To Daddy, With Love

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They were rivals in everything, born geniuses, always chasing the other’s tail. They practically loathed each other. But now… it seems fate has other plans for them.

Kim Jongin.

Park Taehee.

Two people, bound together.


“I’m pregnant.”


So? Are you mocking me?” 

“You certainly liked it, when I made you come time after time that night.”

“What are you saying…”

“Are you here to ask for compensatory money for abortion? Because you, of all people, wouldn’t keep it.” 
















Translated in Indonesian here

I don't allow it to be translated anymore, since people take my permission for granted and never send me the links. What's more, they also forget to mention that it's not their story. Yeah, I'm looking at you. So don't even think of stealing someone else's work.


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This is only an excerpt of the story, since I don't want to give away too many details.

Kai is not my favorite from EXO, and I totally loathe the type of man I'm going to present in this story, but somehow, Kai seems the best match out there. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not his anti or something, but it's easier for me to develop a certain character type with someone who isn't dear to me. I, for once, couldn't picture Chanyeol or Luhan in Kai's shoes.

And, in a way.. it might be similar to Decemer Days. Maybe for the fact that in not every relationship is love.

Still, hope to see some of you interested ^^ 

You know, I am thankful for you all for winning the bid!

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I'm rereading this again and I'm preparing for all the feelings I'm gonna get ;;
Chapter 7: 22 june ... my birthday >< XD
thank you for putting back tdwl :))))
desi_1296 #4
Chapter 20: Oh I cry to read jongmin's letter
nice ♡
Ellencris1996 #6
Chapter 21: I read this story in a few hours and man what a wild ride hahaha I wasn't expecting the whole accident thing and I still don't understand why Kris kept Jongin hidden all those years. I don't like Sehun character in this, I get the whole "fell in love with best friend thing", but still... that's not a reason to beat his wife. I really liked the open ending and I already heading to read the sequel. You did an amazing work with this story, thank you for sharing it with us!!
hanhana #7
Frankly, I am more into wanting to know the story of their past rivalry. You know that usual romcom kind of thing. But, thank you. :) and Fighting!!
Chocoholic_Exo-L #8
Chapter 24: I really loved your story alot, if it’s alright with you could I save the story into a pdf and keep it for myself?
I promise I’m not trying to repost it, the story just has really great re-read value.
Sorry to hear about the plagiarizing
Chapter 13: sehun is gay ?????????
Chapter 9: oh finally thnx god