Seven Coloured Love Story


By the name of this seven coloured nature's beauty, rainbow,
i'll bring the smile back to your face.
The smile that rightfully belonged to you.

I love you.
I'll try my best to let you experience the seven colours of love inside me.
I just want to see the genuine smile you once had.



Watching your tears fall down that beautiful flawless face of yours in a corner,

Hearing you sing in the school's music room, playing the piano over and over again.
The sadness inside the melody, it
hurts too.
Have you ever wondered that someone is always by your side,
watching you and guarding over you?


with love,



"Sica, i'll bring the smile that rightfully belonged to you back"
"I will, but will you give me the chance to?"

"It doesn't make any difference to give or not"
"But why are you willing to do something like this that doesn't have any guaranteed return?"

"That's because i had enough of watching you tear up in a corner"


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Just started reading it... and it got my heart. I wish for another update. Hear me out author-ssi T.T
alexandertermo #2
Chapter 6: can't wait for the next chapter ^^
Chapter 7: You are great author kekeke
Chapter 6: Looking forward your next update! :-)
YulSicSLTTR #5
Chapter 7: I simply love the way you put every single escene
It 's a long time you updated the story but I would love to read a happy YulSic end.
However I really like this story .
Chapter 7: i really love your stiry kekekek...... please update fast author....
alexandertermo #7
Chapter 5: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why yul????????
you should'v stay by her side!
arrrrrgghh stresss LOL XD
update soon pretty pleaseee^^
Chapter 5: Uh,uh, why yul thought suddenly change to gold & Jessica thought to the light salmon?
Thanks ya for an update..
dunadoodle #9
Chapter 7: Patiently waiting for you to update author. :)
yuriotaku14 #10
Chapter 7: i cant wait to see what drama's are to come :)