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You Never Know Until You Try!




“Wait… what’s a guy doing in your apartment?” Sho’s eyes narrowed.


I made a sideways glance at Ryu. “Well, he’s currently staying here.”


My cousin’s eyes bulged out. “WHAT?”


Odagiri smirked. “ Better believe it.”


“No way am I letting you staying with my precious cousin!”


“It’s fine Sho,” I jumped in, “he hasn’t tried anything on me yet.”




“It’s fine.”








I placed my hands on my hips. “My place, my rules.”


“… Fine. But if he tries anything on you, he’s gone and mine to take care of.”




Odagiri leaned against the wall, amused by our childish arguing.


“By the way _______, I need to talk to you alone.” Sho’s eyes turned ten shades darker as he grew serious.


“Hai,” I followed him into a guest room, leaving Odagiri behind.





I bit my hip, feeling guilty that I was eavesdropping on their private conversation. I pressed closer against the wall, placing my ear against the smooth wood.


“Two years ago when you left, it was because of Harumi, right?” Sho’s voice drifted through the door.


Harumi? I leaned closer.


“How’d you know?” ________ sounded startled.


“I have my connections. I knew that there was no way you would simply leave for America like that. Anyways, I did my homework. Harumi got a gang to kidnap your friend Yuuki, right?”


________ was silent.


“The police broadcasted her missing for a long time,” Sho explained quietly. “The deal that Harumi made with you was that if you left, they’d release her, huh?”


“She told me that if I got others involved, Yuuki would be gone for good. I had no choice,” _______ sounded pained.


“Why’d you come back then?”


“I also have my connections. I heard they didn’t release her.”


“That’s because they sold her.”


She gasped and I in a sharp breath. I had no clue that Harumi was that type of girl!


“I haven’t found her whereabouts yet… so don’t do anything rash. Leave this to me and go to school. I’ll contact you when I gather more information, okay?”


In the silence that followed, I guessed that _______ nodded.


“I’ll find her for you,” he promised. “You and her are like little sisters to me.”


She mumbled something too low for me to understand.


“That’s my girl! On a brighter note, that Odagiri kid…”


I strained my ears, desperate to hear what he was about to say.


“… He seems pretty legit. However, guys are still guys, so be careful anyways.”


“I will. If he does anything, he’ll wake up as a woman.”


“Atta girl! You took my advice.”


“Go for the guy’s balls? Yeah.” ________ laughed.


I winced and my hands automatically moved to cover my manhood.


“I gotta run. I’ll see you later, my favorite cousin.”


“Bye! Be safe!”


The window scraped open and a few seconds later there was a soft thump as Sho landed on the grass outside.


“Love you!” ________ called down to him, stirring up flames of jealousy inside of me.


I quickly scurried back to the living room and propped myself up on the couch, trying to act nonchalant.


A moment later she appeared, sighing as she rubbed her temples, a troubled expression on her face.


“You okay?” 


“Ah. Yeah. Tired.” She gave me a small smile and sank on the couch beside me, groaning.


When I turned her upper body toward the wall, she gave me a weird look. “Relax.” I began massaging her shoulder, rubbing the tension out slowly. Soon she fell asleep, an angelic look on her face. Gently I picked her up and set her softly on her own bed, pulling the covers over her. I showered and climbed into a guest bed, stretching my arms as I too fell into a slumber.


The next morning I woke up, a confused expression planted on my face.


“It’s only 5:00?” I mumbled as I slowly rose from the beckoning bed. “I guess I’ll make breakfast today…”


I silently snuck by ________’s room, making sure she was still sleeping.


Humming the tune to one of her favorite Korean songs, I set to work.


Before I knew it, 5:50 rolled by and I was done cooking.


“Good morning sunshine!” I greeted her brightly as I shook her awake.


Her eyes squinted as they looked at me, not quite comprehending what was going on.


“Oh… you’re up early,” she yawned.


“Breakfast is ready,” I chirped, proud of myself.


I took hold of her arm and pulled her up. “Up and at ‘em!”


She stumbled into the kitchen and sat on a stool, her head still hanging low.


Seeing how she just slumped there, I grabbed a spoon, scooped a bite on it, blew on it to cool it down, and shoved it into .


She shot up in her seat, completely revived. “This is soo good!” She yanked the spoon from me and began shoveling the meal down , barely pausing to breathe.


“Arigatou,” she sincerely thanked me as we washed the dishes and prepared for school.


Nervously I stood outside her apartment, shifting my feet.


How will my class react?

Not very good…


Smiling, _______ joined me as she locked the door. “Let’s go!”

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Jahsa4 #1
Chapter 55: I hope you write a squeal soon
Jahsa4 #2
Chapter 14: Nice to introduce Ryu's cousin Kame
yuxuan #3
Chapter 55: Oh my god i am crying already this is my first time crying for this storypls have a sqeual i really really like this story and i like to watch gokusen keep watching and watching
Chapter 55: WTH is this? Geez I'm happy I saw that comment before I got any farther and checked the last chapter to see the ending. Ugh i hate endings like this. Great now my nights ruined. I'm going to be super depressed now cuz i really like this fic and now i have to stop. *sigh*
Chapter 55: I'm currently writing a gokusen fic and you just gave me very good inspiration but I'm so sad that it had to end like this...
Hope of a sequel or also an epilogue just like kiss_xander23.
thank you for writing this!!!!
Chapter 55: Please have either a sequel or at least an epilogue where they reunite!
DarthJader #7
"no crying when you're reading this letter, Take."
I don't know why, but that made me laugh.
Yay u remembered lol awesome updates keep um coming ^^.
mrswoojiho #10