Chapter 33

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Bimi dazed down at her schedule, today's the day that she take an abortion. Im sick, can i still get an abortion? She thought. She sighed as she stood up slowly and went to the counter. "Erm, nurse, i got an appointment today, can you help me to check it? " Bimi handed her the documents.

After about a minute checking the computer, the nurse look up at Bimi. "Miss, you canceled your appointment just now. Did you forget? "

Bimi's eyes widen. "D-dae? "

"Well, it's a guy who called. " She nod.

"WHAT?! A guy?! " Bimi asked.

The nurse smiled. " Yeap, i think he's your husband! Your husband said you are making a mistake, so he helped you cancel your appointment, from what we heard, your husband is a very nice guy! He cared about you alot, why won't you keep the baby? " The nurse asked.

"What? Husband?! I don't have a husband! I'm still a - " Before Bimi can shout her lungs out. Someone grab her wrist and turn her around, leaving Bimi's face planted on his chest.

"YAH! I'm your husband! How dare you said you don't have a husband?! " The person said playfully.

Bimi look up and flew open when he saw a guy with a big grin planted on his face.

"J-J-JiHO?!!!!!!!!!! "



"Stop that! "

"No you stop that! "




"AISH! JUST SHUT UP ALREADY! " Taefung threw a hard pillow on their heads, making them pout in pain.

"First you claimed yourself as the 'OMO HOTTIES' but now the 'STOP HOTTIES' ? " Ghun rolled his eyes. Sulhu puffed his cheeks. "Zin hyung keep teasing me! " Then Zin and Sulhu turned to Ghun.

"Stop hotties sounds weird, OMO HOTTIES are more HOTTER so don't look down on us hyung! " They both shouted together, they realised that and they turned to each other with their hands covered their mouth.

"OMO! "

Then there they goes again, giggling, chuckling, tackling and many more. Taefung covered his ears with the pillow while Ghun walks into his room. "SOUND POLLUTION! " Ghun groaned loudly as he closed the door.

Haewon turned to Sulhu and Zin. "Omo hotties is annoying, seriously guys? Please, just shut up. " Haewon rolled his eyes.

Zin smirked. "Hyung, are you jealous now? You regret for not joining our team right?! " Zin jumped up and down and Sulhi chuckled.

"Our offer for hyung is always OPEN! " The maknae shouted at Haewon.

Haewon sighed and stood up. "Pathetic~ " He said coldly and walk into the kitchen.

Zin pouted. "But we want him to join our Omo hotties. " He said and they both sighed.



"Listen.. " Jiho sighed, trying to break the ice.

Bimi didn't look up at Jiho, she just stared at the blue-white sky.

" I want you to keep the baby.. " He whispered with a smile. But Bimi sighed. "Jiho.. I'm still a student. " Bimi bit her lips.

Jiho rolled his eyes. "Your school's teachers never goes to school anyways, they just teaches you guys when school almost ends or the headmaster is back. So when your stomach is noticible, just don't go to school. " He said confidently.

Bimi clenched her teeth. "Ji.Ho. "

Jiho turned to her. "What? "

"I want to keep my image, being a mean bad , but then YOU make me pregnant, and when i want to get an abortion, you STUPIDLY INTERUPT my plan! What is the matter with you?! " Bimi shouted and her face is burning hot. Without knowing, Bimi fall onto Jiho and Jiho grab her, she fainted.

"BIMI! WAEYO?! " Jiho touched Bimi's forehead. *, she's burning hot*

Without any excuse, Jiho carried Bimi in bridal style and went to find the nearest hospital.

*Bimi, hang in there! *




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