Chapter 30

I guess you're mine then? *smirks*
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Haewon look down at his phone and sighed. It's been half an hour since he's arrived at the airport but his mother still hasn't show up yet.

Haewon crossed his arms and waited for his mother, he peered over every single passengers, trying to find his mother. Still no sign of her.

*Did she prank me?? * Haewon clenched his teeth ready to go but then there she is, coming out from the main door looking as gorgeous as ever, with her black shiny silky hair flung down to her shoulder, she turned her head left and right to find his son.

Then when she spotted Haewon, her big moist eyes twinkled, She walks up to Haewon with one hand pulling her luggage and another hand holding her iphone4.

Haewon bowed at her as she threw Haewon her luggage. "Goodness! That bag is so heavy! " She yelled at Haewon. His son did nothing, no response, no expression, just quiet.

"Where's appa? " He finally spoke. "Your dad wants to stay in Rusia for awhile. " She said and she turned to Haewon and swifted her hair like she's in commercials.

"What do you think of my new hair? " She posed. Haewon wants to run away, but he can't. He tried his best not to frown and he answered. "It's nice eomma. "

The lady chuckled and checked her phone. "Oh god! Look at the time! "


"Bring me home now Haewon! I'm tired! " She nags her son, poor Haewon can't do anything but to bring her home.


"EWWWW! Where's the maid?! " She shouted. Haewon sat on the couch, frowned. His mother turned to the kitchen. "Oh my god look at the freezer! It's dirty! I bet there's snake inside! "

Haewon closed his eyes, hoping that everything will be gone when he open his eyes.

" Oh my god! Look at this thick dust! Did you even take good care of this house Haewon?! " His mother shouted again.

Haewon's wonderland crashed into pieces, this is no dream.

"Eomma, i thought i told you that i stay at my group's dorm. " Haewon said calmly.

"I don't care! This is YOUR house too so you have to clean it! " She shouted from the kitchen.

"For your information, this is not MY house, this is YOUR house and why don't you clean it yourself women? " He thought as he clenched his teeth.

His mother walk out from the kitchen and glared at Haewon and shook her head. "What on earth?! Call the maids right now! " she shouted and went outside the garden.

Then, here the nags again.

"HAEWON! THERE'S DEAD WEEDS IN MY HOT TUB! AND MY POOL! YOU KNOW I HATED THEM SO MUCH! " She shouted. Haewon groaned and dialed the maids.

"AHHH! I THINK I SAW A SNAKE! HAEWON! HAEWON!!!!! " Her high voice almost burns Haewon's ear.

Haewon groaned and walk out to 'save' his mother.

Well, the 'snake' that Haewon's mum is shouting about turns out to be a rope.


"AISH! Just SHUT UP already! " Taefung stood up and kick the table. The omo hotties immediately shut their mouths.

Ghun smirked at them. "You just make the GAY angry. " He mouthed, the omo hotties clenched their teeth.

"Taefung oppa, don't be mad. " Your sweet soothing voice came out from the room, everyone look up at your angelic face and smiled.

"_____-ah~ Dinner is ready! " Bimi beamed at you, Ghun took a glance at her and look away, giggling to himself.

Zin was about to say 'omo' again but Sulhu stopped him, Sulhu gestured to Taefung's side, signaling that Taefung is watching them. Zin turned away and pouted.

"How's your sleep _____-ah ? " Taefung sat down as you walk towards the dining table.

"It went well. I guess... So, where's Haewon oppa? " You tilted your head innocently.

Everyone at the dining table went 'awe' at your innocent actions.

Zin patted your head. "Haewon hyung went to fetch his mum. Though he hadn't call so i guess his mum is giving him a hard time. "

Your eyes widen. "Mwuh? "

Zin took a deep breath and turned to you again and he repeat. " Haewon's mum is pretty on the outside but inside she's a WITCH. She nags alot, she beat the s out of Haewon and she - Well, EVIL. " Zin shrugged as he insert a spoonful of rice inside his mouth.

Sulhu's eyes widen. "OM - " Sulhu paused, remembering the fact that Taefung is eyeing him from the side, he gulped. "I mean WOW. Hyung! Your mouth is BIG! " He emphasize the WOW and giggled.

Zin smirked. "They call me the kiss maniac for nothing! " He waved proudly.


You walk to your house alone. You start humming to some tune and dance abit. You felt so happy that your friends saved you, Haewon pampered you, thoughhe went home. Then L.Joe is so sweet to you.

You couldn't helped but smile broadly.

Then suddenly, you saw something moved. You quickly turned and you saw HIM.

The person who you swear that you won't care about him ever again.

He's back.

He hid behind the big old tree near the garden at the corner of the street to your neighbourhood. The place is full with darkness but still, you can recognized that face from anywhere.

You stopped and you turn closer and you adjust your sight, vision become clearer then that is when you comfirmed ;

It's him. It's really is him!

His lips curved into a creep-evil smirk and you blinked, you couldn't see no more, you don't want to see it, that face makes your heart sank into the darkness in the past, that face makes you cry the whole time, that face makes your mum suffered and become a living dead and took months and love to recover, then just like that, he dissapeared.

You blinked again, hoping that he just playing tricks, but he really did gone.


Could it be?

My dad?

Is back?


You shook away your thoughts, it's just my imagination, i'm too tired. You thought and ran back to your house.




Miyanhaeyo everyone for not updating my fic yesterday.

My MATH TEACHER is a pyscho maniac (sorry teacher), and she can't help but to yell and scream at us telling that ;









- Stress o_______________e"""

And guess what? she teaches us MORAL too, but she change it into MATHS! So she scold us saying that we don't have moral but it's partly HER FAULT cos she teach maths instead.

I miss Moral Subject T_____T)p  Boohoo >O<

And for god sake! The school even changed the time table and now my class have to face the teacher for EVERYDAY!

. So -.-""

Sorry is i brag i just.... you know. If you got this kind of teacher you'll understand me T_____T


Hope you guys enjoy my new chappie, i thought about this plot just now in school :]

Annyeong! <33

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And to my faithful subbers that supported my fic from the start and didn't unsub, ILOVEYOU.

I told you many times already right? Haha! xD Cant help it, i love you all too much >.<

Anyway! Take care guys :)

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