Lay ; Facts

❋ Addicted to EXO ; (Exo facts and information)

Lay is very sensitive on the neck. He said he would run away if his future girlfriend would blow wind on his neck.



source; weekly idol 130710

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Chapter 307: I tried the gif but it told me it's a draft. So, I guess we'll wait until you either finish or work on the second part of the facts. Thanks for giving us the facts of EXO.
Chapter 300: And his dream came true, as seeing not only has he was in a few movies in China, but he's now in a Vin Diesel movie called XxX The Return of Zander. I REALLY want to see it, but I don't really have any time. So, I might wait til it comes out on DVD and then I'll see it. I've seen previews and Kris looks awesome. Of course Vin Diesel is awesome as well. I'm so proud of Kris.
Chapter 288: Sounds a little like me. Even though I haven't read any manga or watched anime in years because of school. I want to get back into it though.
Chapter 284: Same here. Though I overcome it when I go into airplanes, but I can't stand tall buildings, bridges, or any rides that make you leave the ground.
Chapter 275: I remember reading that many of the people training in Korea who are from overseas miss their families. I bet it's got to be REALLY hard, and they try to think good thoughts as they are training.
Chapter 270: He's the same as me. I hate seafood, especially fish.
Chapter 234: The light dance was so funny.
Chapter 190: Baekhyun is so cute and he has a LOT of aegyo. I don't think I would ever get tired of watching Baekhyun's aegyo.
Chapter 170: Maybe seeing their bias getting pissed at the fans reactions would wake them up and stop acting like a bunch of immature idiots. The fans shouldn't be crowding EXO, nor pushing them. EXO could get hurt from their stupidity.
Chapter 169: And it's funny because Xiumin doesn't look strong, but he is.