The First Time


Heechul remembers it as if it were yesterday, the way a crowd of restless students led him to the love of his life.

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Chapter 1: Omg this was the most beautiful story *-* I seriously think I'm in love with the way you write, I'm just in awe of how you use words and string them together. Seriously, thank you for sharing your work on here ^~^ x
Chapter 1: This made me fall in love with that couple :3
btstaekookie #3
Chapter 1: This is amazing.
It saddens me how there are very few Hanchul-centric fanfics out there, and good ones at that, so I'm very happy when I read one.
I really like how you inserted some pre-debut references like Hankyung being bullied because he was a Chinese trainee and Heechul being his only friend, to Heechul teaching him Korean curses. It was really cute. <3 Great job!
moongrl #4
Chapter 1: This was so beautiful !!
monokalisto #5
Chapter 1: The fluff, the hanchul fluff... >///<
Thank you so much, the story is absolutely precious and beautiful and very well-written. I love it <3
Thank you, thank you so much~ ;-;
Chapter 1: I am dying from its sugarness. That is a good thing.
crazymidget #7
Chapter 1: so adorable <3
Milielitre #8
Chapter 1: Totally worth it!
Chapter 1: aww
it is so sweet and cute..
Chapter 1: tears of joy slide down my face as I read your story and sob because omg flawless chinese and flawless hanchul i cry ;;