Story About J


Dedicated to all of the readers. My first story.

The unrevealed characters will be in the next chapters.


List of original characters:

Seoul Police Department, Detective Yoo Dae Koo.

Seoul Police Department, Detective Han Seul Jie.

Asisstant Disctrict Attorney, Lee Hyun Hae.

Psychiatrist, Soo Daehee, M.D.

*these are just images to live up the original characters, I don't own the copyrights. For the real names please click on each pictures.







"It is reported that Choi Sulli from f(x) has been gone for unknown reasons and time. SM Entertainment representatives stated that Sulli isn't out from the group and she's only taking a break from any activities due to health problems."

“Sulli wasn’t attending her high school graduation and yet postponed to study in University this year. Some fans said that she was on a date with Kim Jongin from EXO – K and got involved in accident. But we're still unsure about the dating. Since Kim Jongin never been spotted anywhere in Seoul since last July 2012.”


Sulli, someday there is something I want to tell you...

That I'm happy to be here,

That I'm glad to know you,

Sulli.... after all, this story is about you...








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Chapter 5: still thinking why did jongin ran away .. and why did he hide sulli's family .. omg it's really interesting !! *flips myself*
getting more interesting !
oh and btw, are the detectives all original character, or ... ? since I can't imagine their faces
Tulipa #3
Chapter 4: It started to get interesting...
iheartJongSica #4
Chapter 3: Dis stal rly killed her? What rly happen?!
Chapter 3: I'm like watching law&order omg
Love it!
And I don't know, why does it look like krystal was suffering some mental sick
alledaaa #6
Chapter 2: Please updaaaaate :)
Chapter 2: I'm curious .. Damn curious about the next chapter .. What party ? What happen that night ? Why are they disliking krystal like that? ;_;
Update soon!
Chapter 2: aww Taemin :3 anyways, when Sulli is back, please make Taelli moments?
Chapter 1: Mika dear~~~
I have so much feelings for this fanfic ㅠㅠ
What have Soojung done to Jinri that Jiyoung is so mad at her...
Update real soon♥