Crossing The Line


            Just when she finished her high school, Jessica went "home" to Korea from America–alone. She entered a university and graduated. Jessica is beautiful. There's no doubt to that. She's intelligent too. She's basically near perfection, so they say. But of course everyone has flaws. What's hers? Her cold aura. She hasn't dated anyone. No, not one. Sure, she's got admirers. Some even spread rumors that they've dated her. They've tried to break the walls around her but failed to no avail. She was even called the "silent " by the girls who like her pathetic admirers. Jessica don't mind the rumors. That's better than being rumored homoual, she says.


            Kwon Yuri is Seoul Academy's top student. She's pretty and friendly. She's athletic and popular. Everyone loves her. She's got lot of admirers but she resolved not to date anyone. Well, at least, as of the moment. They don't interest me, she says.


            Will they give in to fate's invitation and cross the line?


            I keep on posting on my blog if whether I should upload this story or not. I didn't get any response. XD Well, it's my choice. Just like what Jessica says, "Follow your heart." I'm writing for my own happiness anyways. This is my first YulSic fic. I don't know if you even care. Well, uhmmm... give my story a shot, maybe?

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