The Day Will Come


SHINee has a secret. They all work together so well and they all seem to get each other because they have known each other since they were in Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However in the wake of Voldemort's final death the wizarding world is suddenly beset by the threat of many small factions of dark wizards trying to bring Voldemort's empire back together. The resulting war is split between three fronts with the dark wizards fighting both the ministry of magic and amongst themselves.

And for any aspiring Voldemort wannabe, who's a better target than five wizards, who all live amongst muggles producing music and betraying the very meaning, at least in the eyes of the dark wizards, of what it means to be a wizard.

How will these five "Blood Traitors" survive and in the end and will SHINee survive...?


Minho walked into the small living room attached to their dorm kitchen and the hallway leading to their bedrooms. Clutching his arm to his side he swayed as he dropped into a chair, his wand falling from his fingers and hitting the floor with a small clank. The rest of SHINee, realizing he wasnt just tired but hurt as well, rushed to his side. Pulling out his wand Onew quickly cast a healing spell on Minho's bleeding arm before conjuring a splint to cover it. Amidst the yells of 'What happened', and 'Where have you been all this time'. Minho managed to croak out,

"He's dead"

More 'Who's', 'What's' and 'What exactly the is going ons'.

"You-Know-Who is dead, Harry Potter killed him."

Finally silence. They didnt know why Minho had been anywhere near either Potter or the Dark Lord or why he was hurt, all they knew was that the most feared dark wizard in the world was dead.

Later on they would realize how naive they had been to send Jonghyun out to get booze, order pizza, and revel in the fact that the long war was finally over...

Later they would realize that it was only the begnning

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What's crossover? Crossdress? Is it the same? Pls ans~~
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Thank you <3
new reader here :) lol hp nd SHINee together :P its really quite interesting though! love the story..update soon ^^
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So cool! Harry Potter and SHINee together! Amazing! Update soon!
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Busy busy sandora :( <br />
Ill start writing again eventually i havnt abandoned it :P
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FINALLY!! YAH! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??! All of your subscribers MUST be worried (I am) :P
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I noticed that lol :P What would i do without you!
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<br />
I screamed and jumped around when I saw this, you're WAY TOO KIND.<br />
<br />
BTW...<br />
<br /> spelt thought wrong.. :S<br />
<br />
^^ You need me!!<br />
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Everyone, a big thank you to SandoraSohma for her amazing grammatical correcting abilities. I know many of you may have though i suddenly started paying attention in English class (Pshh as if) When in fact it was her ceaseless efforts that have saved me from complete humility. <br />
<br />
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Thank you <br />
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