A girl who believes that 'A FRIEND MUST STAY AS A FRIEND' that made her neglect the truth.

However, as he (her friend), confesses his feelings toward the girl, the latter suffered from an intense conflict within her thoughts and emotions.

A true-to-life story that was translated in words. Hope you'll like it :)


"My mind had come out with this notion … ‘ AM I FALLING FOR HIM TOO?’ I know from deep within that Eli has a very special space in my heart since then I was just ignoring it coz of my ideology. Bewilderment was showered on me."




Feel free to leave some comments. It would be of a GREAT HELP !

i'll be,having a sequel to this :)

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princessY #1
I think that is just life.
Chapter 1: That was sweet, but I hoped that they'll end up together :)
eniam27 #3
They actually remained as friends ..
Chocolatemushrooms #4
Chapter 1: So I guess they got together? Anyway, I really liked this story :)