wanna be in a kpop girl group? wanna be able to live like all your favorite bias? snsd, f(x), wonder girls.
it can come true. with the help of me. i can place you into groups like no other. ones that will be
the perfect fit for you. not to include that i will be in one of them. yes. apply now
and i can make your dreams come true. there is no limit into how many
girls that i can pick. but its your choice. what do you wanna do?



01 ) subscribe to this story and maybe even upvote?
02 ) no bashing members or appliers.
03 ) be active. you have to be no matter what!
04 ) have dedication. if i choose you, please be mindful. no giving up allowed!
05 ) its girl groups only. i may do boys soon. idek.
06 ) please tell me to update and crap. i'm forgetful.
07 ) i will explain the audition process.
01 ) you will make a cover ( singing or dancing or both ) to show off talent.
02 ) you have to have a line of photos of yourself. just to get an idea.
03 ) in the application, explain why you want this. explain it well.
04 ) i will find every way to get you guys out there. vids on youtube, emails sents to jyp, sment, etc.
05 ) we will work together. make sure you and the members become best friends. ( exhange #'s etc. )
06 ) interact with each other. explain how you want the choreography to be or the song.
07 ) it doesn't exactly have to be korena lyrics, but thats encouraged.
08 ) we will work together to study the korean language.
09 ) we can try our best to get to see each other up close!

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This sounds really cool!
I haven't an youtube account yet but I'll try to make one and upload some of my singing ASAP.(I'm not asian and I have a pretty low vocal range but I hope that I would fit despite that - I'm already learning Korean)
I really love this idea <3
hmm this sounds interesting xD I will try with dancing and rapping, but I dunno about my singing haha, I'll do my app when I have time, which will hopefully be soon ^^
Chapter 1: yeah, this sounds insanely interesting.
I can't sing (at least, I at it and don't have a good microphone) and my dancing's eh at best, but I think I'll try
I'm kind of iffy about giving pics though.
wahhh. this sounds really cool (:
although i dont think i'm very good in singing or dancing ><
Chapter 1: This sounds cool hahaha. I will TRY my best to do this? I'm not the type to do covers or anything but I guess it's good to try something new! This is for real right?