point in Kai running around the store to help people find things, when he himself didn't know where anything was. And Sehun definitely didn't need to stand behind Luhan like that. How did he contribute to anything at all?
Fifteen minutes later, Kai glanced out the window and saw an old woman struggling to put gas in her car, making him sigh. "Sehun, a little help please?" He asked, daring to turn and face said boy. "If you go out and help the lady fill her car, I'll start getting out the new pastries."
Sehun, of course, didn't answer him. He didn't even acknowledge him. Kai was just forced to stare at him back-hugging Luhan, while glancing his way in amusement after a little while. Kai wasn't amused anymore, though. He was annoyed. And kind of angry.
"What the do you guys think you're going to accomplish by standing there together like that?" He turned to face Luhan in the hopes of finding intelligent life on their planet. "You complain about other people not pulling any weight, but look at your brother."
Luhan's expression turned unimpressed, and Kai gulped. Luckily, Luhan seemed to change his mind a second later, and grinned like the Cheshire cat, beckoning Kai closer.
Kai decided to indulge him and groaned, walking up to the counter. The brothers shifted slightly, and Luhan ed. It didn't take Kai long to lean over said counter and figure out that little brother was balls deep in big brother, and that was the reason why they were standing so close, both of them with their pants pulled down to their thighs.
"Sehun is an exhibitionist. I also don't like separating from him," Luhan explained, earning him a kiss on the cheek from the beast behind him.
"What the ?" Kai exclaimed, exasperated. He almost wanted to sit down on the floor and cry. "You have to do this right here, while we're working?"
"It's like a ritual to prepare for later," Luhan reasoned, rolling his hips slightly. It was Sehun's turn to groan. "Sehunnie doesn't like when other men touch me, so he wants me to remember that I'm only his by embedding himself inside of me so that I feel his imprint for hours. It's so sweet."
Kai fake-gagged and managed to kind of regurgitate in his mouth while doing it by accident. He took a deep breath and decided not to care. He wouldn't care whatsoever. He would do his job. Whatever that was.
One last, ugly glance at the Oh brothers, Kai went to go by his job as normal, helping out lost customers and praying they wouldn't witness any of the debauchery going on. In fact, from that point on he tried to convince customers not to buy anything, regardless of how that would affect their business.
After a couple hours of solid work, Kai picked up on a signal for a new heist. He was cleaning the floor from a soda spill when Baekhyun and Kris walked past him, both staring out the window to some focal point consisting of a Fed Ex van in the distance. Kai leaned closer and squinted his eyes, making out a pretty blonde sitting behind the steering wheel, mouth processing a hefty ball of bubblegum or chewing tobacco, but he was really hoping for the bubblegum.
"You're up, Sehun," Baekhyun said, eyes glued to the girl, who was now stepping out to fill gas. "Take our best vodka. She looks high maintenance."
Sehun removed himself from Luhan's side (having thankfully finished being INside him a while ago), and Luhan, oddly enough, almost looked pouty, his face falling just the smallest bit.
Kai watched Sehun reach for the liquor and pull out a beautiful, clear bottle. He wasn't quite sure what was about to go down before Baekhyun started pulling Sehun's sleeves up and making sure his shirt was clean.
"Go get 'er, Casanova. But bring her back before ten."
And with that, Sehun was out the door. Kai stood there, ready to stare and gawk, but Baekhyun reprimanded him and told him it would look suspicious and also pretty creepy if the girl caught him watching. He settled for cleaning a countertop and glancing out cautiously whenever he felt a quintessential 'you only live once' moment come up
 and didn't think Baekhyun would kill him.
Sehun was leaning against the girl's van, all grins and charms and flirtation. The vodka bottle was open and being shared between him and the blonde, Sehun occasionally stroking her hair or leaning closer. If Kai hadn't already seen what he'd seen, he would have guessed Sehun was one of those straight players on the football team, the kind that got low end jobs at gas stations and picked up low end s in the bathrooms there to compensate. But he hadn't seemed like that with Luhan. At all. 
Kai then remembered Luhan, and turned to face the boy while pretending to still be cleaning the floor. Luhan had both hands planted on the counter, and was just staring straight ahead, like he was thinking deeply about something, which was a novelty sight for Kai. Weirdness aside, Kai almost began to feel bad for Luhan. Sehun was shamelessly flirting with this chick, and it didn't look like he was coming back to close the shop for the night. Of course, Luhan had played coy with the old man in the truck too, but it somehow seemed different.
With one last glance out the window, Kai saw Sehun walking off with his arm around the girl's waist, across the road from the gas station. He was about to ask where they were headed when Kris came running past him.
"I'll go re-wire the car."
"For the love of god, Kris, don't break anything. Save your brute strength for the zombie apocalypse. Or like gym or something."
Chanyeol was the one who followed Kris out of the shop, and Kai was left to stand and stare, Baekhyun surveying everything by his side, because Kai had most definitely given up on cleaning the floor to stand and blatantly stare out the window now.
"Fed Ex always has some things of value," Baekhyun said gleefully, calling out Chen to go help the dysfunctional couple with the car. "And the car itself we can re-paint and forge a new license plate for. Little miss blonde bimbo will be none the wiser; her world will be shaken tonight anyways, if you get my drift."
Kai wasn't sure if he got Baekhyun's drift, but he nodded regardless, watching Chen carry out boxes from the van. Chanyeol looked like he wanted to help, but decided against it, and instead stood there counting the boxes. Kris made the car alarm go off, but cut it short a second later by cutting the wires. Thankfully, there were no other cars or trucks around. Business was slow in the later hours of the day.
Kai had offered to go out and help, but Baekhyun claimed this was an easy job, and that he'd just get in the way (Kai hoped he wasn't referring to his terribly embarrassing mistake from last time, but it sure sounded like it), so he surveyed the job from inside the shop. 
Eight boxes out later Kris was driving the van to the back, right when a new car pulled in for gas. Chanyeol and Chen stood frozen by the Fed Ex boxes, but the man who got out of the car looked drunk and didn't seem to be seeing anything past his own nose.
Kai breathed a sigh of relief. He needed a coffee. Anything to chill him out, really, because working with a bunch of delinquents was more stressful than midterms at school, and Kai was dumb as bread.
Except when he felt for his wallet in his pants, he couldn't find it. He patted his back pockets too, just to be sure. Nothing.
"Lose something?" He heard Luhan say behind him in a tone that told him he was up to no good. He turned around and spotted the boy dangling his black, leather wallet in the air with a broad smirk. He looked ten times happier than he had just a few minutes ago.
"When did you..."
"Hi, I'm Luhan. Professional pickpocket. What's your name?"
Kai just stared some more, trying to recall when he had let himself become unaware of a hand sneaking into his pockets. Or a time when Luhan had been uncomfortably close to him. 
He couldn't think of any.
"Oooo, who's this?" Luhan's annoying voice said. Kai focused back on him and saw a picture of his ex-girlfriend, an old one he hadn't had the heart to take out yet. Luhan was holding it between his thumb and index finger, showing it to him.
"Nobody," he said quickly, but then realized how shady it sounded and knew the smaller was going to have a field day with it.
"So you do get ," Luhan said with an edge of impressed in his tone, flipping the picture around to stare at her. "She's cute too. I must say you're scaling up from Suho here." 
Kai heard Baekhyun snort behind him, and got annoyed, furrowing his brows. 
"Alright, give me that," He muttered. He stepped up to Luhan to snatch the photo away, but the smaller boy was quicker, and held it behind his back with a lucrative smile. "Really? You're that childish?"
"Aww calm down; I'm just having a little fun!"
"This isn't very fun for me."
"Is she that important to you?" Luhan questioned, expression changing to a somber, sympathetic one.
"No, I just--"
"Then chill. Jesus." Luhan shoved him back a bit. "I just have to make sure you're safe."
"Not a killer or unlawful citizen."
"So you know what a killer's wallet looks like, do you?"
Luhan hesitated for a short second while chewing his lip before replying with a plain and confident, "Yes," and Kai just rolled his eyes. 
"Get out of here."
"Whatever. Have fun fapping to the photo." Luhan threw the wallet down on the counter, and Kai glared at him for a while, until the little devil decided to head to the back room after grabbing a Twix bar.
He hadn't noticed, but Baekhyun had walked up to the counter, searching his wallet to presumably have a look at the infamous photo. He stopped, sending Kai a look.
"Just another broke teenager, huh?" He held the wallet open, displaying a healthy stack of green bills.
"It's...for our rent. I pay the rent," Kai lied.
"So do I. With tens and twenties. Not hundreds."
Kai cleared his throat and scratched the back of his head, well aware that his mannerisms alluded to the fact that he was lying through his teeth. "I uh...I work another job-- today was pay day. My boss is nice."
"You must have real good to be paid in clean-cut hundred dollar bills." The other boy barked out a laugh at his own joke.
"It's-- it's not like that. First of all, I'm straight--"
"So is Luhan."
"I'm not joking."
"Neither am I."
"Okay, well I worked really hard-- and I-- I've actually saved up over a long period of time--" Baekhyun looked like he wasn't really listening, just flipping through the compartments in his wallet with a bored expression. Kai sighed, his whole body sweating in tense worry and defeat. "You...y-you won't tell anyone...right?"
Baekhyun shook his head. "I'm not a snitch, nor am I fond of drama, so this is on you." He pointed at Kai to illustrate his point, then found the picture of Kai's ex-girlfriend and stared at it fondly.
"It's not that big of a deal, though, right?" Kai tried. "I mean, so what if I have a little extra cash; it would all be spent of booze and drugs if everyone else got a hold of it...wouldn't it?"
"Yeah." Baekhyun closed the wallet and threw it to him, offering up a faint smile. "Cute girl you have, by the way."
"Yeah, yeah, that's what they all say. Listen," Baekhyun grabbed a pack of cigarettes as he swooped past their hiding spot. "I'm heading out for a while, alright? I'm leaving you guys in charge if the shop while I'm gone. Don't let Luhan steal anything. And don't let him attempt to drink away his misery."
"Yeah. Yes. Okay," Kai said, not really listening to anything Baekhyun was saying.
Baekhyun chuckled and then headed out the door, walking in almost the same direction that Sehun and the girl had, except while sticking a cigarette between his lips and lighting it up so that he could blow smoke down the stretch of road.
Kai had thought it would be him, Luhan, and Xiumin there, but it seemed the latter was missing, and so all he found when he headed into the back room was a Luhan, who was stuffing his face ungracefully with chocolate while flicking through a gossip magazine.
He didn't know what to do with his time, so he settled for trying to talk to the boy, sitting down in a chair not to far from his and praying the brother wouldn't be boorish.
"So," Kai started. There were about a million questions running through his head at that point, but unfortunately only the dumbest one got picked up by his mouth, and so in the next second he blurted out a hasty, "Are you gay?"
Luhan lowered his magazine and candy bar and stared at him, before scrunching up his nose. His voice same out high and effortless, like he was offended and amused at the same time. "Of course not. I girls all the time."
Kai kept his eyes glued to Luhan's left cheek as the smaller got up and headed out the door again without a word. He followed, Luhan skipping back behind the counter.
"Right. Which is why you're always so chatty to them when they come by."
"I don't want some cheap hooker to get me off," Luhan explained with a small roll of his eyes, punching a button in the cashier machine and letting it spring open, revealing a collection of bills and coins.
"You're a cheap hooker," Kai refuted, but regretted it faster than he'd regretted dying his hair blue in fifth grade with residue of M&M food colouring. Luhan scowled at him, not reaching for the money in the cash register like he'd intended to. 
"Seducing people isn't having . And s don't count."
"You still never try to rob the women that stop by."
"Fine, I can't get off unless it involves a !" Luhan exclaimed loud enough for anyone in their general vicinity to hear, throwing his hands in the air. "Sue me."
Kai, flabbergasted, quickly said, "I wasn't trying to say it was a bad thing." He shrugged, watching Luhan pull a couple twenty dollar bills out of the register.
"A big, fat , actually," Luhan continued, like he hadn't heard Kai speak at all. "The smaller ones have no appeal to me, if I'm honest. Luckily, my Sehunnie is very well endowed."
Kai grimaced, trying not to let his thoughts stray. "The answer to a question I never asked."
"You're welcome," Luhan said with a smile, shoving the green bills into his back pocket and some coins into his front ones.
"Are you allowed to take money from there?" Kai asked, eyeing Luhan suspiciously.
"My allowance," Luhan said with a sheepish grin, walking back into the back room and making Kai feel dumb for following him around like an over-eager puppy.
Back in the room, Luhan reclined back down in his chair and kicked his legs up on the table that was missing one. Kai sat down in the chair across from him, hoping he would stay put.
The blonde boy turned back to his magazine, and Kai felt his stomach rumble. He hadn't had any dinner. Longingly, he eyed Luhan's half eaten chocolate bar, and reached for it stealthily while hoping Luhan was too immersed in his reading to notice.
"I wouldn't eat that, if I were you," Luhan piped up, making Kai drop the Twix with a start. "You don't know where my mouth has been." The devious blonde looked up at him, smirking. "Or maybe you have some idea."
Kai looked away, thoroughly uncomfortable. When where the others coming back? It was getting late, and sooner or later he'd have to leave to get home before his mother killed him.
"I'm just joking, you can eat the chocolate bar; consider it my treat. I don't have herpes or any other colourful STDs you might be listing off in your head." Kai squinted, reaching for the Twix. He peeled the wrapper back and took a careful bite of it, enjoying the blessed taste of caramel and chocolate on his salivating tongue. "But if it tastes faintly of , that's not my problem," Luhan commented. Kai instantly spat the bite back out. Luhan was laughing hysterically to himself, slapping his knees. “I love you! You’re so funny.”
“Glad I can amuse you.”
Luhan smiled at him, throwing his magazine away. As he stared into the dim room they were sat in, Kai watched his expression turn vacant and slightly somber. His eyes seemed to droop a little, though maybe that was because he was tired, and his forehead seemed tense.
“Hey, can you do me a favor?” Luhan asked.
“Bring me a bottle of tequila.”
“Are you going to pay for it?” Kai asked suspiciously, faintly remember Baekhyun saying something about Luhan and stealing and maybe alcohol.
Kai sighed. Instinct told him not to, but he was too tired to listen to it and too much of a coward to turn Luhan’s request down.
After picking up a heavy, brown bottle of tequila, Kai brought it back to Luhan while resuming his slumped position in the chair. He watched Luhan unscrew it and take a quick swig, before offering it to Kai. Kai shook his head, but Luhan kept pressing.
“It’s gonna be a long night here with everyone else gone. The least you can do is make yourself more fun.”
Compliant yet slightly offended, Kai took the bottle, gulping down a gush of blazing heat while Luhan watched. He’d forgotten the taste of liquor, and it burned.
“Am I fun now?”
Luhan grinned, taking the bottle back. “You’re getting there. Hey, how about we play the question game? Each answer we give we take a sip, and then we stop when one of us is too uncomfortable to answer a question. That person loses, of course.”
“Are we in sixth grade?”
“Don’t be such a spoil sport, fledgling.” Luhan stuck his tongue out at him, then threw him the bottle, which Kai only barely caught. “I’ll start. How long did you date wallet-girl?”
Determined not to show any weakness, Kai quickly answered, “Three years,” then took a long sip of the bottle.
“Damn,” was Luhan’s reply, and he still looked kind of miffed when Kai passed him the bottle across the table, but took it in his hands anyways. Desperate to think of a question quickly, Kai raked his brain.
“Do your parents know you and your brother are like…doing stuff?”
He was interested in the answer Luhan would give him initially, but the longer Luhan took to answer, the more nervous Kai was that maybe he might have asked a much too personal question, because there was no doubt the smaller had been rendered uncomfortable. Luhan was gripping the bottle tight, and he looked like he was thinking hard about something again, but with vacant eyes.
“You could say that,” was Luhan’s answer. Quick swig from the bottle, then clunked down on the table. “How long has it been since you were intimate with someone? You look more ually frustrated than the local pastor.”
The question took Kai off guard, and he forgot all about the bottle of tequila. Luhan was staring at him intently, his eyes unwavering and demanding an answer as if Kai were in a police investigation.
“A while,” he just said, reaching for the bottle, but Luhan snagged it out of his reach.
“Do you miss it?”
“Miss what?”
“Being intimate with someone. Having someone to and touch and play with any way you like.”
Kai could feel his pants tighten with every dirty word spilling from Luhan’s mouth. The small amount of alcohol in his system definitely didn’t cool him off either. He’d be lying if he said Luhan wasn’t attractive.
“It’s my turn to ask a question,” he tried weakly.
“I don’t care.” Kai’s eyes widened as Luhan stood up from his chair, walking over to him. Luhan hadn’t had that much to drink. Never in his wildest dreams did Kai think that Luhan would be coming on to him one day, like striding towards him, but it seemed that today was that day.
Eyes clouded and half-lidded, Luhan reached for the hem of his employee’s shirt and pulled it off, revealing a bare expanse of milky skin. His hipbones jutted out slightly and his s were a shy shade of pink. Kai laughed internally, because Luhan almost looked exactly like his girlfriend, whom he’d only seen a couple of times, but they had the same complexion and curves and general theme.
“What are you doing?” He asked, feeling way tipsier than he was. Three-something sips wasn’t supposed to impair his ability to speak or his judgment, but he felt so drunk.
Luhan grinned mischievously, pulling at Kai’s shirt to get him out of the chair. Kai followed him, feeling pretty numb and aroused and slightly overwhelmed. Luhan seemed to be leading him through another door, but not the one that went back out front to the shop; one that revealed a pair of mattresses on the floor in a cramped space. It looked like a cot.
“Where are—“
Kai was quietened by eager lips on his own, warm, wet lips, which teased at his seams. His hands drifted automatically to the boy’s slim waist, squeezing and groping all he could. 
“I think you should play with me,” Luhan whispered seductively into his ear, and as Kai’s brain caught up with his actions, he pulled away, missing Luhan’s soft lips and sweet breath already. He was like a siren.
"A-aren't you and Sehun..." He felt Luhan stiffen in his arms. 
"What? Dating? Exclusive?" Luhan said with a snort. "Of course not; we're brothers, you sicko! It's not like we're ever going to get married and have kids together."
"Right," Kai bit out in confusion, feeling his mind blur as Luhan pushed him down on one of the mattresses and sat in his lap, grinding down on his pulsing . He didn't know why he was so explosively hard. He should be fearful. Disgusted even. The freak who'd tried to have him killed by his nut of a brother was practically begging for his .
"So me good, cowboy," Luhan whispered into his ear, and Kai summed it down to himself not getting laid in a century as the reason why he was practically leaking in his pants. His rational mind left him and he focused on nothing but pleasure. Luhan said it was okay. Luhan was demanding it. Luhan wanted it. Sehun didn't care. Nobody cared. It was just . Just plain, old . Everybody liked .
Out of nowhere, he stuck a hand down Luhan's pants, his index slipping in between the boy's warm cheeks and pressing up, drawing a long out of the smaller.
"Mmm, yes," Luhan breathed, closing his eyes and tilting his head back. "Finger me, Kai. My hole is so ing hungry for you."
Kai complied mindlessly and pulled his hand back out to on two fingers and coat them with saliva, then shoving them back down his pants and playing with Luhan's entrance, deciding to make his mouth useful too and bite Luhan's erect, sensitive-looking .
The boy ed again, falling into him, and Kai thought he must be doing something right, so he kept going, slipping one of his fingers fully into Luhan and leaning in more so that he could at Luhan's perked flesh with no inhibitions.
"," Luhan ed, dragging the word out and burying his hands in Kai's hair. "So good. Don't stop."
Kai didn't stop. He bit and and at Luhan's chest, and when he was done with that he moved up to his neck to mark him, feeling Luhan shouldn't escape from their encounter unscathed. His one digit Luhan turned into two, and soon he was pressing against the boy's prostate, feeling Luhan's wet warmth clamp around him.
"Your fingers feel so good inside me. I can't wait to try your . Please give me your ."
Luhan sounded vaguely like a broken record of some eighties star , and Kai wasn't sure what part of it was show to help Kai along and what part of it was real, but he liked to think everything was real. Luhan was pretty hot. Weird and kind of an , but still hot. That was what he kept telling himself when Luhan got up from his lap and moved down to place his hands on the front of his pants, teasing the zipper open and popping the button with ease. Kai's hard member sprang out of his boxers as soon as Luhan tugged down the elastic, and then he caught Luhan's eyes, which were smouldering with blown pupils.
" my dirty mouth. Make me choke on your big ." Kai was all kinds of confused as to why Luhan was acting the way he was, but complied nonetheless, bucking his hips as soon as Luhan wrapped his warm lips around him. Heaven almighty did Luhan know how to . All the practice had definitely paid off. Maybe that was all Sehun was. Practice. Convenient practice.
It felt so good. Luhan was good. He was flattening his tongue against his underside and tracing veins, all the while Kai tried to take control and buck up so hard that Luhan would lose composure, which was difficult to achieve. Luhan was the one and holding his hips down, hollowing his cheeks and sometimes keeping eye contact with him. It wasn't until he grabbed Luhan's hair and forced him down all the way so that his went lodged back in his throat that Luhan actually choked and sputtered around him, but didn't try to pull up for air. Kai kept him there for a while, surprised by his sadistic instinct which was making him want to hurt Luhan and teach him a lesson, but he pushed that side of him down as well as he could, giving the control back to the older brother, who a few more times before pulling off him and wiping his lips, smirking.
"You know how to use me. Good. You should use me more."
Kai wanted to wipe that smirk off of Luhan's face and shoved him down to the cold floor on his front, yanking the boy's pants and boxers off completely, leaving him in only socks. He told Luhan to stay in place and then pulled his own shirt off, leaving his jeans on while pushing them down to his knees.
"Lube," Kai muttered, tugging on his because he was so anxious to get pleasure and there was someone spreading their legs wide for him right below, but he didn't have anything to help him glide in.
"Backpack," Luhan mumbled from the floor, his face pressed into the tiles.
Kai got up impatiently and looked for a backpack, which he found lying in a corner. In the front pocket was a half used tube of lube, and he quickly squirted some into his hands before massaging it over his , then turning back to Luhan.
Luhan hadn't moved from where he'd left him, and Kai could only admire the fact that he wasn't complaining about the floor being cold or painful. He was just spread there, ready to take it.
"Are you ready for me?" He asked, feeling like he sounded half star himself.
"Split me apart, big boy," came Luhan’s sultry reply, and he looked over his shoulder at Kai with the most luring bedroom eyes Kai had ever seen. Kai couldn’t slip his in fast enough.
Enveloping Luhan’s entire lithe body with his own more muscular one, Kai seated himself all the way in, Luhan biting back all kinds of sounds against the floor and shaking slightly. He ignored it and started ing, feeling so lulled and aroused by the thought of putting Luhan in his place, and the boy practically just letting him. He’d wanted some sort of control since day one, and he was going to take advantage of his situation.
He pulled out, slapping Luhan’s rear and staring at his twitching hole, which was becoming sore from the sudden onslaught of friction.
“Beg for me, .”
He expected Luhan to glare at him or give him a calculated hick to the jewels, but Luhan just turned his head away and breathed, “Please.”
“Please what?”
“Please me.”
“How do you want it?”
“Damn right you do.” Kai sunk in again, groaning at the tight squeeze that definitely was different from being with a woman. He’d been with a boy before, a sort of one-night-stand at a party, but he barely remembered it. He was grateful, however, that he remembered enough to not this up for himself.
“You feel so good. How long have you wanted me?”
No answer. Just a racy and accompanying whimpers when Kai sped up, pinning Luhan’s upper body to the floor. The smaller boy remained silent throughout the rest of it, aside from his s, and Kai took it, ing hard and fast and punishing Luhan for speaking down to him and being condescending. It felt so good. And it felt extra good because at the brink of , anything would feel good.
He didn’t come back to his senses until he came down from his high breathing hard and stared down to find his leaking out of Luhan’s slightly pink , the boy sweaty and wrecked looking as he lay on the ground, unmoving. Guilt exploded in his stomach, and he backed away, as if he had walked in on a crime scene. He’d ed Sehun’s brother. In the place where they worked, and from the looks of it, slept too.
All Kai could do was stare at what was in front of him and talk to himself like an insane person while pulling his clothes back on, telling himself how badly he’d ed up this time.


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