Story Title: Tied

Main Pairings: Changyoon

Author: TheHonestOne

Chapters: 23

Complete Story By: Unknown

Authors other stories: I Love You, Right?(ChangYoon), Hand Me What's In Your Hands (ChangYoon and Seokyu), Didn't Know (JongStal), Saying Goodbye (ChangYoon)


She’s not just a mere human. You can say she’s” special”

No. She can’t read minds.

No. She can’t fly.

No. She can’t produce fire out of nowhere.

She doesn’t even think she’s as special as her grandmother tells her she is.

Im Yoona is a 23 years old female who just graduated from college. She majored in English Literature but like most new graduates, she didn’t get a proper job yet.

Yoona’s life turns upside down on a special Monday when the manager of Kwon BoA kisses her. You might say it’s just a kiss, you might say her reaction is exaggerated but it isn’t.

Because now Changmin is tied to Yoona. They can’t stay away from each other anymore because they’re fated. Even if they go to two separate countries, they’ll always, always, somehow meet. It’s not something in their hands. It’s something that the two have to accept.



“Grandma, I’m off!” Yoona shouted to her grandmother as she went outside to meet her date, Donghae.

Donghae is Yoona’s first and only love. She knows he only sees her as a little sister but she doesn’t care. Today, she officially turns 23 and today she will definitely get her first kiss with or without his consent. Yoona have always waited for this day. When she was 13, her grandmother told her grand-grand-grand-grandmother had made an oath to a priestess that all her female descendants will spread happiness and love to the world with their partner. At the age of 23, the descendant will get her first kiss with a guy that will stay with her for the rest of her life whether she likes it or not.

Yoona didn’t believe this crap though…until she tried to get her first kiss. At the age of 14, she went on a date with a classmate who was all over her just to prove her Grandma wrong but right when the guy was ready to kiss her, he got a phone call from his Mom. Yoona was stubborn though, she tried to kiss him before he went home but slipped as soon as she puckered up and her forehead started to bleed. Two months after this incident, she went out with another boy. She was certain that she would get her first kiss then but in the middle of their date, the boy threw up and was taken to the hospital. She tried getting her first again many times but something always happened and now she got the nickname “Yoonix” a mix of her name and the word jinx.

Sometimes, Yoona thinks that the only reason Donghae didn't ask her out is because he thinks of her as a jinx but then she would shake her head, because Donghae is special. He's not like any other man.

Since she’s finally 23, she became determined to kiss Donghae and get him to be with her for thet rest of their lives but things didn’t go as planned. Because the person she was tied to, wasn't the same person she loved.




this is just a backup story ^^ I'll update it when I can

Thanks to Arts Of Royality for the amazing poster and background

Hang in there, guys. I'll try to update ASAP, sorry!

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kaiyoonhae #1
Chapter 6: amazing... at awe when the jung sibs appear... thank u for this funny swèet story...update soon please
Chapter 6: Update soon unnie your story is really good!!
Chapter 6: Oh my gosh I just read this because of school =.=
I loved the incorporation of the Jung family in this chapter. They're so funny and cool and also help show a different side of Yoona us readers weren't able to see before. I honestly like all of their personalities and I'm looking forward to seeing Yoona getting closer with Taemin, Jessica, and Krystal.
The end also shocked me quite a bit because Eunji is back. I honestly think it's great that she's back(although I have a feeling Yoona's house might start getting crowded or something XD) and I'm wondering what happened to Eunji and her father. Great chapter and I can't wait to see what the how the Jung's will affect the plot ^^ Good luck <3
yoonda #4
Chapter 6: kyaaa you add the jungs <3<3<3 love krystal character heree too :-) changmin and eunji huh?!?
cheysa_deer #5
Chapter 6: So you added the jungs haha
Update soon! <3
yoonhaefever #6
Chapter 6: I like krystal as well :D she is really hard-working and wants what is best for her family :) I also hope Jessica can become nicer and that yoonsic can become best friends :D great update :) changyoon fighting !!! author fighting
yoonda #7
Chapter 5: kyaaa changyoon <3<3<3 love yoonyul time so much kkk~ kyaaa please update soon author hehehe
Chapter 5: Sometimes I feel bad for Yoona's character haha. All the teasing and stuff from all her friends and loved ones.. it's like they're ganging up on her XD. Maybe it's because I relate to her character too much- being someone who pretends to be strong but is actually sensitive and hating teasings about me lol.
Great chapter witha lot of lighthearted moments and stuff and I'm looking forward to the next chapter like always. This story seriously is really making me totally ship ChangYoon like I used to in the past haha / shot
Chapter 5: Love Changyoon~ I really like this fanfic.. it's different and really interesting too. Update soon author-nim ;)
cheysa_deer #10
Chapter 5: Its really bad that your computer crashed :/ but thankyou so much for finally updating!! (з´⌣`ε)well we'll wait for your next update! Fighting and Good luck author-nim <33