The Problem With Love Is...

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What if you married the one and only person you despise all through out your life?

Can you learn to love that person?



I lit the aromatheraphy lavander candles...

I slowly entered the bath tub, feet first then I laid on the warm bubble bath...

I turned off the iPad and put the head phone on my ears...

I closed my eyes...

I hummed to the song playing on my iPad..


After two hours of soaking my body in a relaxing bubble bath, I rinsed and wrapped my wet hair and body around two white towels.

I was smiling widely since the bubble bath really help to relieve my tired and stressed body.

I stepped out of the bathroom and headed over my room...

I almost fainted in shocked upon seeing the person lying on my bed...a half man is lying on my bed!

I slowly walk towards the bed...almost like tiptoeing because I don't wanna create a sound...

I stared at the man lying...he was on a freefaller position....almost half of his body is hanging on the edge of my bed, his fingers almost reaching my carpeted floor..

I held my towel tightly while stepping closer to the man...

My curiosity turns into anger as I recognized the man...Choi Minho!

"What the heck is this loser doing in my room?!"

Choi Minho...twenty three years old, status single and the only son of Choi Hee Sun the former supermodel.He is my older brother's bestfriend

I let out a frusrated sighed. I really don't get the hype why this annoying man so is so popular...he lacked decency and self respect, he smoke, he drinks and he  parties a lot. He's into car racing,UFC fighting and has a rock band name Shinee were he plays the lead guitarist.He always wear his signature white t-shirt and blue denim jeans while riding on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.He is a badboy and a playboy... and oh I almost forgot he is nasty, dirty and lazy...but what really annoyed me the most is that aside from my parents adores him...he sometimes sleep and eat in our house like it as if it was his own.

I nudged his shoulder. "Ya Choi Minho! wake up!" I said.

He did not move."What the hell is wrong with him?!"

I gave him a nudge once again, he did not even move a bit...I tapped hard on his shoulder...he did not move nor wake blood started to boil in anger.

"Is he dead?" I asked myself as I moved closer to check his carotid pulse.Good thing though he is alive.Then I almost puke as I smell the alcohol in his breath.

"Yuck!so disgusting!"I said in disgust,my eyes went to his five day old unwashed ripped blue jeans and I couldn't control cringing.

Then I remember the news that came out recently...his longtime girlfriend Krystal Jung broke up with him because he was caught cheating for the tenth time.Hell yeah this man is such a jerk!

I shook his shoulder. "Ya pig wake up!" I shouted.Still no response...I then started to kick him.

He stirred...he move his head and turned his sleepy brown eyes on me.

"Ya Choi Minho!get your filthy body out of my bed!" 

He gave me sleepy smile before going back to sleep.I felt like my head is gonna explode in anger."Ya Choi Minho!are you deaf!I said get out of my bed!" I shouted again and kick him on the shoulder.

Minho stirred and with half closed eyes he reached over the hemline of my towel and pulled it down to my horror!

My eyes widened with shocked as I tried to pull the towel up but he is holding it tightly that it fell down.Then I out balanced my feet and slammed my back on the floor completely .To make matters worse,Minhoo also fell to the bed and now he is on top of me. I froze...unable to move and so stunned.I thought I was having a nightmare!

When my brain finally snapped back to reality I tried pushing him but it felt like pushing a bulldozer because he is so damn heavy!"Ya! get away from me you beast!" I screamed.

He gave me a drunken smile"Krys...tal" he murmured before resting his head on my shoulder.

"!"I muttered,my hands grabbed his hair and began pulling the locks with rage."Get off me you filthy jerk!'

The door suddenly opened and a loud authoritive voice echoed in all corner of my room.

"Choi Jinri!what is going on here?!"

I whipped my head to the doorway only to be shocked, I almost thought I saw Jesus Christ for real.  "Appa!"



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